Anime World Order Show # 111 – Carl Weathers Did NOT Beat Up Any Vietnamese

Another new year, another set of broken promises from us. No, we didn’t get a final recording out before the end of 2012. But we’re back, and this time Daryl reviews Kids on the Slope. To his surprise.

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Introduction (0:00 – 23:30)

We’ve had a lot of guest appearances on other podcasts recently. Daryl was on the ANNCast along with Mike Toole to talk about…lots of anime stuff, then was on The Speakeasy podcast discussing the merits of watching anime weekly vs in marathon sessions / in groups vs alone, and then both Daryl and Gerald were on the Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast to discuss The FP.

Our replies to this episode’s emails probably aren’t what everyone who wrote in was hoping for. Those looking to professionally write about anime like we do…may not necessarily have as easy a time. On that note, check out the Otaku USA picks for “best anime of 2012” and expect some more ruminations on Getter Robo there real soon. The rest have us pondering our mortality as we direct listeners to previous episodes we recorded when they would have been in the third grade (specifically, this review of Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid), and contemplate whether anyone else who isn’t our age can actually give a crap about Macross: Do You Remember Love? given all that’s transpired since.

Review: Kids on the Slope (23:30 – 1:20:25)
First off: our mistake. Kids on the Slope isn’t actually out on home video in the US just yet. It’s still about four months out. For now, you can view the entire series free of charge, legally, via the streaming site Crunchyroll. It amazes us how many people still use bootleg streaming sites, but to their credit many anime fans still don’t know which sites are legit and which aren’t. Out of practice and without notes or preparation, Daryl found himself having to improvise free-form in doing this review. But maybe that’s okay considering this show is about improvisational jazz. Also, cranking up the Maybe They’re Gay beyond the level of “Awesome” straight to the josei-default level of “Internet.” Given the staff pedigree–one needn’t say more than “from the makers of Cowboy Bebop”–this was one of the most watched simulcasts of last year. But how’s it compare? Time to meet the Buddha.

While you’re waiting for the next episode to come out, check out The Golden Ani-Versary of Anime, as co-ordinated by the really interesting to stare at Geoff Tebbetts. He’s conscripted a team of bloggers, podcasters, and other anime luminaries to write posts dedicated entirely to one year of anime, starting with 1963 (the debut of Astro Boy TV) and culminating with 2013. So far, they’re up to 1970. In one month’s time, they’ll be on 1980…which is the year they convinced Daryl to write about. Given that he’s never actually done any anime blogging before, perhaps he should be writing that now instead of 3 weeks from now…

Anime World Order Show # 110 – Your Christmas Gift is Us Reading Emails

No, it’s not the end of the world: Clarissa’s semester has ended, which means we can get back to the usual…er, actually it didn’t end so recently that we have something to review. So we read three emails instead.

Daryl has two new articles up on the Otaku USA website. He reviewed the 1990s OAV remake of Casshan: Robot Hunter, and has a recommendation guide for what Lupin the Third anime you should watch next, depending on how people are most likely to be introduced to it in 2012.

(0:00 – 4:21): What we’ve been up to

(4:21 – 15:57): What do we think of Rainbow? Are we looking forward to Mamoru Hosoda’s new movie?
(15:57 – 32:00): Why aren’t there more females in positions of power in anime, manga or videogames? If you’re curious, the names mentioned offhand were as follows:

You can use this very resource to find other key names that we neglected to mention when you make your comments. BUT WE’LL KNOW WHAT YOU DID.
(32:00 – 47:00): If music licensing is so screwy, couldn’t they just release Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in America with the ending credits song changed?
(47:00 – 49:55): What’s coming up next (maybe)