Anime Boston 2011 – Panel Listings

Thanks to everyone who showed up to our panels at Anime Boston 2011! Like so much of the panel programming, most everything we did was packed to capacity such that several had to be turned away, so if you attended our events and liked them, please spread the word on the Anime Boston forums, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. If you’d like to give us direct feedback (likes/dislikes, disagreements over the lying lies coming out of our lying heads, etc), the place where we’re most likely to see it is in the comments of this post.

Here’s what we did at the con:

Who Was Carl Macek?
Experts of Fan Controversy
Anime’s Craziest Deaths

Tezuka 101 – titles shown:

  • Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors (note: Tezuka didn’t work on this)
  • Phoenix the TV Series Opening (review)
  • Phoenix Live Action Movie

Anime 101
Remembering Satoshi Kon (1963-2010)
Notable Directors of Anime That Aren’t Hayao Miyazaki – directors and anime list:

The Sane Fan’s Guide to Mecha Anime – titles shown:

Anime Hell

We’ll be editing this post with more information as we type it up!

9 Replies to “Anime Boston 2011 – Panel Listings”

  1. I was turned away at the door for the “Notable Directors of Anime That Aren’t Hayao Miyazaki” Panel, but becuz because I’m an Otaku, I stalked around the door, waiting for someone to come out so there would be enough room for me and dashed in. I had to stand for pretty much all of the panel but I thought it was almost worth it. At the very least your panels kept me from the dealer’s room or playing children’s card games (for a while though; I couldn’t stop the inevitable).

    P.S. What was the anime that was shown at the “Notable Directors of Anime That Aren’t Hayao Miyazaki” that was directed by some female director? Was it called “She, The Ultimate Weapon”? [Otherwise known as Saikano, yes. We’ll edit in the list of directors and titles shown later. The wait will be “almost” worth it! 😛 –Daryl]

  2. No love for Noboru Ishiguro? I’m disappointed. [He had a slide and a clip, but since Anime Boston panels are 50 minutes instead of 60 like everywhere else, Ishiguro got cut for time because most of his more significant works are out of print in the US. Dezaki had also previously been cut for similar reasons, but his death earlier that week warranted a mention. — Daryl]

  3. It was cool seeing you guys at AB I had to stand in all your panels but it was worth it to get a pic of Daryl strangling me lol

  4. Went to as many of your panels as I could. Saw the second half of Carl Macek, because I was stuck in line all morning, Tezuka 101, Anime 101, Sane Fan’s Guide, and Remembering Satoshi Kon. I thought Anime 101 was great, but obviously, it wasn’t meant for me. I approve of this panel being at every single con. All of the panels were great, but Anime 101 and the Kon panels were jam-packed with info and appreciation.

    Is that all I went to? I could have sworn I was sitting in panel room 206 for a lot longer than that.

  5. With reference to the “Notable Directors of Anime That Aren’t Hayao Miyazaki” panel, what is the situation in America? As in, how many of the kind of anime fans that attend cons, would you say, know even 50% of the people on that list? Here in the UK it seems that only about 5%, or less, of con-goers are true otaku.

    1. Actually, my previous question can be ignored. I remembered Daryl’s search for The Truth and realised that I already had my answer.

  6. Kinda random question: was Carl Horn present at any of the panels? [Neither Carl nor anyone from Dark Horse were present at the convention. –Daryl]

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