Bonus – AWO on ANNCast

We imagine there aren’t too many people who listen to us that do not listen to the ANNCast, but just in case it may be worth pointing out that all of us were on the latest episode, answering Twitter questions for about two hours. Give it a listen if you want to hear our thoughts on Space Dandy and learn sordid details of our lives which we’ve already disclosed in either previous episodes or on Twitter.

Update: The link should work now. Guess their site’s set up to disallow people from linking to…RSS feed enclosure items? Seems…odd…

Anime World Order Show # 123 – Hopefully Nermal Was Not in the Nuclear Explosion

To kick off 2014, Gerald has taken it upon himself to review the 2012 feature film 009 Re: Cyborg. We also delve into an oft-repeated discussion of modern anime regarding its hierarchy relative to other special interest media.