Anime World Order Show # 102b – Ya Gahtta Have thah Haaht of thah Gunpla

For the final segment of Show 102, Gerald reviews Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, which for brevity’s sake we’ll just call “Gunpla Builders,” and continues to bombard us with trivia questions. Our guest remains Erin Finnegan, who is very displeased that we did not inform everyone that ERIN EDITED THIS PODCAST. Well, she did! (And then we edited her edit, since we always edit everything in two passes around here anyway.)

The new issue of Otaku USA is out, featuring Daryl’s cover story on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Sacred Star of Milos. And his feature on Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. And by no means can you skip over his review of Golgo 13 TV: Collection 3! On the website, you can read his supplemental companion piece to that Golgo 13 TV writeup, his review of the mighty OAV, Golgo 13: Queen Bee.

Incidentally, since Daryl never answered his own question regarding favorite anime seen in 2011, while he’ll echo the previous responses of Redline, Tiger and Bunny, and Kaiji Season 2 he also thinks quite highly of Mazinkaiser SKL, Macross Frontier Movie 2: Wings of Goodbye, X-Men, and the latest episodes of Gundam Unicorn that the rest of the Internet hates.

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11 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 102b – Ya Gahtta Have thah Haaht of thah Gunpla”

  1. At the risk of being way too serious. Erin said the Japanese need the ‘over-reacting straight man’ character to let them know when something is funny. I hope she was kidding because it would be disappointing if she wasn’t. Cause it didn’t sound like a joke. It would have helped if Daryl had gone meta and said ‘WHAAAAAA!?’ (Boyoyoing Aw ooga)

  2. As a representative of the entire robot community, I can say that we do not hate the fourth episode of Unicorn. It’s more about how we are starting to notice that it’s the Cliff’s Notes version of a much more detailed story. It’s all about us never being satisfied by anything Gundam ever. [While fixing the missing digit in your email address, I had to restrain myself from renaming you “Andrew LeVeouf” per my stated re-designation. –Daryl]

  3. A little more on the Gintama humor: I’ll laugh at anything (which makes life with CB a great deal easier), and Gintama tends to throw everything at the wall, so while you get a lot of the EEEEHHHH and angry straight-man reaction gags that the Japanese love so well (as, gentle reader, do I) in the best bits of Gintama you get really ridiculous set-ups and extended commitment to extremely stupid gags. There are also many, many puns and pop culture references that test the limits of my language ability my knowledge of Japanese ephemera. Then, alas you get the serious arcs. Some of them aren’t so bad, but if I’m reading a series for the scenes where blood fountains out of people’s asses, I just don’t care about the characters as human beings. The Wii story arc is a fun one, but my favorite story is the one where the idol Otsu becomes an honorary member of the Shinsengumi.

  4. 1. Need Comedy? Try Nichijou!

    2. Anime Pulse stopped doing episode-by-episode shounen series reviews a while ago. Filler arcs will do that to ya.

    3. At one point I would’ve been considered the guy who listens to A Prairie Home Companion. I have dipped my toes into a lot of things black people “aren’t supposed to” be into. Also, two underlings (both black) listen to A Prairie Home Companion on their way to buy prepaid phones in season 2 of The Wire. Fun fact.

  5. I’m glad you guys brought up Mardock Scramble. I think it is a really refreshing anime and manga for an old timer like myself. However, I don’t hear much talk about it.

    1. Coincidentally, I was wondering about that today. You know why you’re not hearing much talk about it? Where they Hell do you watch it? I saw that The Anime Network has one OVA of it, but I’m at a loss as to where I can watch the rest. I’ve only just begun to look for it, but it’s not on Netflix, and maybe it’s for sale on Amazon or Right Stuf. [Only one episode has been released in English so far. The second one only came out in Japan a few months ago. As for where to watch it, as we noted it’s on Hulu. Same place everyone watched Tiger and Bunny. –Daryl]

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