Bonus – AWO on ANNCast

We imagine there aren’t too many people who listen to us that do not listen to the ANNCast, but just in case it may be worth pointing out that all of us were on the latest episode, answering Twitter questions for about two hours. Give it a listen if you want to hear our thoughts on Space Dandy and learn sordid details of our lives which we’ve already disclosed in either previous episodes or on Twitter.

Update: The link should work now. Guess their site’s set up to disallow people from linking to…RSS feed enclosure items? Seems…odd…

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  1. Great episode! I completely agree with Clarissa that anime would benefit a lot from getting front page coverage in american geek websites. Like you said, if they keep all the anime content stashed away in its own anime section that never gets any front page exposure, then yea… I’d imagine the vast majority of people who would even bother clicking on the anime section would be anime fans themselves.

  2. Did I hear you right that 28-year-old housewives are the other audience for Power Rangers? [I probably meant to say “Kamen Rider” but I’m sure the same logic applies for Ultraman and super sentai: yes, since at least the early 2000s there’s been an effort made to cast “host-club type” male leads, to also appeal to the mothers of the young boys intended to be watching. I don’t know enough about Power Rangers to know whether similar considerations are factored in for the US market (I barely know much about the Japanese side!). –Daryl]

  3. Ah, that’s generally what I thought you probably meant — the ladies are tuning in for all the spandex-clad toned hotties.

  4. Ultraman hasn’t started doing that; it’s been sticking to its roots since the beginning. Granted, it’s also currently the least successful out of the three series, too.

  5. I enjoyed the part in like the first 10 min where Daryl slips into host mode Zac looses control of his show.

    And the Toku is for kids and housewives made me laugh, I have friends how tend to forget these are kid shows. And the Riders do dress like fashion models.

    I think Conan and Lupin III meeting at the soda machine is their take on Holmes and Lupin meeting in the Lupin story ” Sherlock Holmes arrives to late”. I could also be giving them to much credit but when I read that story I sort of saw a similarity in the meeting by chance. Though unlike Conan, Holmes does realize it’s Lupin.

    1. Andrew’s cool! We hung out with him at Anime Boston. He’s the host of The Veef Show podcast which we have linked in the sidebar. Years ago he decided he hated me then cut off all communication/blocked me etc because I agreed with Gerald over not really liking Code Geass, then he released an episode where he read my AIM conversations with him out loud to shoot down my not-so-cogent arguments. I asked “hey, if you plan to make these one-on-one chats public, let me know in advance next time” but then there never was a next time. He’s cool in my book but I guess it’s not mutual.

      As with all things in this world I BLAME GERALD…who he still follows, so presumably he must disagree with the accuracy of my recollection of these events. I don’t remember anything about Code Geass at this point, but last I recall Andrew was big into Muv-Luv. I think I said “I wish Muv-Luv Alternative was more like the first 2 episodes than the rest of it” at some point, so he probably thinks I’m hateful and ignorant. But do check out his show! His latest one’s a defense of Zeta Gundam and why it’s better than L-Gaim, which is right up my alley. He was also recently on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast.

  6. Oh, right…. He’s the host for the VEEF show! I never figured out the details on how that whole thing started, thanks for clearing it up.

    I suppose the best place to follow him now is on his Robits Facebook group… though I don’t think he’ll welcome you with open arms. It seems he still holds a bit of a grudge, but I’m sure it can all be sorted out! I’m sure he’ll realize its all just one big misunderstanding, and you’ll laugh about how petty it all was.

    I’ll definitely listen to his show though!

  7. I know this is a little late but didn’t AnimEigo release all of Lum on DVD in a box set? Except for Beautiful Dreamer which they left an open spot for the CPM release? [It was not all in one single box set as you had to buy several of them. I want to say there were 12 in all, since you had 10 sets of 5 discs each for the TV, plus a OAV box set and then a movie one. The box set just for the movies did indeed leave an open spot for Beautiful Dreamer. This is somewhat academic in 2014 though, as Urusei Yatsura is now out of print and Animeigo’s license for it has expired. But yes, the entire series was ultimately released here. –Daryl]

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