Anime World Order Show # 95 – Okay, 3, 2, 1, Let’s Jam With Steve Blum

In this episode, we interview the voice of like…everybody ever, the one and only Steve Blum! Best known to gradually aging anime fans as the voice of Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop and less aging anime fans as the voice of Leeron in Gurren Lagann, Steve has been warping youths for decades now. So give this one a shot, and since we TOTALLY forgot to mention it, check the Review Index for all of our previous show reviews!

And if you’re in Florida, you’re in luck! Not only will you be able to meet Steve, but also the rest of the core English language cast for Cowboy Bebop over the summer! The appearances are as follows:

May 7th at Florida Super Comics, Games, Anime + More – Beau Billingslea (Jet Black)
May 27-29 at Florida Anime Experience – Steve Blum (Spike Spiegel)
July 1-4 at Florida Supercon – Melissa Fahn (Ed Wong)
August 5-7 at Anime Festival Orlando – Wendee Lee (Faye Valentine)

Special thanks to Wasabi Anime for doing the heavy lifting on this one, because arranging interviews with guests is HARD.

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  1. Wendee Lee will also be at AnimeNEXT 2011, June 10-12 here in NJ

    BTW, which of you AWO folk is now in the Android camp (where I and the rest of my family sit)

  2. I cant believe Steve Blum is so normal I thought he would be just a little bit geeky, and as far as someone finding a pic of him in his funk spandex challenge accepted! p.s Android for the win

  3. I didn’t care until you brought up that he was Mr. Agito in the 1989 Guyver dub. Now you know what to do, get Melissa Fahn on the show.

    [Yeah, you know what? Considering how absolutely vicious your attacks on us are when you post on /a/ or whatever, I don’t really feel inclined to do ANYTHING for the sake of pleasing you. And yes, I can tell when it’s you posting because I’ve read SO MUCH of your writing that I can spot you, signature or not. –Daryl]

    1. Wow! Fucking butthurt much Daryl? Why not just quit your hobby if you hate modern anime and fandom so much. For someone that hates fans, you sure hang around cons a lot. Go be a crotchety old man on his rocking chair while people like me will consume with what’s out today. Got that dick?

      1. First things first. VZ, if you are going to be a pompous arse about people having different taste to you then I suggest you stop commenting on anime forums period. I thought you had already stooped to toe-curling lows on places like Fast Karate with your incendiary nonsense but this comment proves to me that you are nothing more than a bitter fanboy who cannot fathom the thought of people disagreeing with you.

        God forbid you step away from your computer once in a while and experience ‘gasps’ REAL LIFE.

        I hate ranting against people like you, but I feel as a sane person I am left with little choice.

        ‘Sighs’. Anyway, I like these interview episodes especially with voice actors as prominent as Blum so we get a chance to look into how they got into the industry as well as beyond. Good stuff as usual guys.

      2. VZ, my first encounter with you was when you posted loli porn in the Fast Karate comments, so yeah, you should stop shitting up comments.

      3. “Hey you! Do this and this!”

        “No. You’re a jerk.”


        VZ, I think I see the reason why whenever I see your name come up when I lurk AWO or Fast Karate you get a massive shit-talking thrown at-wait… Were you the pedophile dude?! I think you were! That was hilarious. Never mind then. Keep posting and putting up links to child pornography or whatever you do.

      4. What? Enough of this slandering shit against me. [“In print, it’s LIBEL.” — J. Jonah Jameson] I was not posting links to CP. All I did at that time was post a link to Onii-chan no ecchi blogs which happen to have DRAWN loli on the front.

        But whatever, I’m getting sick of this anti loli/moe just cause the MORAL PRUDES want more shows like Cowboy Bebop.

  4. But anyway, great show as usual, the lag was killing me though just because Steve Blum is such an interesting guy to listen to. I would love to hear what you have recorded with him and Beau Billingslea.

  5. Cool interview, as a dub fan I can safely say Steve Blum is easily one of my favorite English VA’s. It’s really to bad most dub work is done out of Texas now 🙁 would love to continue hearing him in newer anime, there’s Durarara but that’s about it. Glad to hear he’s at least getting consistent work in video games.

  6. It is telling of how far gone I am when I was baffled that Steve Blum did not seem to engage in entertainment cultures such as Video Games or Anime, “You mean people spend their time and money on things that are NOT part of geek culture?”.
    Also, Droid 4 Life; Because I am that crazy. I would Imagine that Clarissa and Gerald are in Team Freedom and Democracy, and not in TEAM COMMUNISM (a.k.a. iPhone)

  7. Wow, I was really jazzed about this interview. Its like it was tailored to my fandom. Cowboy Bebop is still easily my favorite anime, and I watched it dubbed on CN first, so Steve is Spike to me. Also, I am one of those people that you were talking about that are major Toonami fans, so I actually remember Steve’s work as TOM very fondly.

    Everyone knows how great Cowboy Bebop was, so I won’t drone on about that, but I will talk about Toonami a little. I know that its strange to be such a fan of something that was not a show, but rather just the packaging for a segment on Cartoon Network, but that packaging was just so good! Also, in those days I loved everything that CN did, so I would keep it on the tube (which actually was a tube back then) for long periods of time and see quite a lot of TOM and the rest of the crew of the Absolution. It was natural to grow attached to it, but it really is not just because of that. The hosting that Toonami provided had such a cool style, both in the animation and in their music. To this day, I still like the CD that they released with their bumper music: Deep Space Bass. Toonami really had the feeling that talented people were putting real effort into making something cool, and that they had a love for it. I guess I can’t tell what was going on in their minds, but the end product was quality. On a related note, I was very pleased to hear Steve end the podcast with “Stay gold.” 🙂

    I was surprised when the conversation turned to Megas XLR, because I did not realize that Steve did the voice for Jamie. I can hear it now, but back when I was originally watching it, I did not know who Steve Blum was. I am such a huge fan of Megas XLR. I regard it as one of the best cartoons ever made, so I guess that makes a trifecta for Steve in my mind: Spike, TOM, and now Jamie. Watching Megas, I am always freshly impressed at how brilliant the comedy in that show was. I don’t hear much talk about it, so I was happy to know that Steve, as well as you guys, recognized what a great show it was, and what a shame its cancellation was.

    Daryl, you mentioned another show like Megas that got cancelled on Cartoon Network, are you referring to Symbionic Titan? I was not sure, because I don’t really consider those similar shows. [I was indeed referring to it. The similarities are limited to “animated series on Cartoon Network that is about giant robots which pays homage to anime and got canceled entirely too early despite being awesome, presumably due to lack of sales of merchandising that did not exist.” –Daryl]

    Really enjoyed the show guys! Thanks for your work.

  8. Hey, I just wanted to add that I tweeted at George Krstic (@GeorgeKrstic) last night about your interview with Steve. George is one of the co-creators of Megas XLR, and a really cool guy. He checked it out and tweeted out a link in his feed.

  9. I can’t believe none of you guys remember Steven Blum when he voiced T.O.M. for Toonami [Except we asked him about it and a good portion of both this interview and the previous one we did with him is with regards to it…? –Daryl]

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