Anime World Order Show # 6 – Thoughtbird and Other Stories

In this episode we talk about why harem shows all suck, why you NEED to buy Prefectural Earth Defense Force when it comes out, and how to fix conventions so the only people who’ll attend them is us. Plus part two of the Patrick Macias interview!

Now then, the full show notes. Do people actually READ these things?

Introduction (0:00 – 12:37)

We respond to listener voice mail regarding Fist of the North Star, DearS, Love Hina, and Chobits. Daryl steals ideas from posts made by other people at Anime Jump without actively thinking of it. That site has INFLUENCE, so you should go there and check out their reviews and user forums.

  • Official DearS website (Japanese)
  • Geneon’s DearS catalog listing
  • Still the best Love Hina review of all time (must be viewed with Internet Explorer)

Let’s News! (12:37 -25:55 or so)

Howl’s Moving Castle got nominated for an Oscar, so we discuss whether it has a chance of actually winning. Manga Video lost the licenses to a bunch of titles, so we cross our fingers and hope that means someone will pick them up and give them proper releases. Plus, Prefectural Earth Defense Force got licensed, so we tell everyone why it’s absolutely imperative for the sake of future anime releases that you go out and BUY that one. It’ll only cost around $13, folks!

  • List of Oscar nominees for Best Animated Feature Film
  • Howl’s Moving Castle on the invaluable
  • Spirited Away on
  • Bandai Visual’s US homepage
  • A very good Gunbuster fansite
  • ANN’s Prefectural Earth Defense Force entry
  • Synopsis and mini review of Prefectural Earth Defense Force
  • AnimeDB’s entry for Arion
  • At This Point The News Gets Hijacked So We Can Alienate All Our Listeners (25:57 – 37:00)

    Daryl starts talking about how Ushicon out in Texas has decided to not run conventions anymore, which eventually turns into him and Gerald talking about how everybody in the world of anime fandom sucks except for them. It’s not quite the Final Solution, but outlandishly modest proposals are put forth regarding how to “fix” anime conventions. Note that despite our big talk, none of us is willing to put our money where our mouths are and actually staff a convention ourselves so we should really just shut up. Only if we did that, we’d have no show.

    Interview — Patrick Macias, Your F’in Gaijin Of Darkness, Part 2 (39:15 – 1:07:30)

    The interview with Patrick that started in Show # 5 continues. Cromdor screams and thoughtbirds are afoot, as the notes for this segment illustrate. As with the rest of the interview segments, the volume on Daryl’s mic is rather low. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter what he says anyway.

    Closing (1:07:30 – 1:09:34)

    This show wasn’t supposed to be quite this long, but the Ushicon-prompted Ten Minute Hate bumped things up a bit. We could have just cut it out, but that would have ensured people would actually LIKE us before we have the nerve to beg for votes at Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle, and all that other stuff. Tune in next week when we do one solid hour of the Patrick Macias interview, featuring a Creator Spotlight on Kazuo Koike that spirals about as madly out of control as one of his plotlines!


    Otaku Generation — Talk about professional-grade production values: just look at their setup! This podcast only spends a portion of its time talking about anime and manga since a lot of the discussion focuses on technology type stuff, but make no mistake. They are to be feared even more than a soaking wet, revolver-toting, bathrobe-clad Ray Liotta.

    Ninja Consultant — The terrifying influence of Neil Nadelman’s Totally Lame Anime panels extends to the farthest reaches of the Internet! This podcast is actually a lot like our podcast, except with smarter hosts and more Naruto discussion. What can we say, they both majored in film!

    Anime World Order Show # 4 – Yaoi, Giant Whales, and Planes That Freaking Explode

    For Show # 4, Gerald talks about the Often Overlooked Hakugei: Legend of Moby Dick, Daryl’s Anime Then and Now compares the original Area 88 OAVs of the 1980s to its 2004 TV series remake, and Clarissa reviews the BL title Sensitive Pornograph. We apologize for the audio quality of this episode.

    For this episode we’ve sort of gone off the deep end and have included some actual yaoi content (well, according to Clarissa it’s not). [Clarissa: I said it’s not gay porn, which technically it isn’t.] But don’t be scared away; as usual, we hope to have something for everyone, so check out each section. This episode proved to be a significant challenge as new recording methods proved to be rather detrimental to our editing process. Damn, is recording audio really supposed to be this hard?

    Introduction (0:00 – 8:29)

    We now have a completely new method of being contacted since we now have a voice mail account so be sure to get your thoughts to us either by our regular email address, or call our new voicemail at 206-666-4AWO. We look forward to getting your lunatic ravings and actually playing them on air. We also check out some viewer mail, one by a person who’s actually watched Zambot 3, and by several people who say that Sousei no Aquarion was not exactly the show we thought it was.

    Lets News! (8:29 – 18:54)

    Kevin Lilliard, who runs Fan’s View, is back in the hospital again following his Ohayocon heart attack mentioned in last week’s show. The man who made “otaku” a really bad word, Tsutomu Miyazaki, is also in the news. This guy is so horrible me makes the GENOM corporation look friendly (hey, I’m writing the entry this time, and I’ll put in as many old school references as I want [Surat: You forget GENOM was in the remake as well])! We check out the new Sony Reader that’ll display manga: witness how high the resolution is, how clean the pictures look, and balk at the insanely high price Sony will probably ask for it. Genshiken season 2 has also been announced! This is a show we at Anime World Order love since we basically embody the characters (note: currently the entry for the announcement for season 2 has been taken down, so we’re not sure if we’ve been pranked). All this and a New York Times article on anime that…actually gets it RIGHT?

    Often Overlooked: Hakugei: The Legend of Moby Dick DVD Vol. 1 (18:54 – 34:15)

    Gerald takes a stance and becomes one of the few reviewers out there to give Hakugei: The Legend of Moby Dick a positive review. This is a show by the great Osamu Dezaki and Akio Sugino.

    Rotating Segment: Anime Then and Now — Area 88 (34:15 – 51:19)

    In this new segment, we compare and contrast a classic anime title with its more modern remake. Daryl kicks this one off by talking about the original Area 88 (released years ago by Central Park Media then never entirely released on DVD before going out of print) and its more recent remake (available in its entirety on DVD from ADV Films). As is standard, this is yet another 30-45 minute speech edited down to 15; Gerald and Clarissa are too terrified to speak up lest the terror go on for even longer than it would otherwise.

    Review: Sensitive Pornograph (51:19 – 1:09:30)

    You see how the description at the top of the page mentions yaoi? We figured after nearly a month, we should make good on that threat. Clarissa reviews the yaoi title (BL, whatever…it’s all guys having sex with guys; if she wanted this done correctly, she’d edit this herself) [Clarissa: Don’t worry, the English speaking fandom and companies can’t decide what the hell they want to call it, so you could use any and be right or wrong depending entirely on who you ask. But for clarity I usually go with the Japanese, so it’s ?????/Boys Love/BL.] Sensitive Pornograph while Daryl and Gerald trivialize her interests. We apologize that the audio quality on this segment isn’t quite up to par. It’s either because of the recording procedure or the fact that everyone edits their own segments. I’m guessing it’s the recording.

    Closing (1:09:30 – 1:13:53)

    Somehow everyone survived the new technical hazards brought on with this episode. We do the obligatory begging for feedback, especially with regards to show length now that that’s two shows where the running time was about 75 minutes instead of 60, and do a preview for next week. Gerald vows revenge against the Sensitive Pornograph segment by doing a review of the incredibly horrible hentai title Gonad the Barbarian, Daryl does a creator spotlight on the one true Jigoku Manga master Kazuo Koike, and Clarissa tells everyone what they’ve been missing out on by not having watched They Were Eleven. Of course, that’s only if time permits following the interview with our very first guest on the show, the Hunter S. Thompson of anime journalism (for the English language), Patrick Macias! Not only is he an expert on Japanese cult cinema, Patrick is smarter than us in all conceivable aspects AND could KO us all with his pugilistic talents.