Bonus – Daryl and Gerald Saying Things About Robots

We don’t have a podcast of our own recorded yet, so we’re just going to abuse the Creative Commons here and post just our audio segments from the latest episode of the Anime82 podcast. We took so long to respond that just our “answers” take up 80 minutes of the approximately 3 hour running time of that episode, but if you’re into mecha then you definitely want to hear the responses from Jeff Tatarek of Lather’s Blather, Dane from Anime Pacific, Philip from Eeeper’s Choice, and the mastermind of Anime82 himself, Regan Strongblood.

Clarissa was absent from the recording since she has a real life, but worry not: she’s on the latest Anime3000 Panel to recommend spooky/thrilling/scary anime and manga titles just in time for Halloween along with manga grandmaster and the man whose life is the inspiration for Suda51’s Diabolical Pitch, Ed Chavez from Vertical Inc! In addition, Daryl was on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast talking about another Golan/Globus work of art, Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. NOW DEES EEZ A CANNON FILM!

Bonus – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 with Ninja Consultant & OSMCast!

We were totally supposed to have recorded a review of Harmagedon with ComiPo!’s Patrick Macias already, but between New York Comic-Con and EXPCon it’s going to be delayed quite a few weeks. In the meantime, indulge yourselves by listening to this installment of the Ninja Consultant podcast, recorded at 2:30 AM on Sunday of Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011. The AWO was all present, along with the OSMCast!, the Most Dangerous Ed Chavez of Vertical Inc (trying to sleep off-mic to little avail), and a [quite possibly Most] Dangerous Mystery Person!

For the record: Daryl? Totally the Duke of Orléans.

Totally. Don’t believe those lying liars.