Anime World Order Show # 12 – Searching for Odin, My Love!

Our guest this week is Mike Toole from Anime Jump, who’s been putting the “dumb” in anime fandom since 1998! Gerald and Clarissa review the excellent series Monster, and Mike and Daryl review the Often Overlooked (and notoriously terrible) Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight. Yes, that’s spelled correctly.

Introduction (0:00 – 19:26)
Our guest for the episode, Mike Toole, joins us from the start and we immediately dive right into talking about our ideal anime convention. Wait, didn’t someone ask us this already? Whatever, Mike’s here this time! If you want to play Mario Kart DS with him, his Friend Code is 137506166547. Wait, weren’t you not supposed to give those out over the Internet or something?

  • Greg Ayres (he’s coming to a con near you! But he’s not just a rave DJ guy or a “cool voice actor vicariously living out the dream for you,” so be sure to go to his panels about fansubber ethics)
  • IMDB entry for The Three Amigos
  • At some point Daryl tries to make a reference to this Monty Python episode but fails
  • ANN entry for Maya Okamoto
  • ANN entry for Norio Wakamoto (voice of Chiyo’s dad, Mechazawa, etc)
  • ANN entry for Kaneto Shiozawa (Rest in peace; Paul von Oberstein is Daryl’s role model)
  • Official fanclub for Akira Kamiya (voice of Kenshiro, Ryo Saeba, Roy Fokker, and much more)
  • ANN entry for Kenichi Sonoda (creator of Riding Bean and Gunsmith Cats)
  • An unofficial Go Nagai fan site (“father” of manga, not to be confused with Osamu Tezuka who is the “God” of manga)
  • Wikipedia entry on Haim Saban (man who brought us Power Rangers and too much hacked up anime to count; his spirit lives on within 4Kids Entertainment)
  • ANN entry on Haruki Kadokawa (Gerald considers him to be easily the craziest man to work in anime)
  • IMDB entry for The Final Countdown
  • (god damn it, what time does Midnight Madness start?)
  • An English language page about Loudness (they’re touring the US!)
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta (Daryl’s first convention and still his favorite)

Let’s News! (19:26 – 29:28)
Rather abrupt transition into the news this week. The 2005 profits for 4Kids Entertainment are down 60% from 2004 because the kids who grew up on Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh now realize that their little kid brothers or whatever are into the same thing and therefore it can’t possibly be cool. In other news, everything about Bleach is licensed worldwide by Viz Media. Expect people to continue fansubbing and scanning it anyway without even having the decency to say “yeah, we’re doing this because we’re thieves and want to watch/read this for free.” At least software and movie pirates own up to what they are.

Promo: Ninja Consultant (29:28 – 31:14)
Erin from Ninja Consultant is probably our #1 fan among other podcasters, but Noah thinks Daryl is a stupid head for saying that Hols, Prince of the Sun was merely “good” instead of “the best thing ever made.” This type of criticism is normally levied towards Daryl by American comicbook fans who just can’t fathom the concept of someone not liking Watchmen / Sandman / Transmetropolitan / Preacher / insert decent-but-not-incredible thing written by someone from the British Isles here. The absolute worst is when those comics people say “oh, well CLEARLY you didn’t understand it! Read it again!” Anyway, listen to the Ninja Consultant podcast, even though this promo is like, twice as long as most promos.

Synopsis/Review: Monster [CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST FOUR EPISODES OR SO] (31:14 – 48:34)
Clarissa and Gerald both wanted to do a segment about Naoki Urasawa’s long-running manga series turned anime, but hadn’t done so until now since they were still watching the show. Not that it matters, since you can’t really talk about anything that happens without giving the series away. This segment is essentially a plot synopsis of the first few episodes (so that’s basically the first volume of the manga), but it’s not like they’re ruining the series for you or even giving away much of anything. Still, we’re putting the warning there. Buy this you geeks.

  • ANN’s Entry on Monster (For a quick overview of the show)
  • Official Monster Site (Japanese)
  • Viz’ Official Monster Site (Buy the damn manga, it’s just that good)

Promo: Corn Pone Flicks (48:34 – 49:37)
Leader Desslok has a plan to stick it to the man in this 1999 short which can be viewed on the CPF website or on Google Video. A “Cocaine Howitzer” production? Why, whatever is it that Matt Murray could have been referring to with that joke? Perhaps the next segment will shed some light on the matter!
PS: read Matt’s movie reviews. He just did a really good one on V for Vendetta. Incidentally, the comicbook to that is also “just okay” and not “the greatest thing ever committed to the printed medium by the greatest author to ever live” no matter what comicbook fans say.

Often Overlooked: Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight (49:37 – 1:27:03)
When Daryl ran into Mike at Katsucon 12, it was only for a brief moment since Mike was on staff and had matters to attend to. But he insisted that he be on the show when we did our review of Odin, so we waited until this fateful day. Look people, when you start talking about “worst anime ever made,” you are not qualified to speak on the subject unless you’ve seen Odin, okay? This is one of the single biggest disasters in anime history, and Mike and Daryl will tell you all about exactly why that is with the help of quite a few audio clips. Listen on and be forever enlightened.

  • ANN’s Entry on Odin
  • Central Park Media’s Official Odin Site (Be careful, that release is edited, what you’re really looking for is this release. Wait, you’re not looking for this, so IGNORE THAT LINK!)
  • Picture of the elevator moment that’s forever burned into Daryl’s head for no good reason

In late 2012, many years after this review, someone has uploaded the 2 hour and 20 minute version of Odin to Youtube.

Closing (1:27:03 – 1:34:25)
Sorry this episode was even later than usual, but Daryl had gotten word that his grandmother had died right before we recorded this episode, and was attending the funeral during the days he would normally spend editing the show (fortunately Gerald and Clarissa did most of the work in his absence). We close things up by playing what is easily the greatest Discipline ad copy reading we’ve received to date, courtesy of our friend Max, aka the “Lensman…THE DUB” guy from a few episodes back. Next week–and that’s next week for you, later today for us–Gerald brings back the Creator Spotlight segment by talking about his favorite director, Katsuhito Akiyama. Clarissa will review the long-running yet Often Overlooked manga series From Eroica With Love by Yasuko Aoike, and Daryl will review a currently-running manga by Naoki Urasawa entitled Pluto.

13 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 12 – Searching for Odin, My Love!”

  1. Last I’d heard (and it’s admittedly been quite some time) Nish got the rights to the Yamato design and the story/setting, Matsumoto got the characters and designs.

    Hence the new Matsumoto Yamato –

    My non-existant Japanese skills have kept me from being able to find anything out about that show, other than hearing it went on an indefinite hold for some reason.

  2. I’m sort of amazed that they’re still trying to remake Yamato considering how badly Yamato 2520 was received (I say badly received since I’ve never seen it and everyone refuses to show it to me). I’m thinking the Nish needs to stick to porn like Overfiend and not dig Yamato’s grave any more.

  3. About Odin: I don’t remember it being bad, but then dubbing was generally suspect and I was a budding anime fan (more sophisticated than a DBZ fan but not otaku yet).

    Now i’m gonna end up tracking it down to watch either version again just to see what I missed.

    One thing I do remember was that damned song by Loudness….I thought that was some not-shit band the Americans added in the dubbing (Pioneer/Genon was infamous for redubbing the freaking songs)

  4. To daryl re: comment

    Fabio may mean a lot of things in context of WFMU, but I presume you mean his show, which you can listen to the archives of online here.

    As for “That’s Irritainment”, they have some in their archives, probably. I would email Brian Turner about that.

  5. I think that half the jokes I make are these things that like, two people will laugh at. Somehow I forgot to make a Tenma reference during the Pluto review in Show 13, which should hopefully be up later today. Man, remember way back when we had enough free time to release these things on Tuesday at midnight? Now we’ve all got classwork to do and conventions to prepare material for.

    PS: Thanks for spreading the word about the show to so many places, Chris! More listeners should be just like you.

  6. Daryl Surat said…
    I think that half the jokes I make are these things that like, two people will laugh at.

    Guess I would count as one of those two people as well (also my pal in Houston). Good sign of the true fans that do listen to the podcast I guess. 🙂

    Personally, I find it excellent in finding out about other anime/manga titles I have yet to find, but might pick up on thanks to the reviews (have to get Deathnote and Monster soon).

    Somehow I forgot to make a Tenma reference during the Pluto review in Show 13, which should hopefully be up later today. Man, remember way back when we had enough free time to release these things on Tuesday at midnight? Now we’ve all got classwork to do and conventions to prepare material for.

    Wish I was back in college again. Take your time.

    PS: Thanks for spreading the word about the show to so many places, Chris! More listeners should be just like you.

    Thanks! I felt I was only doing my civic duty! Plus I think a majority of people I do write to elsewhere might not have a real good idea of what they’re missing untill they listen to your podcasts. I know people in my hometown that might only go for a particular title or type without a sense to broaden their horizons a little.

    Can’t wait for the next show (rather too psyched up for the Yamato talk if that’ll be in show #14)!

    Also, I had to go and buy myself a PSP, and have you guys stored in the RSS section of it, so in case I happen to be at a Wi-Fi hotspot with nothing to do, I’ll have an option to listen to a previous episode whenever (or interest those to start listening too).

  7. Based on your review I decided to pick Monster volume 1 up at Bad Apple Comics(The one near UCF that you’ve mentioned in one of your podcasts).

    It’s pretty interesting so far. The only thing I don’t like is how the sound effects aren’t translated on the page but only in the glossary in the back.

    You have a fantastic podcast that gets me really enthusiastic about being an anime and manga fan. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in, it’s very entertaining!

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