Anime World Order Show # 179 – Another Decade in Review Commences

We’ve been around for so long that it’s time for ANOTHER decade in review. How many years do you think we’ll manage to get through this episode now that we have an entire decade of accumulated experience built up, anyway?

Introduction (0:00 – 25:00)
Before we turn the clock back to ten years in the past, we answer an email that requires us to go 25 years back because in the wake of our review of Macross II -Lovers Again- our thoughts are requested regarding Macross 7. That Shoji Kawamori, he built this sequel; he built this sequel on rock and roll.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (25:00 – 28:54)
The Media Blasters release of Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix – Perfect Collection on Blu-Ray was supposed to be on 9/17, but I never got a shipping notification and it was suddenly listed as out of stock everywhere. When I inquired about this, Right Stuf actually called up Media Blasters to find out that the street date was pushed back to 10/8 and updated their site while notifying everyone who ordered it accordingly. Step up your game to this level already, Jeff Bezos!

The DECADE IN REVIEW~!: And So It Begins (28:54 – 1:52:55)
The rules are simple (AND YET REPEATEDLY BROKEN): for each year, each person picks one title they deemed noteworthy of mention and discusses it briefly, taking turns until all titles for a year are covered. Then move on to the next year. Who will break the rules first? How many years will we get through in this episode? And what wil conclude first? Our decade in review, or the decade itself?

Anime World Order Show # 178 – YOU LOVE DRUGS Don’t You, Dennis? 224 Trimethylpentane Is In There, It’s a KILLER!

We’ve got a short window between conventions, writing assignments, and natural disasters to release an episode, so let’s take advantage! We give our convention report for Otakon 2019, have stern objections to Netflix’s marketing/propaganda wing, and then fulfill a Patreon goal by reviewing the listener-suggested Macross II: Lovers Again.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (0:00 – 4:27)
Normally, the promo goes in the middle of the episode, but this one’s time sensitive and we figure most people download the episode within 24 hours of release. There are less than two days remaining if you want to donate to help Kyoto Animation in the aftermath of the July arson attack which made global headlines. 100% of your donation will go to Kyoto Animation (so no deductions for processing/administrative/transfer fees or whatever). Plus, any amount donated will go towards the free shipping spending limit ($50 for US, $250 for Canada).

Introduction (4:27 – 1:11:34)
All of us attended Otakon 2019 in Washington DC and weigh in on our experiences, shared though they may be. Topics discussed include the Walter E Washington Convention Center as a venue, the premieres of City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes as well as Promare, how our panels went, STEVE BENNETT~!, and how Johnny Kitagawa was undeniably The Man.

Review: Macross II -Lovers Again- (1:11:34 – 2:43:02)
With the final goal (for now) having been met on our Patreon months ago, we figured we’d best actually deliver on our hollow promises for a change. Gerald, after having refused every other suggestion, agreed to cover this 1992 6-episode OVA series on account that we last reviewed a Macross title on this podcast twelve years ago in 2007 and that it holds strong nostalgia for his early days as an anime fan. All that Daryl could remember about it prior to this rewatch was that there were red ships and Banana Moon Love. Clarissa has never seen Macross II until now, knowing only of its reputation as “worst Macross anime ever.” In the resulting 90 minutes, we’ll finally get to the bottom of the decade-spanning question that is “is this the worst Macross anime ever…or the SECOND worst?”