Anime World Order Show # 110 – Your Christmas Gift is Us Reading Emails

No, it’s not the end of the world: Clarissa’s semester has ended, which means we can get back to the usual…er, actually it didn’t end so recently that we have something to review. So we read three emails instead.

Daryl has two new articles up on the Otaku USA website. He reviewed the 1990s OAV remake of Casshan: Robot Hunter, and has a recommendation guide for what Lupin the Third anime you should watch next, depending on how people are most likely to be introduced to it in 2012.

(0:00 – 4:21): What we’ve been up to

(4:21 – 15:57): What do we think of Rainbow? Are we looking forward to Mamoru Hosoda’s new movie?
(15:57 – 32:00): Why aren’t there more females in positions of power in anime, manga or videogames? If you’re curious, the names mentioned offhand were as follows:

You can use this very resource to find other key names that we neglected to mention when you make your comments. BUT WE’LL KNOW WHAT YOU DID.
(32:00 – 47:00): If music licensing is so screwy, couldn’t they just release Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in America with the ending credits song changed?
(47:00 – 49:55): What’s coming up next (maybe)

Anime World Order Show # 106 – Gay Centaurs and Scary Umbrellas

In this episode, Clarissa SPEAKS~! about her favorite things: gay porn and horror. After a slew of yaoi manga recommendations that gay men might potentially like, she reviews the anime mystery/horror (comedy…?) series Another.

You can watch legal streams of Brother Dear Brother courtesy of this page on Viki.

Introduction (0:00 – 39:32)

Gerald and Clarissa were guests on The Greatest Movie EVER! podcast to talk about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2. The most recent OSMCast! that Daryl recorded…back in February…is still not out yet!

Yaoi manga mentioned:

Review: Another (39:22 – 1:29:07)

You can read Freud’s “The Uncanny” (1919) here.

Julia Kristeva’s The Powers of Horror discusses the concept of abjection, and there seems to be an accessible copy here.

Other theorists whose ideas I touched on but did not mention:

  • Judith Halberstam’s Skin Shows: Gothic Horror and The Technology of Monsters (1995) [Amazon]
  • Kelly Hurley’s The Gothic Body: Sexuality, Materialism, and Degeneration at the Fin de Siecle (1997) [Amazon]