Anime World Order Show # 187 – Sue Cream Sue Was Sue Cat’s Human Alias

It’s MDK all f’n day as Daryl reviews BY PATREON DONOR REQUEST~! the 2018 film Batman: Ninja! And we also talk about some cartoons made 30 years ago. You know how it goes.

Introduction (0:00 – 27:50)
With so many cons being canceled, we’ve been going through some old catalog titles available for streaming courtesy of HiDive and the mobile app Retrocrush (which we’re pretty sure is the same as what’s on the Midnight Pulp website). Remember, everybody: Nadia was 14! I suppose we were probably about that same age back when we were first watching Nadia. Also, some conventions are electing to livestream select guest Q&As, musical performances, fan panels, and so on though. VOD longevity is somewhat limited though, unless the user remembers to manually save the stream AND there’s nothing in it that has to get muted or whatever. Jon Turner’s Kogaracon panel on Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro is a good example of what’s being done. Anime Lockdown this weekend also has a solid lineup, but we were too busy/too lazy/too crippled by ennui to do anything this time around. Maybe we’ll do something someday on that front, but…what could we even do that wouldn’t violate TOS?

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (27:50 – 30:50)
Every freaking commercial now has some solemn “in these unprecedented times” intro before imploring you to buy a thing, so we’ll just say that Right Stuf is offering users the chance to make contributions to provide meals to healthcare workers in $1 increments. Were we faster on the gun with the editing, we would have implored everybody to purchase individual volumes of The Wings of Rean for $0.99, but now we’re going to say that you can instead buy all of Demon Lord Dante (check Show 165 for our review!) for $15. These would be the old individual Geneon discs in a chipboard box set, not the slimmer and more recent Discotek release.

Review: Batman: Ninja (30:50 – 1:44:50)
Daryl figured that with so much discussion floating around (much of it from us) regarding Netflix’s practice of promoting so many differing types of animation as “Netflix Original Anime” that we ought to look at the opposite practice in effect of downplaying or in some instances outright concealing that something is anime or coproduced with Japan. This invariably leads to lengthy side tangents about Frosty the Snowman, Jiro Kuwata hating on The Riddler, even more salt poured over Sola Digital Arts–JESUS FUCKIN’ CHRIST THE NEW GHOST IN THE SHELL LOOKS BAD, WE TOLD YOU IT WOULD BE AND IT IS also it’s not even as well written–and mispronouncing Lou Scheimer’s name as “Lou Schemer” before actually talking about this 2018 direct-to-video 3D CG movie which is probably way more popular than most stuff we talk about considering that roughly two years after its release you can still walk into Wal-Mart and pick up a copy from their store shelves. If you’re curious about who animated the pastoral scene, we reviewed Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai back in Show 89. Even though we’re on Show 187 now, that episode was from 11 years ago (and Daryl remains the only person on the show who watched the thing). We aren’t exactly prolific in our podcasting output.

Anime World Order Show # 186 – We All Self-Quarantine Ourselves Anyway

The last episode was supposed to come out in February but didn’t come out until March, so in order to make up for lost time we are double-dipping and continuing on with THE DECADE IN REVIEW~!, as we look back on the year 2015. This is quite a task, considering that a year’s worth of world events seem to have already happened between January 2020 and March 2020 alone.

Introduction (0:00 – 21:26)
Following up on where we ended last episode, we talk about some of the anime-related things that have been canceled or postponed since the last time we released an episode. It’s because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. As a disclaimer: this was recorded weeks ago, and the situation has dramatically changed since we talked about this (and will continue to change).

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (21:26 – 23:32)
We understand that several million people are now unemployed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (including some of us), so if you need to delete your Patreon pledges or minimize non-essential purchases then absolutely do so. But if you have the financial means and you are realizing that the Crunchyroll and Netflix (and Youtube, and Twitch, and…) servers can’t reliably deliver 1080p streams on account of all the simultaneous users, consider some physical media purchases to get you through this time. Right Stuf is–for now, anyway–still open, and still shipping media orders in a timely fashion. If you order through Amazon, they may take a month to get to filling that order.

The DECADE IN REVIEW~!: 2015 (23:32 – 2:39:59)
Oh I’m sorry, do you have something BETTER to do with your free time other than listen to us reminisce about titles of note from 2015? Bearing in mind that these titles are listed IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE, such that the biggest, most memorable, most notable thing may not be mentioned first or last? Or at all? No. No, we didn’t think so. Anyway, there are so many freaking shows now so if we either missed something or grossly mis-characterized the truth about a title that was mentioned, let’s hear it in the comments.