Bonus – Voicemails We Put Off Answering For Too Long

We keep asking for voicemails, but we never seem to play them. Here we shall rectify this and also procrastinate on releasing Show # 50.

This one’s pretty short compared to what we usually do, but that’s because we all had nightmarish tasks to contend with. Here’s some time markers:

Introduction / Let’s News! (0:00 – 15:10)
The American Anime Awards winners were announced a while back, and everyone’s said their piece on the matter and let it die already…EXCEPT FOR US. Beating that dead horse aside, Broccoli Books is launching a new BL imprint entitled Boysenberry and the trailer for Paprika is on the Apple website. Daryl is intentionally NOT watching that trailer since there is a good chance that the movie won’t show in Florida at all and he’ll have to catch it on DVD, much as he doesn’t want to know anything about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Damn you New Yorkers and your children’s film festivals!

The remainder is voicemails. Here’s the time each of them start:

16:00 – Michael Wishlow’s review of F

22:18 – Fan-made promo by The Comics Interpreter

27:20 – Roberto from Chicago, IL (actually Italy, so hide the Arctic Circle candy) wants to know what we think of Berserk and Wolf’s Rain

32:41 – Jonathan from Winter Haven, FL lets us know his thoughts on Anime Festival Orlando. 2006. Yeah, we’re way too late in playing this, but he sent us like ten other messages we have to get through eventually and this is a start.

34:38 – In one of our few critique messages, “General Beefy” (who really should just leave one comment instead of multiple ones in a row) is let down at how our show notes haven’t exactly had much in the way of actual informational content for some time. Namely, download links.

38:06 – Anthony from New York was losing interest in anime until we and Anime Pulse came along. He talks about Project A-Ko and asks us our thoughts on Here is Greenwood.

43:16 – Allie from Michigan likes our diversity of titles and the fact that we reviewed Monster and Zipang. Guess we’re doing SOMETHING right!


49:18 – Carter Vance asks a question that was previously asked, though perhaps it was asked after he sent this one in: is it possible to “save” people who only seem to enjoy harem/manufactured moe sorts of anime? And what do we think of Eureka 7 and Fafner?

56:57 – Megan from AMERICA and her friend speak on behalf of the Fangirl Overmind and demand more yaoi reviews! Hmm, we actually haven’t done very many.

58:23 – The fact that we encouraged and enabled this message to happen is probably the lowest achievement in our lives.

1:00:51 – The fact that we encouraged and enabled this message to happen is probably the highest achievement in our lives. Or at least, this episode. After this, we can go no further and wrap things up.

Next time, we hit a PODCASTING MILESTONE with Show # 50. Well, technically it’s the 56th thing we released counting bonus stuff, but don’t let facts get in the way of our glory! In celebration of releasing 50 episodes of nonsense, we’re bringing out the big guns. Gerald’s reviewing Megazone 23 Part 1, Clarissa’s reviewing the criminally-overlooked Princess Tutu, and Daryl knuckles up and reviews something terrifying that you don’t see a lot of people reviewing out of justifiable fear. You’ll know it when you hear it.

1:09:12 – We know we already played one from “General Beefy,” but we couldn’t NOT play this one concerning his thoughts on GeekNights. Wonder if other podcasts get emails like this about us and just don’t play them?

Anime World Order Show # 38 – Rape is Hilarious, But Only As a Theoretical Concept

In perhaps the manliest (and longest) episode to date, Gerald reviews the Kazuo Koike jigoku manga masterpiece Lady Snowblood, Daryl opines on the new Fist of the North Star movie Raoh Gaiden, and Clarissa weighs in with her thoughts on the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Introduction (0:00 – 19:07)
The good news is that we’re finally starting to use the new audio equipment. The bad news is that both Daryl and Gerald have colds! To compensate, we play what is perhaps the ultimate Discipline reading. We also issue a retraction regarding the Manga Video Astro Boy box set’s episode count, and delude ourselves into thinking we’re affecting people’s lives for the better as we read an email from someone who started watching Blackjack because of us. Oh yeah, remember the AWO fanart/doujinshi that we requested? Well, here’s what we got:

The Almighty…er, Mysterious person who drew the Daryl Surat vs Dave Riley picture appears to be at it again, this time drawing what we’d previously mentioned about Masamune Shirow:

Devoted AWO listener Erwin Rosales drew us this four page masterpiece, which is actually a very accurate depiction of what goes on here at the Anime World Order:

MasterPete over at Pete Universe informs us that the following edition of his new webcomic was directly inspired by us, except for the whole moe part aka “the punchline”:

The strip which follows this makes mention of Odin. Man. That’s rough.

Let’s News! (19:07 – 37:28)
“News” is probably not the right word, given how late we are to the ball, but Gedo Senki probably won’t come out in the US until 2009 because of the Sci-Fi Channel, the website for the new Giant Robo series is in English, legitimate copies of Monster (reviewed in Show # 12) are available on R3 DVD, the Osamu Tezuka Ode to Kirihito manga is out in English and everyone should buy it because it’s 832 pages and costs $15, they’re making a new Dancougar series (we didn’t know about the new Reideen at the time), Bandai Visual’s upcoming Region 1 DVD of Gunbuster won’t be cheap, Seven Seas has launched a yuri line consisting of a bunch of lame stuff, and we offer up some speculation regarding why The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (reviewed in Show # 29) hasn’t been licensed for release in the US yet. This segment features the AWO debut of the DeCoster Scream. The Dark Lord Cromdor/Kramdar has some competition now.

Review: Lady Snowblood (manga) (37:28 – 57:52)
Gerald reviews this 4-volume revenge epic released in English courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, for which the film adaptation was a primary inspiration for Kill Bill. Of course, since it’s by Kazuo Koike, the plot is absolutely ludicrous and there’s tons of fighting and fucking for no good reason. Here is the long awaited image that best sums up Lady Snowblood.
Also, here is a scan of the writer from the manga version:
And the very slight differences he went through in the movie version, notice the haircut is in no way anachronistic because Yasuaki Kurata is ETERNAL:

Review: Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden (57:52 – 1:29:06)
Yeah, so Fist of the North Star. Best. Anime. Ever. After nearly a year of threats, Daryl breaks down and talks about the series that started the whole shonen fighting genre. He would have talked more about the new movie, but it still has not been fansubbed. It is now time for…pictures! [Update: As of 1/27/07, Heart of Madness has fansubbed the “Director’s Cut” of this movie]

This is Kenshiro, the successor to Hokuto Shinken. Do not fuck with this man.
See these guys? These are generic Hokuto no Ken thugs who always fuck with Kenshiro. Remember what I said about not doing that? They are what make this the best anime ever.
Kenshiro’s adopted brothers, Raoh and Toki. Toki is the one who looks like Jesus. Nobody fucks with the Jesus.
Daryl’s dead-on impersonation of Raoh, the King of Fists.
Reina is a character created for this movie and is Raoh’s second-in-command, but she spends most of the movie like this. THANKS, JAPAN!
Shuu, the Star of Benevolence, may be blind, but he sees…WITH HIS HEART. Listen, Fist of the North Star is MANLY melodrama. Haters better vacate, especially if they thought it was cool when Usui from Rurouni Kenshin totally ripped off Shuu’s gimmick.
The Holy Emperor Souther has the finest hybrid throne/motorcycle child slave labor can construct.
Blood of the Emperor, the immortal body! I never retreat! I never beg! I never quit!
Yet despite this being a theatrical film, the animators still forgot to draw the rest of Souther’s vest in this quick shot. [Update: This error was fixed on the Director’s Cut DVD, along with another one earlier in the film that I didn’t put up a picture for since it would have spoiled things]. They probably got confused for a second and thought he was from Part 5 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Still, when your kung fu is strong enough, you can dress HOWEVER YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE.
What, you think Dragon Ball Z invented that whole characters hair turning blonde as they power up? WRONG. MUSO TENSEI, BITCHES. Okay fine, so this isn’t Muso Tensei and the hair color doesn’t change in the anime, and the manga’s black and white so who can really tell…

Perhaps this entire podcast and blog should be rededicated to nothing but Fist of the North Star screencaps and captions.

  • Heart of Madness – a fansub label reserved solely for Fist of the North Star titles, so expect them to be the ones who sub this movie [Update: they have done so]
  • Hokuto Renkitouza – it’s a Geocities site (that place still exists?), but it’s still the best Hokuto no Ken resource out there
  • Fist of the North Star Games – a Yahoo group that was pretty busy once upon a time, the folks on here are probably the most dedicated HnK fans around

Review: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (1:29:06 – 1:54:02)
Wait, what? Why the heck didn’t we just end the episode there? Because there hasn’t been enough Clarissa on this show for the last few weeks, that’s why! Since everyone already knows about Ghost in the Shell, show notes aren’t really necessary. So, click here for that picture of Kusanagi’s butt.

Closing (1:54:02 – 2:00:40)
Next week’s episode will be shorter. Really. By popular demand, we’re going to give our con report on Anime Weekend Atlanta 12, only we WON’T spend the entire show doing it like the other con reports. Also, by listener request we’re going to talk about the shows from the current anime season that we’re watching. See? Your requests don’t fall on deaf ears after all! Finally, Daryl’s going to review The Twelve Kingdoms like he was supposed to do this week.