Anime World Order Show # 104 – The [Sword for] Truth Has Set Us Free

We’ve been having a decent amount of guests on lately, huh? This time we are joined by Evan Minto from the Anigamers podcast and Genericon staff to talk about–PER HIS REQUEST–the notoriously disliked Sword for Truth by Osamu Dezaki and Akio Sugino.

We also weigh in on the bits of the ADV/FUNimation lawsuit that sounded interesting to us.

  • The cost to buy Sword for Truth has gone up a tiny bit since we recorded this. The cost of the live-action movie remains the same!
  • Here’s a pretty keen summary detailing the series of events that led to the Section 23 Films reorganization.
  • You can get the PDF of the filing directly from the Harris County Texas District Clerk site if you make a free account, but we’re not gonna lie: we got our copies from here. Obviously, the site will be updated as developments occur whereas a PDF would not, but the main page we looked at from that was this one.
  • The ANNCast with Carl Horn can be downloaded here.