Anime World Order Show # 10 – The search for THE TRUTH begins

Fine, so we’re late this week. In our letters section we talk about anime fans outside of the US, then Gerald discusses the Often Overlooked Lensman (the DUB), Clarissa reviews the manga Homunculus, and Daryl’s search for THE TRUTH kicks off with Part 1 of his Katsucon experience. If you don’t normally read the show notes, now is the time to start.

Introduction (0:00 – 33:52)
We’ve got a Frappr map now, so be sure to go there and leave your comments while also voting on who is the best. Daryl was hoping that the votes would be even with him and Clarissa each having 50% and Gerald having 0%, but that’s not how things ended up. Listener email clarifies us on matters we didn’t quite get correct about Naruto and Serial Experiments Lain, then we get a brief idea of what it’s like being an anime fan outside of America as well as a possible reason for why US fans don’t seem to care about older anime titles the way the Japanese fans do. Plus, the differences between the Gravitation manga and anime and much more! SEND IN MORE READINGS OF THE DISCIPLINE AD COPY, DAMN YOU!

Often Overlooked: Lensman (the DUB!) (33:52 – 49:13)
Gerald waxes poetic over this out-of-print 1980s anime adaptation of E.E. “Doc” Smith’s genre-defining science fiction tale. Find out the secret connection between this, Clarissa, and Ninja Scroll!

Review (manga): Homunculus (49:13 – 1:02:28)
Clarissa brings us this overview of yet another masterpiece by Hideo Yamamoto, author of Ichi the Killer, among other things. This title is about this guy who’s a lot like this person who’s a friend of Daryl’s. We’d have him on the show except for the fact that he’s too much like the main character in this manga. Don’t let the name fool you: the Ultimate Eye isn’t quite the same thing here.

The Search for THE TRUTH — Katsucon 12, Part 1 (1:02:28 – 1:18:03)
Daryl embarks on his quest to save his soul and somehow escape the fate which he has been struggling so hard to overcome to no avail. He’s going to do this by finding the most Internet-worthy of anime convention attendees, then interviewing them and posting pictures of them, all the while impersonating a radio news correspondent. Man, it’s no wonder Rob Landtz voted for Clarissa over him on the Frappr map even after having met him!

Closing (1:18:03 – 1:20:05)
Something tells us that we aren’t going to adhere to this next episode preview much, but Clarissa promises a review of Gravitation, Gerald will talk about the Often Overlooked fansub title Zipang, and Daryl’s search for THE TRUTH at Katsucon will continue, just as soon as he reconstitutes his sanity and composure by rereading Volume 1 of Crying Freeman by Kazuo Koike, available now in unflipped format from Dark Horse Comics! Go and buy it now along with Cromartie High School Volume 5!

4 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 10 – The search for THE TRUTH begins”

  1. We’re actually putting a Death Note segment into the next episode in place of the Gravitation segment because it got pulled from the intro here.

    So no worries, you’ll hear some Death Note talk next episode!

    For Gravi fans, sorry, but I figured I’d give the one I haven’t talked about yet a chance. I can always come back and do a full segment on it later if you guys really want.

  2. The GLOMP ME girl is classic. I also liked how the Gaara cosplayer didn’t consider himself an otaku. WTF?

  3. Though I know I’m late about this, I would like to point out that there had been a few US home video releases for the Lensman dub. The earliest was the Streamline “Video Comics” tape, and a subsequent VHS release that came out from “Best Film & Video Corp.” that was mostly recorded in EP mode, and not too terribly great to watch on most VCRs unless your model happens to been made within the past few years. BF&V had released a few licensed titles from Streamline that were released on VHS such as “Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro”, “Robot Carnival” and a few others.

    The non-VHS release for Lensman was an LD release from Lumivision as well. Not sure if that one had both English and Japanese audio tracks though, but one or two Lumivision discs of Streamline material have been available that way.

    Other than being on Sci-Fi, A close friend of mine brought up he also remembers seeing this and other Streamline titles once pop up on a satellite channel called “Network One” many years before Sci-Fi started their Saturday Anime thingy.

    I think I knew TOO much about this film now, perhaps I outta hook up with that guy who operates the “Space Shake” site! Read somewhere on Wikipedia that the Estate of E.E. Doc Smith didn’t like what the Japanese producers did with Lensman in both the movie and TV series and requested nothing further to be produced with the property.

    Bringing up what you talked about 267minutes into the podcast, I can agree with you about the way anime fans around here don’t have a thing for the older material. Bringing up Family Guy, I’ve heard they did a gag last Sunday or such where they spoofed “The Great Space Coaster”. I don’t expect anyone born after 1984 to know what that show was. Also in the case with the “A-Ha” song brought up. Too often Family Guy has catered itself to those of us that were born or grew up in the 1970’s or 80’s and can relate to those gags more than the younger set. Yet I enjoy watching that stuff a lot myself! I’d rather live 20 years ago than today! I can understand how the interenet has screwed this up a lot over things becoming outdated pretty early. There’s a few people I know personally who’ll think otherwise of watching the past I do conjure up online, and I feel happy for that. Makes me feel rather important than just feeling old inside.

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