Anime World Order Show # 26 – We Have No Idea What We’re Talking About

This week, our special guest is Steve Harrison, which is fitting because this week none of us have a clue what we’re talking about! Gerald rants about the state of the anime industry, Daryl does a braindump of MD Geist, and Clarissa reviews Shinesman! Informed viewpoints? What are those?!

Introduction (0:00 – 10:04)
Ten minutes only? Well, that’s because the one audio feedback we played was responded to over the course of about 90 minutes (edited down to 60), and it’s available as a separate download. Wait, it still takes us ten minutes just to say “hey, this is who we are and this is what we’re doing this week”?! Normally when we edit this show, we all edit our own segments, then Daryl pieces everything together and listens to the whole thing to make sure that everything sounds okay. This week, the “listens to the whole thing” part was skipped since there was so much to edit through. Whether or not this resulted in tragedy has yet to be conveyed to us by our listeners.

  • Bonus one hour long response to the voicemail sent to us by GeekNights – we were going to start this off by all saying LET’S DO THIS in unison, but we couldn’t actually…say that in unison, so we gave up; actually this entire account is a fabrication for the sake of entertainment
  • Anime News Network’s entry for John Swasey – he’s an ADV dub actor/director guy who worked on their Gamera releases; even got to put a full-on parody dub of Gamera on the actual official DVD
  • Space Webzine Yamato – we linked to this before and we’re doing it again now that Steve’s on the show!
  • Mur Lafferty – she’s a person who does podcasts and wrote a book about podcasting containing lots of advice we don’t follow yet due to lack of funds/stupidity

Promo: GeekNights (10:04 – 11:14)
Since most people who listen to podcasts are well, other podcasters, you probably know what we mean when we say that coming up with a promo that doesn’t sound totally awful and contrary to the nature of your show is really hard work, no matter how many actual podcasts you’ve got under your belt. It took us forever just to come up with our one AWO promo, and even that sounds kind of…fake. Rym and Scott agree, and even though they’ve recorded hundreds of podcasts, they never got around to doing any promos until now.

FANBOY RAGE RANT TIME: The Anime Industry’s Licensing Practices Are Stupid (11:14 – 51:50)
Gerald brings us back to our roots, since we haven’t done a full-on rant segment since Show # 2. There’s really not much structure to this, and truth be told it’s doubtful that any of what is said here is supported by the actual facts, but since when does THAT ever stop anyone on the Internet, huh?! Or the news. Or the current best-selling book in the US.

Promo: Anime Pulse (51:50 – 52:20)
This episode was so long that it was decided to just cut out all that music in the beginning since hey, everyone (except us) has heard that Bleach song a hundred times by now! Anyway, not only is Anime Pulse one of the most popular anime podcasts out there, but we won their Podcast Pickle contest and in so doing received the Tenchi Universe box set, a Death Note (like a notebook that looks like the Death Note), and signed yaoi fanart of Ichigo and Batou as drawn by Erin from the Ninja Consultant podcast. Clarissa called dibs on the Death Note, and since these things all look the same, Daryl went and wrote her name in it so that if it ever got lost, people would know it was her Death Note. Gerald said he hated Hiroshi Negishi during the Shadow Skill segment last week, so that meant he couldn’t have the Tenchi Universe boxed set since he directed that too, which means that Gerald gets the yaoi fanart and Daryl gets the DVD set. Hey, it’s what they asked for!

Not Really a Review of the Second Worst Anime Ever Made: MD Geist Director’s Cut (52:20 – 1:22:41)
We may never agree on what the worst anime ever made is, but after you hear Daryl’s summary description of MD Geist (as was requested of him!), we should all be able to reach the consensus that MD Geist is the second worst. Naturally, it has been CPM’s company spokesmecha since the inception of the company…even though MD Geist is not a mecha or a robot or anything like that. MD Geist is actually one of the best-selling anime titles OF ALL TIME, but listen to this so you never need actually watch it for yourself. Even though we know you’re all going to go see it now.

  • ANN’s entry for MD Geist – there are two people we know that actually like this and they’re both anime con staffers
  • ANN’s entry for MD Geist II: Death Force – this is even lamer than part 1, but it all counts as “MD Geist” okay?!
  • Anime on DVD’s review of MD Geist – Chris Beveridge gives MD Geist a “D” for content, and it’s not like he’s using Anime Jump’s review system where the “F” rating was hilariously bad and the “D” rating is the real worst rating; also, he says that MD Geist II has “a good narrative and streamlined a lot of things”

Review: Shinesman (1:22:41 – 1:38:38)
Fulfilling another listener request, Clarissa reviews this beauty of an OAV, a parody sentai anime with one of the most entertaining (albeit not exactly accurate) dubs ever made. So when the heck is someone going to release the manga for this one, anyway?! Come on, Media Blasters!

Closing (1:38:38 – 1:45:43)
This episode nearly ruined all of our lives. Next week, Gerald’s going to review Goshogun: The Time Etranger, which is also known as Time Stranger. It is not to be confused with the Rintaro movie of the same name, but apparently it’s confusing enough that even the back of the DVD case calls the thing by two different names. Daryl’s bouncing over to the other end of the good/bad spectrum by reviewing Discotek Media’s latest classic anime release, Puss n’ Boots! Finally, who likes short shorts on little boys? That’s right, Michael Jackson and Clarissa. She’s going to be reviewing CLAMP Campus Detectives.

Just so everyone knows, we may have to take a short bit of time off soon. With Anime Festival Orlando coming up–which we’ve all got panels to prepare for–and then Otakon the week right after that, things are going to get pretty hectic for all of us near the end of this month and the time we’d spend on the podcast is going to have to be spent putting our presentations together. Maybe we can be superhuman and accomplish both tasks, but in case we can’t, we’re letting you know now and in the weeks to come.

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  1. Wow, thats just amazing. I could never do that. If i could everyone around me would die because of my horrible singing.

  2. (Steve)

    In re: M’s comments.

    Rating system…for comments.

    Skim comments so you only have to read the ‘good’ comments.


    I cannot speak for Team AWO, but in my humble opinion?


    AWO is the bastard stepchild of Psychomuu Gaijin, boiled and basted and turned over the hot steaming fires of justice until it’s fall off the bone tender while BURNING YOU OUT AT BOTH ENDS like chili pepper X.

    I would say that anybody who gets their shorts twisted because they’re ‘forced’ to read all the comments on the show and can’t choose to read just the ‘good’ ones may wish to go elsewhere. No disrespect, go about your business,not everyone is able to deal with the TRUTH that just LEAPS from these pages every single day and once a week on the ‘cast.

    My opinion. That’s all it is.

  3. I think the point being made about guests is that if you go to a large convention you can’t expect to get alot of time with a guest if any other then to get a autograph unless you go to a smaller convention who lucks out with a bigger named guest or you have some sort of way to get to them (I.E. Your staff at the convention, or famous in your own right) Really however you guys are on your way to being able to do that.

    As for the RIT anime club. Christian was one of the first presidents of our club (before my time) and didn’t get to see the hayday of the club which really was 2001 on. The club through actions of forward thinking E-board members, moved the club from averaging about 50 members a meeting to over 300 in little over a year. Anyhow, it’s argueable whether we were the largest club at the time, but it’s defintely true that we were up there. And we worked hard to run over 90+ events each year. Regardless, Rym and I (Scott Johnson, not Rubin) speak every year at the very least at Otakon about our experiences running the Anime club. it’s alot of fun and you should check it out Saturday at 3 pm in panel room 3.

  4. 90+ Events!!!!

    Are you serious?! Or are you counting regular, weekly anime meetings in that as well? If not, that’s pretty unbelievable considering one of the largest in Florida, JACO, holds about four or five events a year.

    I’m actually curious about what is going on with anime clubs around the nation and the world. Back in 2001 – 2003 or so, it seemed that all anime clubs I knew of had very large numbers attending, while it now seems that anime clubs are a dying breed with the largest club who used to have 200+ people show up on a regular basis, now struggles to get 25 and another club I attend used to have 30 to 50 people now usually has around 5 – 7 people. The number of people running it almost outnumber the people actually attending, and this seems to not be a Florida centric trend.

  5. Of course! I’m going to pad out the number of events with normal meetings which take up about 30 of those events. Another 30 (40 if you count the summer) where Monday night Series showings.. Social nights, Music nights, Dodgeball games, conventions, running anime rooms at other events on college, Club days, Marathons… How did I graduate College!!..

    obiviously we didn’t get 300 people at every meeting or events. ^_^ but we never ever dropped below 100 people attending a regular meeting my year as president.

    From what I know now about the club, it’s toned down a bit. but it still to my knowledge it’s 100 people a meeting. plus runs two meetings per week plus events. but yea, there was a downturn, however why that occurred is probably a whole other subject.

  6. MD Geist review was side splittingly funny. I’m going to find this movie ASAP and watch it; I saw it many years ago and I don’t remember it being this hilariously bad. Thanks guys!

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