Anime World Order Show # 113 – No Girls Allowed, These Girl Media Topics Are For Men Only

We thought we would be able to line up some guests to do the next review we had planned. That didn’t work out, so we’re recording this IN HASTE. Clarissa had a grad school conference to attend and thus couldn’t make this recording. Daryl has articles overdue…and thus, is here! As such, Gerald is telling everybody the (bad) news and reviewing Gdgd Fairies.

Introduction (0:00 – 33:18)
A little over half an hour means that we were able to answer a single listener email about mecha. This spirals out of control to be about the evolution of fans and the method by which we consume and interact with entertainment. If people are going to get really mad at us over this episode, or rightfully brand us as woefully out of touch and obsolete–the pitiful death rattles of a dying breed–it’ll be because of this segment. To be fair, we’re not completely dead, just spiritually.

Let’s News! (33:18 – 1:11:21)
That’s still better than everything we talk about here, which is entirely dead, like Toren Smith! An insensitive segue for insensitive people, so read the tribute posts by Jonathan Clements and Lea Hernandez to get a better understanding of who the man was and what he did for all of us.

On the digital comics distribution side of things, the website JManga is also shutting down at the end of this month. Their on-site announcement is here, but that link will soon be dead. Yuri manga publisher ALC Publishing is also closing up shop, after 13 years of doing everything one could reasonably ask of a publisher.

Review: gdgd Fairies (1:11:21 – 1:37:31)
Gerald forgot his talent for making zany, off-the-wall comedies sound really dull because that Cromartie review was forever ago, so he’s back at it again as he tells us about Kotaro Ishidate and Sota Sugahara‘s inspired bit of madcap genius that is gdgd Fairies. Between this, Inferno Cop, Straight Title Robot Anime, and How to Enjoy Anime 100 Times More Spring 2013 marks the completion of the early-era Williams Street soul transfer from Adult Swim to random dudes in Japan. You’ll just have to watch it. We’ve encountered reports of people saying that the Magical Spring Dubbing Lake sucks, but remember: those people are COMMIES.

Closing (1:37:31 – 1:39:44)
It’s not really a closing segment. It doesn’t even end with saying “goodbye.” It just ends. Daryl figured he should let people know of his foray into anime blogging courtesy of his guest post at the Golden Ani-Versary of Anime blog in which he wrote about the anime of 1980. Having had no real experience writing for the web, the article he submitted was split into thirds:

1980, Part 1: Anime’s “Golden Age” Was Built on Content Otaku Overlook
1980, Part 1.5: Anime IS…Huh. Actually Lots Of It Is Kid’s Stuff
1980, Part 2: What Anime Bloggers Would Typically Say About It

If you must know, the content of the deleted post by “Lord Cuntington” was “Daryl Surat hates evil whitey. Rise up darkies and kill the white man!” Visual novel fans whom we’ve never spoken to or interacted with are suspected.