Anime World Order Show # 31 – Anime Festival Orlando Report with Erik Reiss

This week we deviate from the typical show format and devote an episode to giving our con report on AFO 2006, with our special guest via telephone, AFO vice president Erik Reiss. We talk about what went right, what went wrong, and why the search for THE TRUTH might have died for good at this convention!

Introduction (0:00 – 12:42)
Yes, Quinton Flynn’s hair really is just like in that picture. It contributes to his Beatle-esque aura. Tricia writes in to let us know that we’re the WORST PODCAST EVER (not to be confused with the Greatest Movie EVER podcast) and that the manner in which Gerald pronounces certain words betrays he’s not American. George writes in to tell us all about anime fandom in Greece and how terrifying it is, which makes us really want to hear these Greek anime dubs now. Finally, Max has a voicemail for us where he talks about how our bonus futanari discussion causes people to hate the handicapped and Daryl mentions how Mad Bull 34 is more than sophisticated, it’s super sophisticated. Supasticated? Perhaps.

Within a week, we have received about $175 in donations for the purpose of buying a mixer board and preamps so that the show can sound better. This is absolutely unprecedented since we assumed that we would get nothing. JACON has graciously offered to match all donations up to $250, so if you’ve got some spare change in that Paypal account or whatever, send us a few bucks if you feel like it. It all adds up. Hmm. Maybe we should come up with some sort of prize drawing incentive thing for the people who donate.

Con Report: Anime Festival Orlando 2006, Friday (12:42 – 33:54)
AFO’s the best! Around! Erik joins us via phone, and hopefully he’s audible to everyone since he doesn’t talk all that loud. We talk about what the responsibilities of running a convention are along with what makes AFO unique from other Florida anime cons, the joy of smacking down fangirls who complain that her “hugs for $1” sign got taken away by staff, and what happened on Friday. It involves Daryl getting hit in the face with a stick.

Promo: Otaku Generation (33:54 – 34:16)
Daryl ran into Alan and Jefferson momentarily back at Otakon, and he won their first Guess the Character in the Envelope contest, where he won a Lisa Furukawa Ray CD as well as some OG bumper stickers, pins, and the like. Say, maybe WE should consider getting some stuff like that!

Anime Festival Orlando 2006, Saturday (34:16 – 53:30)
For what may have been the first time ever in Florida anime con history, the fanfiction panel was NOT canceled. We talk about panels: what goes into approving them, the ones we did, and ones we attended. Also, THE TRUTH either died on Saturday or was seriously wounded. Does the soul still burn, or has everything been said? You tell us.

Anime Festival Orlando 2006, Sunday (53:30 – 1:21:43)
Topics covered include Gerald’s panel on giant robots, Project Cosplay, and we read some comments from message boards that will hopefully be construed as constructive criticism towards making the next AFO better.

Promo: Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate For the Gentlemen
Apocalypse Zero is one of the finest anime ever created, and everyone is encouraged to purchase the manga. Why, just listen to Dave and Joel talk about how wonderful it is!

Closing (1:21:43 – 1:23:46)
Next week, it’s our Otakon report with our special guest, Zac Bertschy who writes the Hey Answerman! column over at Anime News Network! Unfortunately the episode is terrifying since Clarissa forgot to be at that recording (she wasn’t actually at Otakon herself, but still) and Daryl was trying hard to tough his way through the bronchitis he’d contracted but hadn’t yet received medical treatment for. He didn’t really succeed.

33 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 31 – Anime Festival Orlando Report with Erik Reiss”

  1. I thought your overlaping of the audio/”You’re the Best”/our promo was some sort of really cool avante garde piece to highlight the futility of starting panels at 0:30 instead of 0:00.

    You disappoint me, AWO. 🙁

    This podcast lacks “way too much high power, man”!

  2. Well, the actual version of it IS supposed to have overlapping audio for the reason you said, it’s just that the overlapping music audio is currently starting too early and isn’t quite long enough. It originally was supposed to start once I mentioned things overlapping and it being hard to catch everything, and right now it starts before I say that. As a result, it doesn’t really make sense. The “You’re the best!” line was meant to kick in as soon as the interview part ended so that your promo wouldn’t be unintelligible, but now that I know you’re okay with it, I might just shift things over instead of shifting things over and lengthening it out. Besides, at no point in that promo is it clear that you’re talking about Apocalypse Zero anyway!

    I am fairly certain that of the three of us, I am the only strong advocate of pocket/Japanese mountain monkey disdain as well as UFO lassoing. This is clearly because the rest of the AWO dislikes Westerns, as demonstrated by the fact that I am the only one to have seen Unforgiven.

    I postulate that you can liken the epochs of giant robot/mecha anime to corresponding TV/film Western ones, but I’ve only partially considered this possibility to date.

  3. I am fairly certain that of the three of us, I am the only strong advocate of pocket/Japanese mountain monkey disdain as well as UFO lassoing. This is clearly because the rest of the AWO dislikes Westerns, as demonstrated by the fact that I am the only one to have seen Unforgiven.

    As I’ve said before, I like the older spaghetti westerns, but don’t have much love for things like Gunsmoke or John Wayne. All this talk about robot/westerns comes from the fact that I use it as a way to talk about the differences between Armor Trooper VOTOMS and Gundam in that VOTOMS is like a spaghetti western while Gundam is like a John Wayne western, or perhaps Roy Rogers.

  4. (Steve)

    I like all kinds of movies. You kinda have to if you want to grok what is going thru the fevered brains of the creators of anime, because they’ll pull shit from just about *anything*.

    Streets of Fire being one of the most obvious and visable and trackable.

    But when you spot Sabata riffs in Xabungle, and yes, Django *and* The Searchers, you’re getting a whole other experence than others.

    It’s all good, baby.

  5. Streets of Fire being one of the most obvious and visable and trackable.

    Even though I hear it’s a pretty terrible and utterly forgettable movie, I really want to see that, just so I can see what The Matrix of the 1980’s was in Japan which inspired some of my favorite stuff. They have the original trailer of the movie up on and I encourage everyone who’s never heard of it to take a look and then keep the opening of the original Bubblegum Crisis in mind (of course, this is really old news for everyone reading this I suspect). I see it was just recently released on DVD too, although I wonder if it’s really worth the money, I mean it does have William Dafoe and Rick Moranis so it’s got to be, umm, something?

  6. Streets of Fire was shockingly influential to Japanese animators. While the ‘Konna wa Hurricane’ music video took some riffs from SoF, the Zillion OAV took the plot wholesale.

    And then there’s the episode of Zillion where cute little Ami dresses up for a ‘big date’ in Ellen Aim’s stage costume.

    Streets of Fire is a textbook of visual ‘image packing’. Like Blade Runner, there’s so MUCH texture and subtext going on,it sucks you in wanting more…if you’re into film that way, of course. It’s also a fairly above average ‘action rescue’ movie and has some kickin’ music.

    The Universal DVD is bare bones, but does the job. I keep hoping for a 2 disc special edition at some point, because there’s clearly some odd seeming edits, jump cuts and such that makes me believe there’s a story behind the making of the film.

    Oh, go ahead and buy it. it’s stupid cheap. Try and find the 2003 re-release in the amray case instead of the 1999 version in the crappy ‘clapper’ case.

  7. One Reason Why Gerald Sounds Foreign: He pronounces ‘process’ as ‘proh-sess’ instead of ‘praw-sess’. Something vaguely Canadian about that.

  8. Scrww you guys. Streets of Fire was awesome. I saw it in the movie theater when it first came out.

    I challenge someone to show up at a con cosplaying in Willem Dafoe’s “trash bag overalls.”

  9. Daryl, when you told me that the TRUTH was dead and that you’d BECOME WHAT YOU HATE, I figured you’d gotten in a yaoi paddle-fight, or cosplayed Kingdom Hearts, or woken up in between the members of the Ouran High School Host Club after a particularly drunken room party.

    But instead you made a bunch of fangirls cry. That shit is TRUTHFUL. Sure, your cover is blown to a bunch of local kids, but that doesn’t mean your career is over. You should say to yourself “STAND UP, DARYL SURAT! FIGHT, DARYL SURAT!!” in a robot announcer voice until the flames of TRUTH fill you once more, I think.

  10. (Steve)

    I was going to say that Daryl’s antics with the Clown Pistols was near-close to becoming the Abyss (which you become when you gaze too long and closely), but I honestly can’t blame him.

    So it was making fangirls cry that was the TURNING POINT about the search for the TRUTH? *pffaggh* He probably makes Clarissa cry bitter hot tears of shame after every ‘cast recording session…

    Which can be a good thing. If there’s one thing anime has taught us, it’s being *hurt* and *tortured* and *mangled* to purify and focus yourself is GOOD.

  11. Okay, I don’t think Gerald has an accent. He has an odd way of speaking, but I think that his voice is well within the definition of american (certainly better than some brooklyn accents). Unlike Clarissa. No one’s buying it, Clarissa. Just give it up. As for Daryl, I just read your reply on in the transformers movie, and I think I love you now. In a totally platonic way. No yaoi here. Besides, since we’re both manly, manly men (I personally resemble the lovechild of Golga 13, and Ryoma Nagre), neither of us could fullfill the “girl” role so prevelant in Yaoi (I’m looking at you, Shuichi Shindou).

    Also, why can’t you post the audio from your cosplay judging gigs, Daryl? The world wants to hear your impression of Simon Cowell….Well, I do….and aren’t I enough? I still have to watch Crusher Joe, but I feel that with each passing week, my anticipation for it grows bigger and bigger, and it can’t possibly fail to dissapoint, right? Anyhoo, good show, tho I wish you guys went a bit more in depth on the panels you held/attended. It seems somewhat pointless to say “We all went to the fan fiction panel, and we liked it.” And say nothing else about it. Why did you like it? What was good and bad about it? What sort of pointers did they give? I know that maybe the last one might be stealing their schtick a bit, but the first two are certainly doable.

    Anyway, I did like the show, it’s usually pretty good. More rants, s’il vous plait!

  12. No panhandling? A Plamo panel? A TYPE-MOON panel?! Damn, damn, oh DAMN! I wish I went to AFO now.

    Hm…Jacon….AFO….then Otakon…poor Metrocon.

  13. Happy birthday Chris!

    Also, I am insulted! I’ll have you know that it’s Gerald left in frustrated tears after every session. 😉

  14. Why the hell won’t you read my E-mails.

    I was hopeing you were going to read my E-mails on my show. Don’t send anything to my E-mail Accout, Cause its pretty screwed up

  15. John, the reason I have not responded on the show to any of the six or so emails you’ve sent us is because pretty much every single message you write consists of your asking “what do you think about The Rescuers Down Under” or saying stuff about Ralph Bakshi, R. Crumb, Don Bluth, and other subjects that are outside the scope of this podcast. I would advise you to direct your lines of inquiry to Clay Kaytis over at The Animation Podcast, but Google reveals that you already post over there.

    I can’t help but think that you’re trying to bait me into talking smack about something so you can go somewhere else and say “these AWO guys said bad stuff about such-and-such; LET’S GET ‘EM!” Especially since you often include comments like “Daryl, your segments offend me and you’re a pretentious old fart.” I’m not supposed to get mad about that or make a smug reply to it, am I?

    Between that and the fact that some of your emails end with you writing “don’t read this on the show” and ALL of them are written from an address for which all replies bounce–which I must say, is quite irritating to see happen after having written a 600-700 word email reply from work–that pretty much sums up why I haven’t read your emails on the show.

  16. I never saw why there is any obligation to discuss American (or other foreign) animated films alongside Japanese ones. Nobody would insist that a show devoted to Japanese live-action film, for example, should necessarily include commentary on Hollywood movies too, merely on the grounds they’re both made by a camera shooting actors on a set.


  17. Escaflowne, despite it’s many flaws, has Isaac Netwon as the central villain.

    Could this possibly make it the Greatest Anime EVER!?!

    I say no, but my Doppelganger says: “yes, Yes, YES!!!”

  18. Thanks for the greeting Clarissa!

    And Daryl, I now how hard it is for you to put up with that guy. He sounds like the kind of guy who posts over at the Bakshi forum I belong to (though hardly do much with lately). I tend to be more a general fan of animation myself, but I leave my non-Japanese animation questions and comments out of this podcast anyway.

    Wonder if Clay Kaytis has to put up with the same BS this guy gives me over at his podcast? I still have yet to do more than comment on a few of his shows, but I’m not that big to flood everyone’s podcast with constant e-mails on something I’m not that obsessive about.

    Perhaps that’s why Clay hasn’t done a show for a few months now! Lord knows I wanna know more about Burny Mattinson’s climantic rise to the top, but I keep those interests to myself and don’t go blasting everywhere else.

    Oh and Gerald, I don’t detect an accent whatsoever, so don’t play attention to those who think you sound ‘odd’. You sound the same as most people I know in my turf.

  19. I don’t see what the big deal is over Gerald’s speaking voice. He has a hint of an accent, yeah, but it’s not really obvious unless you’re consciously listening for it.

    Voice-wise, Daryl and Clarissa remind me of radio DJs, and Gerald reminds me of a field reporter for an international-news broadcast, but that’s me.

  20. (Steve)

    Finally listened, another good job you guys! It’s WORTH the 6 or so hours to d/l!

    But did I miss something? I don’t think I caught what exactly it was that made Daryl think his search for the TRUTH, and the exposing thereof, was dead.

    Sounds like the typical screwup with the program book. Probably handled by a committee instead of one dedicated person, and everything has to be voted on and discussed and egos massaged…or not.

    One thing bugged me in Eric’s discussion of the failure of the FMA theater showing. Sounded like he kinda blew it off with a “well, that’s an inside the staff thing” and that’s it. Um, no, there’s no need to pull that kind of nonsense. It’s a CON, not Coca-frigging-Cola and the discussing of deep industral secrets. Someone screwed up and made promises they couldn’t deliver? Say so! That’s how you prevent such things from happening again!But cloaking it under that ‘inside staff’ thing just makes it look like some power tripping fanboy. Or something.

    I mean, sounds like a nice enough guy, and running a convention is tough, because you HAVE to rely on so many people to do their jobs, and sometimes you have friends who just utterly fail and you want to STAY friends but fuck, man, that’s gonna cost a couple thousand to fix now…

    But in the end it’s just a con. It’s not rocket science. and it’s not something you need NSA clearence to discuss. I’m rambling now, aren’t I? almost even ranting…

    Well, maybe next year.

  21. This is a little bit late I guess, but isn’t the Truth dead because Daryl actually judged a cosplay competition, thus succumbing to the depths of hypocrisy?

    Sure he still managed to upset some fans, but he’s now within the system – he’s no longer a respectable journalist looking down on the seething masses, but a comically self-mocking card-carrying member, like Woody Allen or any number of Canadian comedians.

    Not to rag on you too much Daryl; we all gotta go sometime, and you went out in a blaze of glory.

  22. I think we’ve already established that the Truth, like Kenshiro, can never truly die.

    Oh, sure, it can be buried under Daryl’s inadvertent involvement in the world of cosplay, but much like Kenshiro, the Truth will resurrect itself one day, and it will stride out of the desert to make bad guys explode and crush sky-scrapers with its head.

  23. I don’t really see how having judged a cosplay contest necessarily interferes with the TRUTH.

    But then, I see cosplay as nothing more than costume craftsmanship occasionally mixed with theater. I’ve never been particularly inclined to give it any special attention, save for occasional admiration of said craftsmanship.

  24. …Huh. I only just realized that David Riley is the very same David Riley, from Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate For The Gentleman. Wow, I’m so brilliant.

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