Anime World Order Show # 121 – More Anime82 Questions, Part 2

Here’s the second of three parts in which we answer another batch of Anime82’s questions.

Below is an approximation of said questions along with a timecode:

4:52 – What is the most under-appreciated anime of all time?

9:47 – Who’s the next “big dog” in anime, or is there any dogs at all?

18:14 – What’s your favorite magical girl anime? And yes, you must pick one.

22:29 – What is an aspect of contemporary anime that you feel has really improved when compared to earlier times?

28:13 – What’s the most important anime of the non-“golden era”? [In retrospect, he might have actually been asking about the “known golden era” but Canadian accents are screwy.]

35:37 – What’s your favorite anime of the 80s, and what’s your favorite anime of the 90s? Why?

41:57 – The most popular anime of today, much like videogames, tend to be set in more realistic settings compared to the past. What are your thoughts on this?

Anime World Order Show # 120 – More Anime82 Questions, Part 1

We were sent another batch of questions from the Anime82 Podcast, and since it took us 3 hours to answer them all, we figured we’d post our responses here across 3 installments. The questions were sent to several other podcasters as well, so head on over there to hear everybody else’s replies. Perhaps we should have sent our responses to Anime82 first before posting this ourselves, since our not having sent this audio is probably preventing them from posting in the first place? Details, details.

Daryl was on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast, talking about the 1986 animated Fist of the North Star movie. He’s pretty sure the lyrics are in fact “ease my pain, ease my loneliness” but comprehension of Kodomo Band transcends mere mortals.

The Youtube channel with Gerald playing old stuff on emulator is here. It’s mostly being done just to figure out how all these tools work, so it’s still “work in progress.” Daryl keeps a rotating 2 hour playlist of Japanese and independent pro wrestling here, and will have you know that he made all of those GIFs himself.

Below are timecodes for the questions that were sent to us, but we tend to drift pretty far away from answering each of them to discuss what in our minds are “related topics”:

08:05 – Introduce yourselves

10:07 – What was the last fansubbed anime you watched?

16:19 – What’s the biggest difference between anime now from anime of the 80s or 90s?

24:36 – Do you think the anime industry has improved from ten years ago, or worsened?

32:43 – What are some current shows in anime you are impressed by?

40:15 – What is the anime you’ve gone back to rewatch the most?

50:14 – Which studio do you feel has really declined when compared to “the golden age”?