Anime World Order Show # 191 – As Fast Karate Said 15 Years Ago…YOU CAN’T DO THAT

In what Gerald describes as possibly the greatest episode of AWO ever recorded, we review the 2018 Netflix anime adaptation of Baki. We thought we’d have the Gundam NT episode out before this, but we’re doing that…SOON.

Introduction (0:00 – 38:19)
It’s been a pretty momentous two months as far as anime/manga goings-on, so everyone talks about what they’ve been watching/reading lately. Or have not been watching/reading, as the case may be. We make no guarantees about future episodes being devoted to talking about Time Bokan or Locke the Superman, since depending on how much you want to look at they’re both longer-running than we’ve been alive. We also talk a bit about the trouble with preserving digital media, particularly from the late 1990s through mid 2000s, especially in an era where streaming or otherwise non-downloadable (legally) platforms are the norm.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (38:19 – 41:45)
While many classic anime fans are abuzz over the recent myriad of Discotek Media licensing announcements which you can preorder at Right Stuf, we figured we’d give the spotlight to some other classics. The aforementioned Locke the Superman Blu-Ray is up for preorder, and based on recent precedent we suspect that may go out of print rather suddenly so you may want to take advantage of the 25% off preorder discount (that stacks with Got Anime? memberships). There’s also the much pricier Irresponsible Captain Tylor Ultra Edition Blu-Ray set with artbook, which clocks in at $200 (or $350 for the autographed edition). The more preorders of that they receive, the more extras they can afford to produce for it.

Review: Baki (41:45 – 2:00:23)
Remember the end of Kingdom of Heaven, where Saladin is walking away and Balian de Ibelin asks of him “hey, what exactly happens in Baki?” upon which Saladin turns around and says “Nothing”? And then he continues to walk away, before stopping, turning around once again, and appending to his response “Everything”? Maybe that was in the secret Final Cut. You know how those Ridley Scott movies go. In any case, we’re talking about Baki here as we pretend like people somehow don’t know what it is. Join us as we speculate on whether in the future, the American fujoshi sector of anime fandom will go wild for Baki bods.

Note: Clarissa was in fact correct. Yujiro Hanma does in fact have the back muscles that form a demon’s face. It’s Baki who has the MRI done that reveals HIS brain is the one with the demon face:

Anime World Order Show # 190 – We’ve Found New and Innovative Ways to Be Bad

Think you can prank OUR Patreon? We’ll show YOU. Here’s TWO episodes this month (technically, by a few hours)! The DECADE IN REVIEW~! continues as we finally get to talking about 2017, now that 2020 is more than halfway done at this point.

Introduction (0:00 – 19:57)
Anime North did their virtual convention, and we dug it quite a bit. One channel, lots of pretty cool topics and presentations, AND they saved the VODs on Twitch! Of course, Twitch VODs are removed after a few days, so here’s hoping they export those VODs and put them up on Youtube or something. They could also manually select the whole broadcasts as Highlights, but nobody remembers to do that. Not even professional Twitch streamers do that.

On Saturday August 1st–whoa, that’s TOMORROW–Otakon Online will be going into effect with SIX SIMULTANEOUS STREAMS, and Gerald rightfully questions whether the law of diminishing returns has set in. Daryl will soon find out, for a highly truncated version of Thirty Years Ago: Anime in 1990 will (almost) kick off Otakon Online over at this link, 10:30 AM Saturday morning. Wait, who the heck is awake at 10:30 AM on a Saturday morning?! Especially for a VIRTUAL convention! There’s quite a bit on the schedule, but if you’re reading this then do show up and let’s at least try for some mid double digit viewership, shall we?

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (19:57 – 22:08)
Right as soon as Daryl’s Otakon virtual panel ends, Right Stuf’s panel begins (albeit in a different room). They’ll be sure to announce some new licenses and unleash some brand new Gundam release details, some of which may even have to do with…Gundam NT. Which is about to be released. Real soon now. In fact, you can rent it digitally now.

The DECADE IN REVIEW~!: 2017 (22:08 – 2:19:12)
This was a year where most of us had a fairly low amount of titles selected. We’d state what those titles are in the show notes and maybe even the Review Index in the interest of accessibility, but that would require us having to remember what we talked about and when, or at least write down what was talked about and when. That’s like, work and stuff. All you need remember is that 2017 had some really great stuff…and some very strong candidates for Actually the Worst Anime of the Entire Decade.