Anime World Order Show # 7 – Kazuo Koike, master of "Jigoku Manga"

The Patrick Macias interview rolls on, as we talk about “jigoku manga,” best embodied by the works of Kazuo Koike! Plus Space Battleship Yamato and uh…Anna Miller’s.

Introduction (0:00 – 23:42)

We got a lot of feedback from our previous show when we said that videogame tournaments have no place at an anime convention (that’s an oversimplification, but if you want the rest, check out last week’s episode). Most of it was us getting our butts kicked, but amazingly enough, someone out there agreed with our Ushicon comments!

We have no Let’s News! segment this week since there wasn’t very much news that was worth talking about. Since we have no interest in just reading off news items that have no significant bearing on anything, we thought we’d compile the few news stories from this week into next week.

Promo: Anime Pulse podcast
While we’re trying (and failing) to cover as wide a range of anime as we can, these guys are all about being on the cutting edge of what’s out in Japan right now! If you’re big into Naruto and Bleach, these guys discuss the latest episodes of both every week, so check them out.

Interview — Patrick Macias: The man who knows more about Japan than the Japanese, Part 3(23:43 – 1:14:47)

We delve into the realm of Kazuo Koike as we go in depth on the subject of “jigoku manga” with the amazing Patrick Macias in part three of our interview. To fit with the jumbled mess of logic that is a Kazuo Koike narrative, Daryl decided to leave this section relatively unedited. We haven’t done this before, and chances are you listeners probably wouldn’t like us if we did it again.

Promo: Anime Hell
A blog and soon to be podcast devoted to the anime convention mainstay featuring extremely strange audio-visual detritus that’s not necessarily anime-related, as this trailer for Scream Blackula Scream indicates. DEMAND Anime Hell (or if you live in Florida, the Panel OF DOOM! as hosted by Daryl Surat!) to convention organizers near you!

Closing (1:14:47 – 1:16:34)

We finally decided to shell out the money for the domain, so will now redirect you to this page. Next time, we’re going to have a hentai-centric episode as the Patrick Macias interview concludes (sort of) with Gerald reviewing the really, really, really awful hentai title known as Gonad the Barbarian. I know, you want to buy it based on the name alone, but we’re going to tell you why that sort of thinking is a huge mistake.

Anime World Order Show # 6 – Thoughtbird and Other Stories

In this episode we talk about why harem shows all suck, why you NEED to buy Prefectural Earth Defense Force when it comes out, and how to fix conventions so the only people who’ll attend them is us. Plus part two of the Patrick Macias interview!

Now then, the full show notes. Do people actually READ these things?

Introduction (0:00 – 12:37)

We respond to listener voice mail regarding Fist of the North Star, DearS, Love Hina, and Chobits. Daryl steals ideas from posts made by other people at Anime Jump without actively thinking of it. That site has INFLUENCE, so you should go there and check out their reviews and user forums.

  • Official DearS website (Japanese)
  • Geneon’s DearS catalog listing
  • Still the best Love Hina review of all time (must be viewed with Internet Explorer)

Let’s News! (12:37 -25:55 or so)

Howl’s Moving Castle got nominated for an Oscar, so we discuss whether it has a chance of actually winning. Manga Video lost the licenses to a bunch of titles, so we cross our fingers and hope that means someone will pick them up and give them proper releases. Plus, Prefectural Earth Defense Force got licensed, so we tell everyone why it’s absolutely imperative for the sake of future anime releases that you go out and BUY that one. It’ll only cost around $13, folks!

  • List of Oscar nominees for Best Animated Feature Film
  • Howl’s Moving Castle on the invaluable
  • Spirited Away on
  • Bandai Visual’s US homepage
  • A very good Gunbuster fansite
  • ANN’s Prefectural Earth Defense Force entry
  • Synopsis and mini review of Prefectural Earth Defense Force
  • AnimeDB’s entry for Arion
  • At This Point The News Gets Hijacked So We Can Alienate All Our Listeners (25:57 – 37:00)

    Daryl starts talking about how Ushicon out in Texas has decided to not run conventions anymore, which eventually turns into him and Gerald talking about how everybody in the world of anime fandom sucks except for them. It’s not quite the Final Solution, but outlandishly modest proposals are put forth regarding how to “fix” anime conventions. Note that despite our big talk, none of us is willing to put our money where our mouths are and actually staff a convention ourselves so we should really just shut up. Only if we did that, we’d have no show.

    Interview — Patrick Macias, Your F’in Gaijin Of Darkness, Part 2 (39:15 – 1:07:30)

    The interview with Patrick that started in Show # 5 continues. Cromdor screams and thoughtbirds are afoot, as the notes for this segment illustrate. As with the rest of the interview segments, the volume on Daryl’s mic is rather low. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter what he says anyway.

    Closing (1:07:30 – 1:09:34)

    This show wasn’t supposed to be quite this long, but the Ushicon-prompted Ten Minute Hate bumped things up a bit. We could have just cut it out, but that would have ensured people would actually LIKE us before we have the nerve to beg for votes at Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle, and all that other stuff. Tune in next week when we do one solid hour of the Patrick Macias interview, featuring a Creator Spotlight on Kazuo Koike that spirals about as madly out of control as one of his plotlines!


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