Bonus – Otakon 2006 Interviews with Christine Auten and Nobuteru Yuuki

Nope, it’s not a new episode and is not representative in any way of how the actual episodes of Anime World Order are (the most recent show is listed below this update and is about Haruhi Suzumiya, Gall Force, and Requiem From the Darkness), but here’s the audio to our interviews with Christine Auten and Nobuteru Yuuki, conducted at Otakon 2006. We should be back on schedule next week with our reviews of the newly released Limited Edition of Patlabor the Movie 2, the manga Antique Bakery, and the anime series New Getter Robo, in which Daryl may or may not revive his “Anime Then and Now” idea last used in Show #4‘s Area 88 segment and compare the original Getter Robo series to this new one. Don’t you love how decisive we are?

This was recorded by just Daryl on his own, so after listening to this, you’ll have a much better appreciation for Gerald and Clarissa’s presence. Here are rough transcripts of the interviews for those of you who’d rather not hear Daryl or Gerald speak. For the sake of being obnoxious (what, you don’t want to hear ME talk?!), the files are in PDF format, so they not only require you to have Acrobat to view, but are also ten times larger than the original text file. Brilliant!

The following podcasters are folks I ran into at Otakon. Here’s hoping I’m remembering everyone.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you’re reading it off of our website, so all these links are already on the right-hand side of the screen, but whatever.

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  1. Really? Anyways, great bonus content guys. Loved the interviews, and found them very amusing as well as informative. And Daryl, THE TRUTH CAN NEVER DIE. Why? Because you just cant kill it.

  2. I just had a brainstorm.

    You can’t kill the Truth…

    You can’t kill Kenshiro…

    Ergo, Kenshiro is the Truth.


  3. Kenshiro is “the truth” in every sense, which makes the most recent fist of the Northstar series a play on words. I was looking forward to experiencing the truth, though Daryl did mention he thought the idea was no longer viable.

  4. Both of these folks have worked on projects that I really enjoyed, but I was especially happy to hear the Nobuteru Yuuki interview, because I’m fascinated with the animation process. You guys also asked some good questions.

    Yeah, everyone gets weirded out by the big noses on Escaflowne. They occasionally bothered me, but I get bothered by the missing noses in other anime as well.

  5. Daryl, have you seen the original Getter Robo manga? New Getter brings back a few things from that which the old Getter anime never touched, so I figure that’d be good to bring up. I know there’s a full scanlation of the first volume out there.

  6. Needs more karate. Like ten times as much karate, then it would be good.

    It tickles me that you guys asked five times as many questions as the real reviewers combined, but I guess that’s just the way things go, and you wonder how many of them were REAL reviewers and not just podcasters getting press badges on a whim.

    Oh my, wait…

    I appreciate having my question asked, even though it comes at the expense of my breaking heart. Oh well, another day Ms. Auten, another day.

    The Getter Robo manga, from what I’ve read of it, is practically frame for frame what the newest entry in the anime is like. I only made it through a couple chapters, I’m sure they diverge later on, but knife midget, katana Jigen, and Big Jim Slade were fully intact.

  7. Does anyone have scans of The Starving Man? I cant find any anywhere, and i need it, badly. They need to release it in the US, so i can buy it.

  8. Hey Daryl or Gerald!
    It was great meeting you guys at Otakon! Wish we got to chat more! How about those crappy elevators at the Wyndam, took me forever to check out. Anyway’s can’t wait to here your review of Otakon. And next time make sure Clarissa comes along as well! Till next con!
    ~E form

  9. I just went to EB games to pick up my copy of Super Robot Taisen, and i have to say that i am very pleased with it. Im a big Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars fan and this game is alot like them. So if you all havent went out and bought it, then do so.

  10. It’s a real shame that the translation is so akward. I mean, Banpresto overlooked every single line of that translation and they still missed some pretty basic grammatical errors. While I’m willing to overlook these problems in favor of 1.) Playing a really good tactical RPG, 2.) Vainly supporting the hope that another game could be released over here that has the other licenses, and 3.) giant robots, I have the feeling that many others who may pick up the game casually won’t overlook these problems and the word may get around which also may not bode well for part 2 of Super Robot Taisen.

    Anyway, I’m certainly enjoying it a lot, now I just hope that the game can get some more exposure.

  11. I’ve got the game on the way (bought it online, ncs screwed up, it’s supposed to ship today but i haven’t heard from them, if I haven’t heard from them by Wednesday I’m buying the game elsewhere) but I did check out the first level by other means.

    The localization kinda feels like a romhack. One weird side-effect from playing SRW in Japanese for so long is that I felt more comfortable with the kanji menus (the ones I can’t actually read) than the weird scrunched-up English in this game.

  12. I think you need to check Anime News Service right now. Basically due to two news:

    1)Kouji Tatani died of a heart attack about a month ago, but only now the family admitted it.

    2)Against all odds, more Giant Robo will be made! I kid not!

  13. Since I have BUDDIEZ over at Atlus, I should clarify that the technical issues in SRW:OG were things that they simply couldn’t work around, given memory/programming constraints. Hell, they had to do some really hardcore editing just to get all the text into that thing.

  14. LOl, lots and lots of text. The story is pretty good as well. Hey Gerald, which campaign are you playing through? Or are you playing through both at the same time? I started with Ryusei but decided he was a whiny bitch and am now playing through Kyosuke. I find it to be pretty challenging, but thats probly because im playing it on hard. But whatever, the mechs look cool and the battle animation is excellent. I have to say that the map you move on could have used some work, but thats just me.

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