Bonus – Interview with Helen McCarthy, Dave III, and Rob Fenelon

Here’s our interview from AWA 2007 with noted anime scholar Helen McCarthy, author of The Anime Encyclopedia, which is now in its second edition. Also appearing is anime fandom gatekeeper/Flexible Metal Hose Guy Dave III from Corn Pone Flicks fame, and Rob Fenelon, whom we interviewed back in Show # 64. Listen as we all get totally schooled!

Excised from this recording was the conversation about Jenny dolls, which for those of you who didn’t know were invented by Leiji Matsumoto’s wife. The only reason it was removed was because the recording was stopped mid-discussion.

Show 67 next time! If you can’t wait however many weeks to hear Gerald talk about Detonator Orgun on our show, you can listen to his guest appearance on Destroy All Podcasts DX and hear him talk about Detonator Orgun right now!

Anime World Order Show # 43 – Hey Sanrio, Release Ringing Bell on DVD Already

Daryl reviews the obscure and INCREDIBLY DEPRESSING 1970s film Ringing Bell (from the people who brought you Hello Kitty!), Gerald is quite let down by Kishin Corps, and Clarissa saves the day with Part 2 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. This is perhaps the last episode of 2006, what with Christmas and New Year’s coming.

Introduction (0:00 – 39:34)
We spend all this time talking about two things. First, Daryl lists off all the website changes and mentions that Podcast Pickle is resetting all the favorites counts to 0 again on December 29th, so you’ll have to add us again. We’ve been #2 for several months, so perhaps we can be #1 eventually! Also, we’re now listed on Digg Podcasts, which has a pretty good chance of eclipsing all the other podcast directories aside from maybe iTunes since its voting system is a lot more helpful. If you don’t know what Digg is, GeekNights will explain it for you. If you do know and you use it, go there and like, vote for us. More importantly, vote for the episodes of AWO you liked most of all and if you want, leave some comments there since we have no forums.

Second, Walter Amos left us a voicemail, and since it was ten minutes long, we opted to respond to it in pieces since all of it was interesting. Walter even does our legwork for us, being gracious enough to provide us with the following links:

Let’s News! (39:34 – 1:06:19)
ADV’s licensed Season 2 of Ah My Goddess! Wonder how well that’ll do for them? Guess we’ll never know since the reason they don’t publicize their sales figures is because…hey, look over there! Plus, that new Studio Ghibli movie that apparently isn’t all that good, Gedo Senki, is getting released in the UK (and possibly Japan) before it hits the US. And Masako Nozawa, the voice of Goku but NOT the voice of Doraemon as we stated (that’s Nobuyo Oyama, and she’s the Arkanoid friggin’ MASTER), thinks modern seiyuu are the pits.

Review: Ringing Bell (1:06:19 – 1:29:14)
This is the part where Daryl tries to impersonate Justin Sevakis, but comes up oh so short. This was a movie from the 1970s released by Sanrio–best known for Hello Kitty–under the name Chirin no Suzu. It was dubbed and released here in 1983, completely intact and with nothing done to hide that it was a Japanese cartoon. However, it’s been out of print for decades and there’s no DVD. Daryl’s invoking the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one, but suffice it to say that this might just be the most depressing children’s story ever. Click here to download a 700MB torrent of a VHS capture of this. This has been out of print for decades, so hopefully Sanrio’s lawyers will not have us thrown in jail for the crime of wanting people to see this.

Daryl has some nerve to say that he isn’t sure of where the story originated from considering it says so right in the opening credits.
Here’s Chirin at the start of the tale. Aww, he’s so cute that people the world over would spend millions of dollars on Chirin brand air conditioning units.
Until the Wolf King swoops in and fucks up his Christmas. Daryl wishes he could talk like the Wolf King, or at least find the mixer settings that would enable such a thing.
And that’s when things officially start to take a turn for the nightmarish…

Review: Alien Defender Geo-Armor aka Kishin Corps (1:29:14 – 1:48:30)
Gerald picked this one up at Otakon since he hadn’t seen it and it was something that’s been out in the US since the laserdisc days. People always compared it to Giant Robo. How bad could it possibly be? Well…

Review (manga): Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 2 (1:48:30 – 2:03:40)
We strongly recommend you listen to Clarissa’s review of Part 1 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure before proceeding. Otherwise, this probably won’t make sense. But who are we kidding? Jojo’s probably wouldn’t make sense anyway. But who cares when there’s FIGHTING and GORE GORE GORE? And of course poison “wedding rings” with special antidotes.

This is Joseph Joestar, and he’s a dork. I don’t know why he’s wearing what appears to be three hats stacked on top of each other. I guess one hat just wasn’t enough for the Joestar majesty. Well, at least it’s not merged with his hair. (If you’re not familiar with the hair hat, then you haven’t read Part 3. Don’t worry, we’ll review that one too.)
Joseph tends to use his Hamon for overly elaborate ways of throwing things at people, like coke bottle lids, or tripping them. Of course it’s hard to keep thinking of him as a badass when he does this sort of thing.
This is Joseph with Caesar, his best friend and ally. They’re also both dorks, as evidenced by the fact that they do stupid things like have fights with pasta (and somehow also pigeons and girls) and have dumb moments like this.
This is LisaLisa, and she will totally mess you up. She’s also very mature and level headed, which is good when you’re working with a couple of tards like Joseph and Caesar.
Behold the ultimate asskicking life forms, Wham, AC/DC and Cars. Santana’s not there, but I assure you he was even more naked. Araki sort of rectified the lack of homoeroticism from Part 1 in one fell swoop with these guys.
This is something I think makes Jojo’s fights far more awesome than most shonen fighting show battles. CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, BITCHES.
Of course, chariot races with vampire horses help too. What, did you think we were joking about that?
Come on, you know you want to be there for this.

Closing (2:03:40 – 2:05:22)
Next time, whenever that is, we’re going to do another “we answer emails” episode. We promise that we’ll actually manage to answer more emails than we got through when we had Dave Merrill on the show back in Show # 33, an episode which is one of our personal favorites.