Bonus – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 with Ninja Consultant & OSMCast!

We were totally supposed to have recorded a review of Harmagedon with ComiPo!’s Patrick Macias already, but between New York Comic-Con and EXPCon it’s going to be delayed quite a few weeks. In the meantime, indulge yourselves by listening to this installment of the Ninja Consultant podcast, recorded at 2:30 AM on Sunday of Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011. The AWO was all present, along with the OSMCast!, the Most Dangerous Ed Chavez of Vertical Inc (trying to sleep off-mic to little avail), and a [quite possibly Most] Dangerous Mystery Person!

For the record: Daryl? Totally the Duke of Orléans.

Totally. Don’t believe those lying liars.

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  1. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make to AWA this year. My extremely high stakes arbitrage was just a too sensitive a juncture and I just couldn’t manage a quick flight out of Riga with those time constraints, so alas… It does seem like a good time was had by all, and that does warm my heart. I hope to see you all again next year.

    I must say you were all very kind to that poor drunk lady. Such kindness warms the heart.

  2. I think you should consider recording more shows where people have been drinking. I’ve observed that some otaku refrain from drinking based on a fear it will make them “lose control,” but this loss of control usually just amounts to acting like a normal person. I also admire Gerald for his professional consideration of whom at the Tokiwaso he would have slept with. In my case it probably would have been Fujio Akatsuka. All he’d have to say is “Kore de ii no da!”

    1. If nothing else, alcohol pretty much wipes out my stuttering. As evidenced here.

      One of the reasons I drink at cons when I’ve got a pretty strict two drink limit in my general life is that I see a lot of people that I like, but don’t know well and don’t see outside of cons. If I don’t drink, I’ll stutter hello at them for about eight years before finally managing a conversation in year nine. Life’s too short for that.

      The real problem with podcasting drunk is that you forget the really key things. I.E. the biggest mistake of the live action Yamato movie is the Gamilans, of course, but the mistake was not hiring a bunch of Australians and painting them blue. Also, the Anthony Weiner reference was meant to indicate that live action Yamato Kodai would take underwear clad crotch shots because he understands that the ladies like a little mystery. I don’t think I really got that across.

    2. You’re right on about nerds fearing the loss of control. I was once afraid of that, too, but I got over it at age 19.

      I’m currently campaigning to get Gerald to drink. He had half a beer once, so he’s already lost any special abilities one might gain from being a teetotaler.

      1. I think Gerald is South Africa’s designated driver. But in my case, I pretty much started drinking and smoking because of anime, so it went a little differently. There was a time, for example, when I was methodically trying each of the brands that the characters in Lupin III smoked. Except for Goemon, who doesn’t smoke. Except for evil fake Goemon, in episode #155.

      2. Yeah, I didn’t really start drinking til I joined a college sci-fi club where everyone made a really big deal about the fact that they didn’t drink (not like those jocks!). Suddenly, I decided that if I could train myself to enjoy black coffee, I could manage to appreciate booze. And it worked!

  3. And I wasn’t even invited. Foo. Altho I did have to get to sleep due to needing to move stuff from one room to the next at 0’early AM Monday.

    I know. Sleep is for the weak. I needed to POWER UP.

    I don’t THINK I was drunk…

    1. The key thing is that I wasn’t so much invited as I just wandered after them. Not permission, forgiveness. [Incidentally, this is also how I got on the podcast. –Daryl]

    2. Steve, you weren’t uninvited, but everyone left the party to go to another secret party that Noah and I weren’t invited to. The podcast commences sometime after I texted the AWO boys with something pathetic about being “so ronery” and everyone came back to Not-Dessloktoberfest, after which we left to podcast.

      Next time if we get invited to the cool-person party in Elizabeth’s room maybe we will just podcast there.

      1. It’s cool, I probably would have done my Mr. Chatterbox bit and bored everyone to sleep. I never worry about being invited to ‘sooper seekret’ parties because I am my own party. wait, whut?

        Altho I am always proud and honored that Carl lets me in to his party.

        Next year, if I am able to attend, I hope to have my own room so I won’t have to do the room shuffle on Sunday, then I can stay up as late as my old body will allow. Which given what was going on at AWA’11 may well be no sleep at all. OH MY GOD did I pay for that when I got home 🙂

      2. You are absolutely invited next year, and I apologize for not dragging you guys over when I was shanghai-ing other people.

      3. Not a worry but thanks! The most fun part of knowing of the fact I knew it was going on was seeing (name redacted because I don’t want to be killed) get a piece of pizza and carry it about folded… 🙂

  4. By the way, after watching Saturday Night Live, I think it’s a shame that while all of AWO lives in Florida, none of you are from Daytona Beach-eru.

  5. So, tormented by guilt over not having attended your My Little Pony panel at AWA, I finally saw a bit of the show (the “Pinkie Pie Loses It” clip on YouTube). I was impressed by the fact that not only does she conduct an elaborate party consisting entirely of imaginary friends, but that the friends themselves consist of things you would expect a horse to have lying around, like rocks and turnips.

  6. Are you guys going to make it again in 2012? [That’s the plan! Room’s booked, but we still have to apply for panels and get flights. –Daryl]

    1. Good luck, I’m sure that Jason and Stan will set you up, stop by the con security office when you get a chance, lot’s of fans down there.

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