Bonus – Stroking the Pewter Wizard at Genericon 2011

We didn’t record anything over the weekend at Genericon 2011, but fortunately the other podcasters in attendance were more diligent! We sat down for an interview with the Reverse Thieves for their podcast, The Speakeasy.

The full show notes are located at the Anime3000 website. The following picture should have been included in the MP3 itself, but it was not. IN THAT CASE:

It makes sense in context.

Special thanks to Evan Minto from Ani-Gamers for making this all possible…for better or for worse! The recording is a bit noisy, but if you listen closely you can hear special commentary from Noah from the Ninja Consultants and James the Angry Otaku.

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  1. The length of your beards seems appropriate for the time it has been since you released your last episode. I assume you don’t shave between episodes.

    Oh and congratulations on finally uploading a photo of Clarissa after all those emails asking for one, do you think it’s the kind of photo they had in mind??

    All the same I have only praise for you guys and what you do, keep it up.

  2. Hey guys, it was great seeing you at Genericon. I wish I could have shown up for some of your more in-depth panels, but just being present for the “Whatever Happened to Podcasting” segment wherein Noah described stripper-side economics was worthwhile enough.

    Sorry about the airport security woes. Those officials make me pretty nervous, too. They could be saying any number of comforting things to me, but no matter what they say, all I hear it as is “ASS…TO ASS!!!”

    As for RPI, yeah, it has its quirks, but no matter what else happened at Genericon, at least you can say you visited the birthplace of the first computer program designed to be pure and total evil:!5069465/a-computer-program-that-is-pure-evil

    So when “E” descends upon the world with his legions of robotic cronies to usher in the age of Skynet, you can say to your malnourished, radiation-poisoned offspring “I was there.” And then, when they ask you with teary eyes “Why didn’t you do anything?” you can say “Because I was arguing about which Final Fantasy was the best Final Fantasy.”

  3. Oh, BTW, the SF author I was talking about, who lives about 2 miles from RPI but wasn’t invited to the con, is Ryk E. Spoor. He has written several novels on his own and also worked in collaboration with popular alternate-history SF writer Eric Flint.

  4. I’ve always been very fond of conventions held on campus; Fanimecon started that way, and it’s a tradition that goes back to Daicon Film (as Mr. Yamaga pointed out to us on his first visit). Last year I was at Anime Evolution at the University of British Columbia, which has to have one of the most spectacular settings of any college, high above the water on Point Grey. Everybody should try to have an anime con at their school! It’s your own personal “campus culture festival” episode!

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