Anime World Order Show # 210 – Finally, a WCW We Can All Be Proud Of

With Otakon 2022 nearly upon us (we’ll be there and have panels), Clarissa reviews 2014’s Witch Craft Works, a 12-episode adaptation of Ryu Mizunami’s recently-completed manga, the entirety of which is now available in English both digitally as well as in print.

Introduction (0:00 – 35:22)
We actually remembered to read an email for a change! An intrepid listener weighs in with thoughts on Gundam 00, intrigued by our review of the series back in 2017. This leads to a brief aside regarding the subject of tokusatsu that is available on free streaming, and at this point we would like to make it clear that none of us is an expert in tokusatsu. Fortunately, there are now dedicated communities and channels for that, so our half-baked thoughts on the subject needn’t be the definitive word. The question of what is and isn’t streaming changes rapidly; about 90 titles just vanished without warning from HiDive about two weeks ago. The most notable of which was Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which was only down for a few hours before reappearing, but it goes to show that there’s no guarantee of streaming availability. Incidentally, Gerald has finally gotten around to watching Angel Cop, just shy of 15 years after Daryl’s old review. Unlike back then, now we have Angel Cop in full native HD with accurate subtitles!

Oh yeah, we’ll be at Otakon 2022. Daryl has “Thirty Years Ago: Anime in 1992” at 12:45 PM on Friday in the AMV Theater, and Gerald is presenting “A Sophisticatedly Unsophisticated Look at Fan Service (18+)” Sunday 12:15 AM in Panel 7. See you there, and remember to wear a new N95 and bring proof of COVID-19 vaccination!

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (35:22 – 38:30)
It’s the last week of the 35th birthday sale, so pick up some comics and cartoons while they’re on steep discount. You may also want to start saving up for some upcoming ultra fancy edition box sets, because as was announced earlier this month, we are finally getting the Macross sequels on Blu-Ray in the United States. Right Stuf will be handling releases of Macross 7, Macross Frontier, and Macross Delta, while Animeigo will be bringing over Macross II (listen to our old review here) and Anime Limited/AllTheAnime will be releasing Macross Plus on Blu-Ray in the US. Hmm, aren’t there other Macross titles which could stand for a Blu-Ray release in the US? We’ll have to wait and see if any further announcements get made, but for now we note that there is a Bigwest panel at Otakon Saturday morning…

Review: Witch Craft Works (38:30 – 1:14:56)
Clarissa takes point on reviewing this action-comedy series from 2014 about the virtues of having a tall, long-haired, big-boobed magical girlfriend carry you around everywhere and beat up everybody who tries to mess with you.

We were going to title this episode this, but decided it’d raise hopes that we were reviewing a different type of show.
Despite being an encapsulation of 2010s otaku tropes, Witch Craft Works foresaw the 2022 otaku squad goals.

There has not (thus far) been a US release of the series on a physical media format. For now, you can still watch the series on Crunchyroll (minus the bonus OVA episode and Japan Blu-Ray exclusive chibi short segments). I suppose it wouldn’t be out of place in the other WCW for there to be a storyline where all the ladies are after a guy for his “white stuff.” I mean, that explains Torrie Wilson and David Flair at least, right?

Totally not a harem show.

Although this anime only adapts about 6 or so volumes worth of the manga, which ran for 17 volumes, we’d say that the series covers most of the major action that happens. Still, in true Ah/Oh My Goddess! fashion, the artwork remains exceptional as the magical girlfriend hijinks hamster wheel spins in place, and the series is now fully available in both print as well as digital.

Totally not gender swap Todoroki before Todoroki existed.

Anime World Order Show # 209 – So THIS is the Power of the Handle God

We’re picking another one from the Patreon request tier this time around, as Daryl reviews the 2009 series Basquash!, which despite being Satelight’s highly anticipated follow-up to Macross Frontier was not released in the US until a full decade later. LET’S SPECULATE WHY.

Introduction (0:00 – 41:35)
Now that the current season of anime is a month or so in, we weigh in on the surprising number of titles we’ve been keeping up with. But we’re also watching older titles, and–get this–REWATCHING things that we last reviewed 10-15 years ago. Do our reviews and assessments still hold up? What’s changed between now and then? We also talk about that Hollywood Reporter article on anime that is just beaming with joy at all the immense money which anime is bringing in, which segues nicely into the fact that the employees of Seven Seas Entertainment are attempting to unionize on account that all that money doesn’t seem to be translating to more reasonable hours, pay, benefits etc. That effort is currently being met by…spending what is likely far more money to fight the requests of the union than it would cost to simply recognize the union. Follow UW7S on Twitter for updates on that.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (41:35 – 44:48)
SPY x FAMILY is all the rage right now, but it’s a split season and in just a few short weeks that first half will be over. In the meantime, you may want to read the manga, for which the print editions contain bonus chapters as well as concept sketches which are not in the (bi)weekly Shonen Jump digital editions. If that’s what you want to do, consider that all volumes are currently on sale! As are other Most Dangerous anime titles, many of which are from the mad lads over at Discotek Media. If you click on our affiliate links here to make your purchases, we’ll get a small commission which helps pay for our hosting bills.

Review: Basquash! (44:38 – 2:07:46)
By request of our $10 tier Patreon backers, Daryl reviews this 2009 anime from anime studio Satelight, aka the mailed fist of Visionary Director Shoji Kawamori. What starts off as “giant robots piloted by kids from the hood to play basketball in the hopes of getting healthcare” quickly mutates into “idol singers from the Moon piloting giant robots to play basketball” which mutates two more times and ends up being one of those things that sounds way, WAY more awesome when you describe it compared to what you actually get. We try to piece together what happened when.

Shots such as this one are not excised entirely from the Blu-Ray. Just shortened.

A scan of Tatsuo Sato’s interview in Comiket 78. We can’t read it ourselves.