Anime World Order Show # 122 – More Anime82 Questions, Part 3

For the final episode of 2013, here’s the third and final installment in which Gerald and Daryl answer another batch of Anime82?s questions.

04:48 – Are there any anime titles on your “to-do” list you are embarassed to admit you have yet to watch?

10:28 – What’s your favorite Ghibli title and what’s your least favorite?

14:00 – English dubbing is less common these days, but how do you compare early dubs to more contemporary ones?

22:49 – Are you reading any manga? If so, what’s the last manga title you’ve read?

28:58 – What’s an anime title the listeners might have forgotten about? Remind us.

33:53 – What’s a newer anime that you feel has taken real creative risks?

38:16 – Do you feel your passion for anime is not what it once was? [I think we semi-misanswered this, as it was relative to non-anime cartoons gaining strong fanbases. Gerald and Clarissa certainly have a strong affinity for Flash animations about baby horsies and French MMOs.]

41:58 – Please ask your fellow podcasters a question. Do you have a question to ask us? Can you also answer it?

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  1. What question would you leave to NTR Radio, the podcast I’m on? [“In the year and a half since you’ve been podcasting, has anybody ever told you that you have been misspelling your blog URL in the post and feed description for every single episode you have posted to date?” –Daryl]

    1. You’re being facetious I assume? Because surely no one is allowed to be a fan of both moe AND mecha. Right? [No, I am not being facetious. The link to your blog is misspelled in every single post that is on your site as well as in every single feed description. But my question is answered. –Daryl]

  2. I bet your audience would have been bigger if you had been releasing more episodes. I am a new listener, started listening a year ago, and after the first month I gave up on visiting the site, cause nothing is happening here. Then I found this e-mail notification option and I listen to you again =) But how many people don’t find this option and just leave for good, that’s a question.

    But I am not saying that you better start making episodes once a week, that is a lot of work for something that is a hobby =)

    1. Quality not quantity is important. Especially as AWO isn’t paid to do podcasts. So I accept they do few podcasts every year. And each time it’s interesting as hell to listen to even though from time to time I don’t agree on some of their assessment of certain animes *cough* *cough* Fushigi no umi no Nadia. But generally speaking I have nothing to complain about and I enjoy every podcast they put out.

  3. Yeah, whatever the hell happened to Jeff Tatarek. I was listening to some old episodes and found some of his stuff but it seems like he just disappeared for the most part.

    I’ve seen Rym talk about podcasting dying, but I think its just the older generation of podcasters fading out.

    I’ve been listening to AWO for almost a whole year now.(haven’t listened to every episode yet because I’m not insane) Hope to see you guys continue on in 2014.

    1. The only review I know that I listened to of Jeff Tatarek was Star Crash (probably still on Netflix guys), and that was about 3 years before I saw the movie for myself. Since Paul Chapman reviewed it recently, it brought back some fond memories I forgotten about on that film.

      I’m looking through his site (here: ) and i’m seeing that he covered some Joseph Lai Koreanimation that I might have listened to at work a couple of years ago. And a pic of him and his pony:

      1. ‘living the life. haha.

        I listened to quite a few of his stuff on I found a playlist of his stuff one day actually. He did a pretty entertaining show but it was far too short lived.

  4. Honestly, the most entertaining part of this episode was you guys getting pissed at Regan pausing so damn much and ranting at various people in the final question. I get annoyed by Regan’s pausing too.

    I think anime dubbing might have gotten worse in the casting and directing departments after the bubble burst or something. At the very least, there’s this weird tendency to get younger sounding guys to dub characters that are in their 40s (like in Tiger & Bunny and Psycho-Pass’s dubs) and generally go for blander performances. Section 31/neo-ADV/Sentai is probably the worst in North America, given that I’ve heard fan dubs that were better cast (if less technically competent). I can’t say they’re the worst company producing English dubs because some company in Australia or something dubbed Gundam AGE and did a crap job of it. I just wonder if the US dub companies are so cashed strapped that they can’t afford good directors or they really think their in-house guys are the best and won’t hire outsiders. I know FUNi has some dumb thing where they let their director’s help write the dub scripts without at least an editing pass from an actual English major, which leads to some awkward line readings that didn’t need to happen.

    1. Producing a good dub requires good actors/voice actors, a good dubbing director, time and money. Money alone doesn’t guarantee a good dub. There was a time going from the mid 90’s to the mid 00’s where italian home video companies spent great amounts of money and used well trained film actors to produce some of the best anime dubs ever, Evangelion, Escaflowne and Gunbuster 2 among others. Unfortunately it was such a costly proposition that one company went bankrupt and the others stopped doing it. In the end resorting to your “standard fare” dub. Serviceable but not exceptional. I think the same thing is happening to the US anime dub industry. You have to produce a lot of dubs especially for tv anime and the quality requirement is really not there. So you get serviceable dubs and that’s about it. A pity really, because generally speaking if you do a good dub (that respects the japanese script) you can end up with as good an interpretation if not better than the japanese one.

      1. Thanks, Cobra, that’s very interesting. I would presume the same issue of anime dub quality exists in every language, but if one isn’t fluent in that language, it’s much more difficult to understand what might be good or bad (not impossible–sometimes one can get an impression of a good performance even if you don’t understand the language).

        I’m pleased to hear that Evangelion and Gunbuster 2 got good dubs in Italian. Italian fans like Lupin, don’t they? What have the Lupin III dubs been like?

      2. There is nothing magic about the Japanese vocal performance. They just invest time, money and good professional people to attain a good dub. But other countries if they do the same can end with great dubs. Most anime fans don’t really understand this basic fact and think that just because the dub is Japanese makes it ipso facto a good dub. Oh well.
        As for Italian dubs, the Italian industry mirrored more or less what the US industry went through. In the late seventies, early eighties hundreds of animes were pouring in Italy and being broadcast on tv (public broadcaster and local tv stations). Most of those animes were dubbed on the cheap (and didn’t really respect the Japanese script) but they had very good vocal performances. A bit like what Daryl and Gerald were saying about the old time streamline US dubs. Good vocal performance but not really respectful of the Japanese script.
        The Lupin III tv series was dubbed in that time, so you got very good vocal performances but based on a very liberal adaptation of the Japanese script. Nowadays they tend to be more respectful and the Lupin specials that invariably end up on tv are dubbed mostly good. Good but not great. And yes Italians anime fans are fond of Lupin III as they are fond of The Rose of Versailles (these 2 were being broadcast on tv until a few years ago). 2 animes that made an entire generation or two of Italian anime fans.

  5. Hi AWO fans, I was going to ( and will rerecord my questions) I had planned to do so.
    I had recorded the questions very fast just to get them out to the podcasters, never intended to use this audio, but its all good in the hood! Dear AWO thanks so much guys, love you guys and its great you take the time to be on the show. Daryl busts my balls a little, which is most likely a good thing. Thanks again guys and AWO listeners please check out the anime82 show for alot of other great podcasters!
    -Merci mes amis !!

  6. When it comes to having unwatched/unread media, I keep to where I know as soon as I get it I will watch/read it. Otherwise I know I won’t have time for it. But at the same time I understand having to get something as soon as it’s available/affordable because you don’t want to miss out.

  7. I’m not sure if the question addressed to me was meant to include more or is just simply “Do you realize how weird you are?” If it is the latter then yes; yes I do realize how weird I am.

    Also, Hong Kong kicks major ass: I can throw a random Hokuto No Ken joke to my dentist and he’ll totally get it. In Australia, if I don’t grunt and chest thump about rugby or something then discourse because seemingly impossible.

    Naturally, there’s far more to it than that!

  8. Ace wo Nerae’s main character’s journey from a nervous wreck into a competent tennis player takes up pretty much all of the 1973 series. Oka’s personality changes very gradually with constant setbacks and pain that makes the anime hard to watch until the ever so cathartic payoff. I’d recommend at least watching the movie, even though it takes most of the edge off her.

  9. Great series of answers, but… Gerald, you haven’t seen all of Utena? You seriously need to get on that.

    I had been hoping for a while that AWO would give it a review (if such a thing were possible), but man…

    Ok. I’m biased. I should stop any further descent into the “hey, why haven’t you watched my favorite show” mode, lest it fester and corrupt me further.

    1. ANN did post about it on December 26, although it was just a one-line link rather than a paragraph, so it might have been easy to miss. I do note that ANN seemed to have gotten the story correct–Daicon 33 was not an announcement of a new film (it’s just that 2014 is the 33rd anniversary of Daicon Film)–whereas others assumed it meant a new anime short was on its way. The need to devote resources to an Aoki Uru pilot film would seem to make that less likely.

  10. If this ever happens again, could you take a collection to get this Regan guy an elocution coach and a sound engineer? He sounds like the unwanted deformed bastard child of William Shatner and Mushmouth from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids who doesn’t practice his questions in advance or do second takes. He sounds so infuriatingly bad that I almost stopped the podcast every time he started muttering.

    1. Hey listen, I had recorded the questions very fast just to get them out to the podcasters, never intended to use this audio you understand….
      I would have rerecorded the questions and have, I didnt know the AWO was going to use that audio for their own show, most of the time they wait until I post the show then repost it. I had no clue this was going to be posted so dont hate or blame me.
      Dont worry It wont happen again, I try to get all the podcasters I love on the show once and a while for fun not to be judged by bloody wankers like you.
      I dont feel its really fair to be called out on how bad my audio for the questions was by you or the hosts of this podcast as I never had intended to use this audio, it was like 4am I had to keep it down. I wasnt told that was the plan, another podcaster the veef is also upset with me now also over this on me calling him and and daryl calling him out on the episode and again I had no idea this audio was going to be used. Perhaps listen to to finished episode before casting these judgements on me, I will gladly give the AWO the intended audio to be used if they want to edit it in. I dont do these kind of shows because im lazy and want others to do my work, its really because these are the podcasters I respect and love to listen to. My balls are getting busted pretty good on this episode over my audio and the way I ask the questions, which is fine. Im a big boy and its funny classic Dary Surat stuff, I have no problem with that, its just listeners im sorry like I said it was 4am and was just trying to get the questions out..what can I do? Either way its gonna be a great show for all those who hate, where is the anime love??/ I got around 600 peeps feeling my show and thats fine with me. Dear mean Surrender Artist man and all the other over reacting ravers, chill…lifes waaay too short to be an uptight over critical dick all the time, smell the roses, get laid enjoy your life. Check out the intended show and see what you think and if not thats all good too! All respect to the AWO and the ANIMELOVE.

      1. Don’t mind it Regan, there are people who like your way of talking 😀 Keep it up, at least your way of speaking and recording it is unique and unmistakable =)

  11. I was thinking of starting podcasting again. I very much agree that getting a big audience is not going to happen.

    On the big podcasts, the only thing I can think of outside of Nightvale is This American Life and that was a few years ago it got big.

    I am a big podcast listener, since I have an hour long commute on a bus and my exercise is hiking. I think that it isn’t a business really. It is mostly, even in Nightvale’s case, advertising for something else the people are doing.

    1. In addition, the OVAs that followed later were then dubbed by the Ocean Group (the then-ubiquitous Venus Terzo was B-ko). The OVA cast sounds pretty different from the feature dub (and it’s one of the few times I preferred Ocean to Manga UK).


    Just kidding; I love how Gerald hates everything and he’s so honest about it. We need more folks like him in the world.

    I usually watch/read stuff in spurts. It’s not that I don’t have the time; it’s that video games or the internet happen. That being said, I usually watch/read stuff in huge intervals instead of a “One episode at a time,” kind of thing.

    1. When you stop to think about it though, there are literally thousands of different anime series, so it would be strange if a person didn’t happen to hate some, just as they happen to love some, and some they just feel indifferent towards.

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