Anime World Order Show # 213 – The Gang Doubles Down on Spreading Misinformation About Yoshiyuki Tomino

Because we just don’t have enough randos blaming us singlehandedly for American anime fandom’s ignorance, we’ve decided to talk about the theatrical film Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island, a remake of the “lost episode” of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

Intro (0:00 – 49:55)
The gauntlet of quality that is the current anime season is upon us, and we spend the first half of the intro simply running down what we’re currently watching. For once, only a very small amount of it is not from what’s ongoing as of this recording. Daryl and Gerald will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta 2022 this week. Gerald has two 18+ offerings: Hentai of the 80s and 90s at 12:30 AM Thursday (technically it’s Friday but schedule wise that’s considered “Thursday night”), and then Anime in Non-Anime at midnight Friday. Then on Sunday at 12:45 PM, Daryl has the all-ages Thirty Years Ago: Anime in 1992.

For the second half of the intro, we talk about a topic that’s coming up more and more frequently now that the multi-billion dollar corporations own more and more of the US anime industry: the issue of worker pay (and the lack thereof). While most visible with regards to voice actors, this is widespread throughout which leads to the question: who’s seeing the benefits of anime’s elevated prominence, anyway?

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (49:55 – 52:43)
With Halloween upon us, this week is the time that Junji Ito hardcover manga editions are on sale. But that’s not all; you can also the um, not at all spooky Yotsuba&! at a solid discount, and with Tatami Time Machine Blues about to be released stateside on Disney+, the current sale for The Night is Short, Walk On Girl is timely indeed. You know what else is timely, considering this review? The fact that all of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga is back in print!

Review: Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island (52:43 – 2:08:07)

There I was, holed up on this island, when the Zeon came nosing around. They was gettin’ closer, CLOSER! “And?” I threw a ROCK at him! …it was a big rock…

Just as Umberto Eco noted that a common feature among fascists is that “by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak,” so too is the Anime World Order podcast a thing listened to by nobody hosted by nobodies whose articles are read by nobody yet simultaneously somehow responsible for the bad rep of Yoshiyuki Tomino among the English-speaking anime fanbase. (We prefer to think it was widespread availability of the cartoons that did that one.) So it goes that despite the fact that multiple entire podcasts dedicated to Mobile Suit Gundam exist, we give our own account of what may very well be the final film of Yoshikazu “YAS” Yasuhiko: a lavish, movie-length retelling of episode 15 of the first Mobile Suit Gundam TV series (which to this day is not legally available to view in the United States by personal request of Yoshiyuki Tomino), only this time it’s done without Tomino’s involvement and YAS isn’t hospitalized from overwork. We actually don’t start talking about the movie itself until 1:28:14 because we need to spend about 40 minutes on slander.

Meme-ified images from episode 15 are all over the Internet, particularly Thinzaku here.
Here’s how Doan’s Zaku looks in the movie. [guy who has only ever seen Armored Trooper VOTOMS] Getting a lot of Armored Trooper VOTOMS vibes from this
No off-model robots here; now any proportional changes are by design!
No amount of jank can prevent soft boy Amuro from shining through
One of many instances of “show, don’t tell.” We know, in this modern light novel-infused era, such a practice is frowned upon. NOT BY US, THOUGH.

Anime World Order Show # 212 – He’s the Himbo Fella of Salmonella

It’s been a while since Gerald “pulled a Gerald”: reviewed something that you can’t easily go see. But he’s back at it, reviewing the 1992 3-part OAV series Genesis Surviver Gaiarth.

Introduction (0:00 – 27:26)
After putting it off for ages, we now have a Discord server! Posting privileges are available to anybody who backs us on Patreon at any tier. We also talk about the shows we are currently watching, which in about a week or two is set to skyrocket. It’s only happened a few times, but the number one movie in America for a weekend was a Japanese animated one in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Somehow, only Daryl saw that one. Since Gerald lives in a GKids town, he got to see Inu-Oh and Goodbye Don Glees and stuff instead. This brings up the question: what anime are appropriate to show in American middle school? It’s a tougher question than it appears, since while there’s plenty of anime made for and consumed by middle schoolers, few of them are to the content standards of the US educational system. If you have any suggestions, let’s hear ’em!

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (27:26 – 30:11)
Now that it’s been a month since the Crunchyroll buyout, we can safely say that–for now, anyway–there isn’t any seismic shift in the service Right Stuf presents. Prices still good, sales are still what we’re used to seeing. We’re told they don’t anticipate any changes to this, but in this day and age of buyouts and mergers, nobody can truly anticipate anything it seems. While there was a launch that then quickly un-launched due presumably to credit card payment processor headaches, it appears that the 18+ site BuyAnime is now up and running and looks pretty much exactly like how Right Stuf proper looks.

Review: Genesis Surviver Gaiarth (30:11 – 1:17:06)
In the wake of Daryl’s Thirty Years Ago: Anime in 1992 panel, Gerald reviews this 1992 3-part OAV series which was only ever legally released in the US on VHS. Yep, there was never a DVD release here (only in Japan), and it’s never been released in HD or streaming anywhere. Is that an egregious oversight, or is that because it’s not worth remembering? Regardless of where you stand on this matter, one thing remains clear: it’s from the bygone era where Shinji Aramaki wasn’t doing stuff on the computer! And yes, it’s spelled “Surviver” in the title and not the usual “Survivor” though you’ll often see it listed under the latter.

Look, see? That’s how they spelled it. Not “Survivor.”
The hero Ital definitely checks off all of the modern “himbo” criteria. Here he is casually running at the speed of a hoverbike. Any similarities to Gourry from Slayers are coincidental.
Here is the sign that it’s the good era Shinji Aramaki.
You see, because she’s a girl her armor has to be pink. Though this is a rare shot where the thighs aren’t exposed for maximum otaku appeal.