Anime World Order Show # 5 – Smaller Files, Longer Segments, They Were Eleven, and Part 1 of the Patrick Macias interview

For Show # 5 we talk about why “voting with your dollars” doesn’t really work, discuss the Often Overlooked classic anime They Were Eleven, and conclude with Part 1 of our interview with Patrick Macias, author of “Cruising the Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo Tokyo” and the Most Dangerous Man Alive.

The Patrick Macias interview was as good as we’d imagined, and since Patrick is more machine than man, he was able to stay with us as we recorded for about five hours. I haven’t got the heart to pare it down, so based on listener feedback we’ve decided to try going with longer segments while simultaneously dropping the quality settings down to make the file smaller. This one’s encoded at 64 Kbps 22.050 KHz as opposed to our typical 96 kbps 44.100 KHz, so let us know if the sound quality is too awful to bear and I’ll upload a higher quality encode.

Introduction (0:00 – 9:25)

Since the segments are longer this time around, instead of having three 15 minute segments we’ll have pretty much one that takes up most of the time. We respond to your emails and deny allegations of being nice to one another.

Let’s News! (9:25 – 20:59)

Tokyopop lays people off, prompting Daryl to complain about so-called “OEL manga.” The prices for the Patlabor 1 rerelease have been set, prompting Daryl to complain about stuff costing too damn much and how the tactic of “voting with your dollars” just doesn’t work. Daryl feels like complaining about something, prompting Daryl to complain about the terrible subtitle inaccuracies on the Zeta Gundam box set, which in turn leads to Daryl complaining about how the 2-disc rereleases of Zeta Gundam have fixed subtitles and Bandai told nobody and offered no exchange program. Do you notice a pattern developing here?

Promo: Anime HELL (20:59 – 22:16)

Sixty thousand volts of black power will course through your veins as you hear this classic gem of badfilm.

Often Overlooked: They Were Eleven (22:16 – 44:52)

Clarissa talks all about the overlooked sci-fi shoujo classic They Were Eleven, which all of you should watch considering it costs $10 on DVD, people!

Interview — Patrick Macias, the Most Dangerous Man Alive, Part 1 (44:52 – 58:47)

Our very first guest on the show! Patrick Macias is an expert on Japanese pop culture who is smarter and cooler than all of us. He is the author of Tokyoscope: The Japanese Cult Film Companion as well as Cruising the Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo Tokyo, both of which should be available at bookstores near you. If not, there’s always Amazon! He’s often referred to as “the Hunter S. Thompson of anime fandom that natively speaks English” by those who read his almighty blog, and by the time this interview is over, you’ll know why.

This interview ran for about five hours in all, and I just don’t have the heart to edit it down the way I would my own segments. So what I’ll do is this: I’ll release the remaining parts of the interview in roughly one hour segments, each segment of which will loosely center around one particular topic. For instance, one segment would pretty much be all about Kazuo Koike, even though we’ll go off on wild and crazy tangents.

Closing (58:47 – 60:14)

So the episode doesn’t just abruptly end, I recorded some sort of closing here. It was 1:30 AM when I did that. It is 3:30 AM now. I have work in four hours. Something tells me my vote will be for the one hour interview segments to be posted in lieu of actual episodes instead of in addition to. But while I’m here, it seems we have another iTunes issue. The show descriptions in iTunes always appear as one giant block of text with no line breaks in them. Anyone know how to fix that? Ideally I’d want the iTunes show description to just be the Comments in our ID3v2 tag, but for now I’ve edited every post to start with a short summary of the episode.

Anime World Order Show # 1 – The Legacy of Shame Begins

It’s our inaugural podcast! After we introduce ourselves, Clarissa offers up a review of Ai Yazawa’s manga title Nana, Gerald discusses the Often Overlooked classic Animal Treasure Island, and Daryl rants about Fortune magazine’s attempt to get investors for a live action Evangelion.

It’s our inaugural podcast! Find out about the trumped-up credentials of our Japanese cartoon-viewing hosts and why you should listen to us instead of those other podcasts that AREN’T recorded on Skype! (00:00 – 11:48)

Let’s News! (11:48 – 23:38)

Bandai Visual enters the US anime market, and ADV is dubbing Macross! Again! It’s different from Robotech, no really!

Review (23:39 – 32:17)

Clarissa explains it all by telling us all about the Nana manga by Ai Yazawa. See? We CAN write sentences that aren’t exclamations!

Often Overlooked (32:18 – 42:02)

Gerald weighs in on Discotek’s new DVD release, Animal Treasure Island. Hey, Hayao Miyazaki worked on that!

Rotating Segment – The Soapbox Rant / Conspiracy Theory (42:03 – 1:03:40)

Daryl Surat doesn’t have a recliner of rage just yet, but that doesn’t stop him from ranting and raving about Fortune magazine’s recent article on anime. Bet you didn’t know that it’s all a secret plan to make investors interested in funding ADV’s live-action Evangelion movie, huh?! As this a rotating segment, this won’t be something done every week. Future episodes will include things such as creator spotlights, convention coverage, hentai / yaoi discussion, and so on.

Closing (1:03:41 – 1:05:51)

So what do you think, folks? None of us have any podcasting or audio editing experience, so if there’s any suggestions you have about the format or content of the show, or if there are technical details we should be made aware of, send an email to and let us know! For added fun, record an MP3 and email it to us, and we’ll play it on the next show! And if you’re as new to listening to podcasts as we are to making them, note that you can subscribe to the RSS feed by either using one of those little buttons
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