Anime World Order Show # 119 – Actually, Asura Wasn’t Just One Deity

After over 2 months between episodes, with so much that has happened as far as titles and news events, we’re…not talking about any of those things since Daryl has to catch up on doing what he said he’d do months ago, which is review the 2012 theatrical animated film Asura.

At just over 45 minutes, you’re probably thinking this is rather short for an AWO episode. You’d be right. But if you’ve been checking out that Guest Spots page–and not many have–you’d see Daryl was recently on the ANNCast as well as the most recent two installments of the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast. He reviewed Versus as well as Speed Racer.

Also, the latest issue of Otaku USA magazine should be out soon. Daryl wrote articles on the original Space Pirate Captain Harlock television series, Kill La Kill, Hajime no Ippo: Rising, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, the 25th Anniversary release of Akira, Nisekoi: False Love Volume 1, Dragon Ball Full Color Volume 1, and he also has an interview with Shinichiro Watanabe about his upcoming series Space Dandy, coming soon to Cartoon Network. So uh, that’s basically what was being worked on these last few months in lieu of a new podcast. If you’re interested in any of that, head on over to to subscribe either to the print or digital edition! You can also just do it through Amazon.

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  1. Daryl you mentioned Asura a few times in previous episodes that’s how I found about it and set out looking for it. and your view being pretty positive question do you think 3D CGI will have bigger role in future anime? Like how digital painting replaced painted cells? Japan has been playing around with 3D CGI since the early 2000’s (Vandread,IGPX, and Ghost in Shell) but the CGI back then it was only used for inanimate objects robots, vehicles ,buildings and in a crowd shot or two. Now more then ever it seems like their testing the boundaries with CGI character animations. I feel like CGI has a role to play in enhancing the 2D animation but it shouldn’t be at the fore front.

  2. I went to see this at the NYAFF in 2012 when it was shown. It was pretty strange but I enjoyed it (at least more than Gyo which was shown in the same week, by the way, why is that available and not this). I enjoyed it and would love to see it again. It had a neat style. Maybe a few years down the road someone will be crazy enough to release this.

  3. I don’t remember how I found this, but I had Asura in my “want to watch” list on ANN since last year, saw it for the first time a few months ago and fell completely in love with it. It appeals to everything I look for and enjoy most in anime. Glad to hear that Hakaba Kitaro is similar, definitely going to try it ASAP.

  4. I think the reason that Asura (and other other recent anime movies) are not as popular among western anime fans is because of how modern anime fans hear about anime. Personally, I keep up to date with the latest anime by checking those anime chart images before each season starts. The problem with that is even if a movie does look interesting based on that chart, I’m likely to forget about it in the interim between the film’s Japanese theatrical release and when I can actually see the damn thing on DVD (or often digital fansub based on the DVD rip). Just looking at the current anime chart, I want to see the new Captain Harlock movie and the Persona 3 movie, but I’m not likely to even be thinking about it when the fansubs for those movies finally come around.

    The one exception to this is when I hear from a friend that the fansub has been release, or in this case hear about it on a podcast. Which reminds me that I should watch Asura now.

    Also as a side note, the Escaflowne TV show did get rescue licensed by Funimation at around the same time Cowboy Bebop did.

  5. The last time I torrented something was yesterday. I try to watch stuff streaming, but when my Internet starts spazzing out it’s easier to torrent. I don’t have to deal with Crunchyroll’s terrible video player spazzing out on me, and it’s not like I’m paying for anything substantial when I buy a Crunchyroll subscription. I’d rather buy DVDs and BDs than have to use a janky streaming service. That being said, I do like using Crunchyroll on my smartphone to watch a few shows before I go to bed. Hell, I feel like their iPhone app is more stable than the player on their website.

    As for Asura, I heard of it from that guy at Blog of the North Star. It’s been at the back of my mind since earlier this year; I guess I’ll go on and torrent it.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for playing our promo man.

    Since i don’t see our podcast link on the post, ill go ahead and post it in the comments for people to see:

  7. Hey AWO, thanks for filling me in on Asura! I actually don’t participate that much in online anime forums or read websites very often; I find the AWO podcast is a relatable source for recommendations, and I’m happy to wait for it.

    As for the film itself, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually I’ll look at CG in a movie and feel as though someone has served me Chef Boyardee in a restaraunt; it’s just offensive. But this movie does the opposite of a gimmicky CG monster or robot or whatever; I feel drawn into something tangible, convincing, and moreover charming. It’s been a while since I’ve been so far away from the typical Shonen Jump style of cartoonery; I wish we could see this more often!

    Finally, I thought the story was really remarkable. Genuine characters behaving humanly. Egad.

  8. Never heard about Asura before, and yes it does sound very interesting. The animation is a bit frightening, but I can live with it. I’m sure going to watch it, hope it won’t give me nightmares.

  9. Just to answer your question Daryl, I hadn’t heard of Asura before this podcast but DL’d it and finally watched it on the strength of your recommendation alone. I’d say it lived up to your description. CG doesn’t particularly bother me, my roommate wasn’t particularly thrilled with it, but I think we’d both say it was still a pretty good anime. The character had range, his actions were consistent and flowed logically, and the overall experience delivered on the highs and lows good works of art should.

    I’m not sure what to make of the ending, and the pacing was lilting at places, but while it was certainly legitimate and conclusive I can’t help but feel a little dissatisfied with the whole “bad guy turns good at the end” approach. It felt like something was missing, although I’m not sure what.

  10. Just watched Asura after listening to the show, and it is really really good. I can’t say I enjoyed it because there’s not much “joy” in watching people being stupid and mean to each other, but it is certainly worth watching. Really good movie that leaves you with something to think about in the end.

    Such pieces of art are the reason I don’t forget about anime completely. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. (and sorry for my English))

  11. Finally got to watching Asura. Much thanks. All through this, I was thinking “Asura sure sounds like Tetsuro from Galaxy Express.” Then I re-listened to your review, and looked up Masako Nozawa. Yep. Sure wish someone would take a risk and put this out over here on Blu-Ray, but I don’t think it will happen.

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