Anime World Order Show # 122 – More Anime82 Questions, Part 3

For the final episode of 2013, here’s the third and final installment in which Gerald and Daryl answer another batch of Anime82?s questions.

04:48 – Are there any anime titles on your “to-do” list you are embarassed to admit you have yet to watch?

10:28 – What’s your favorite Ghibli title and what’s your least favorite?

14:00 – English dubbing is less common these days, but how do you compare early dubs to more contemporary ones?

22:49 – Are you reading any manga? If so, what’s the last manga title you’ve read?

28:58 – What’s an anime title the listeners might have forgotten about? Remind us.

33:53 – What’s a newer anime that you feel has taken real creative risks?

38:16 – Do you feel your passion for anime is not what it once was? [I think we semi-misanswered this, as it was relative to non-anime cartoons gaining strong fanbases. Gerald and Clarissa certainly have a strong affinity for Flash animations about baby horsies and French MMOs.]

41:58 – Please ask your fellow podcasters a question. Do you have a question to ask us? Can you also answer it?

Anime World Order Show # 121 – More Anime82 Questions, Part 2

Here’s the second of three parts in which we answer another batch of Anime82’s questions.

Below is an approximation of said questions along with a timecode:

4:52 – What is the most under-appreciated anime of all time?

9:47 – Who’s the next “big dog” in anime, or is there any dogs at all?

18:14 – What’s your favorite magical girl anime? And yes, you must pick one.

22:29 – What is an aspect of contemporary anime that you feel has really improved when compared to earlier times?

28:13 – What’s the most important anime of the non-“golden era”? [In retrospect, he might have actually been asking about the “known golden era” but Canadian accents are screwy.]

35:37 – What’s your favorite anime of the 80s, and what’s your favorite anime of the 90s? Why?

41:57 – The most popular anime of today, much like videogames, tend to be set in more realistic settings compared to the past. What are your thoughts on this?