Anime World Order Show # 54a – JACON 2007 Report

Wait, Show # 54…a? In an effort to release at least SOMETHING each week, we’re releasing this episode one segment at a time. In this segment we’ll give our convention report on JACON 2007. Normally we try and keep these con reports to about 30 minutes since most people listening did not attend this convention, but we failed at that. What could possibly make people want to listen to such a thing? Well, we already posted the Youtube video in Show #53, so I’ll just have to put another one here:

Minions of Anime Hell: the full Panel OF DOOM report is located here. If you’re thinking of wearing shoes that aren’t The Pump after reading that…DON’T.

DON’T believe that there really is anime out there that Joey Snackpants thinks doesn’t suck

DON’T have regrets that we didn’t get recordings of Phil Lamarr reciting the Green Lantern oath using his “Dracula from Billy and Mandy” voice

DON’T make Daryl’s archnemesis/the host of Budgeting for Cosplay and Cosplay Court angry by viewing this video

DON’T sabotage this poll by going there and voting for Snakes on a Plane

DON’T look at this picture…ALONE

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  1. This is going to be sweet! I don’t care what this weeks show is like! I mean, come on! I check Google Reader and the first thing I see on the AWO feed is Daryl holding some kind of weapon! Try if you can and kill more than one Naruto character for me, will you Daryl? Please?

  2. I want pictures of the dead naruto as proof of the assassination attempt. Pictures of the sobbing naruto fans are also acceptable.

  3. Awesome show. Clown pistol justice is the only justice I subscribe to.

    As far as open source video players go, Media Player Classic > VLC, times a billion.

  4. Kamen Rider in color?! That can’t possibly be right. In black and white, it was so good at AWA. Oh well, it’s Kamen Rider, so it’s good despite video problems. Although I have to ask, was this the same video you used at AWA, or slightly different?

  5. I like the manifesto-esque direction of the clip. The living-room setting, button-down Oxford, and conversational tone somehow only makes it more menacing. You have no doubt Daryl is capable of sticking a clown pistol in your face and pulling the trigger. It happened to me.

  6. Daryl: You are much skinnier than your voice suggests.

    You better be careful about that shit. Videos of yourself brandishing pistols? After that sorry business at Virginia Tech, the FBI is gonna be all over your ass.

    Oh, and terrible trigger discipline. Do NOT put your finger on the trigger unless you are READY to have the gun go off! as in, NOT POINTING IT RIGHT AT YOUR FREAKING FACE.

  7. You have to admit though, it would have been funny if it went off in his face while he was recording…

  8. When was the last convention at which Daryl did not deploy his signature clown pistol attack?

    Megacon 2007. But don’t think I won’t forego my initial plans to pack up for my move this weekend in favor of making a mad dash to Animazement instead! Live with that uncertainty all weekend. Also, attend Anime Hell and the Bad Anime panel.

    Videos of yourself brandishing pistols? After that sorry business at Virginia Tech, the FBI is gonna be all over your ass.

    Why, I directly addressed the FBI right there in the Youtube description, Mr. Too Lazy To Look At The Youtube Page!

    Oh, and terrible trigger discipline.

    You know what ELSE is terrible? That’s right, The Ballad of Halo Jones by the incredibly lame wizard beard that is Alan “Frank Miller and I Are Responsible for US Comics in the 90s Sucking” Moore, so the opinions of one “Halo Jones Fan” are clearly–CLEARLY–wrongerrific. And while I’m at it, fans of Promethea are no better than fans of moe. Indeed, they’d be even worse if not for the fact that they’re so few in number.

    In a flex of my totalitarian muscle, all contrary opinions to mine regarding this shall be deleted under the paper-thin justification of not being related to the podcast.

  9. In defense of VLC, Lady Mercury Tokusatsu Panel’s problems weren’t with VLC as much as it was she was streaming those clips not off of her external, but off of a data disc.

    Oh, also expect a steaming pile of hatred coming from me in the form of a Getbackers review.

  10. Oh and before I forget, the most likely reason why there were so few panels is because Jacon started charging panelists for admission. Graduation, Spider Man, and the lack of anime related guests probably took a decent amount of people out, but the most likely reason is that change.

    In fairness, I completely understand that they don’t want people putting in for panels who want to get in for free, but it still sucks for the few panelists like myself who weren’t press or staff that did put on panels and had to pay to get in.

  11. What the hell? Daryl Surat? Is that really you? I’m so confused, i imagined someone resembling Jason Mewes or something. You’re no as evil looking as i thought, I don’t know what to believe anymore……..

  12. Thomas P said:
    In fairness, I completely understand that they don’t want people putting in for panels who want to get in for free

    You, sir, are a pussy.

    I don’t know about the panel you put together for JACON, but when I put convention panels together, I’m looking at 40+ hours of pre-con work for each new panel, and about 4-6 hours of work for return engagements.

    In other words, preparing for the convention becomes my second job for up to two weeks before the event, as I sacrifice my evenings to rewatching shows, doing research, bothering people who read the moon language to translate sites for me, ripping clips post-research, re-ripping clips to better fit the overall pacing, kicking the arses of my co-panelists (when I have them) to get their work into me, retiming subtitles for rips, authoring DVDs, writing notes, replacing and reauthoring materials from prior panels for new time restraints and to reflect what didn’t go down well, adding new things so people who came before aren’t bored, etc.

    If I were to charge my job’s hourly rate to the con, I’d be pocketing over $500 for a new panel and around $80-100 for a rehash. But I’m not doing this for money. I like going up on stage and giving lectures and showing off, so I’m willing to put the time in. That said, kindness and generosity only go so far and I don’t work for free. If you look at most con websites, you’ll see that they have benefits for volunteers and gofers including a refund of registration fees. To get said refund usually requires anywhere from 12 to 20 hours of work. I put in TWICE THAT and the con expects ME to pay THEM for the privilege?

    Fuck. That.

    I put in more hours than most gofers, but the difference is that my hours are put in BEFORE I get to the con so that everything runs smoothly.

    And that, sir, is why panelists (at least GOOD panelists) deserve to be comped, and why you as a panelist should NOT put up with bullshit from events that are trying to take away your one perk.

    On a semi-related note, it’s too bad that JACO/JACON is not a registered non-profit due to its status as a university club…

  13. What the hell? Daryl Surat? Is that really you? I’m so confused, i imagined someone resembling Jason Mewes or something. You’re no as evil looking as i thought, I don’t know what to believe anymore……..

    Funny, I thought Daryl looked pretty cool!

    I only hope Daryl will get acquainted with his new home/surroundings. Worst I’d like to do is try to sub in for his absence despite the fact I’m from Ohio and don’t really get out as much personally (let alone find the time to do anything constructive online than to make stupid comments in web forums and blog entries).

    Hope to hear about Legend of Sirius /Sea Prince & The Fire Child soon!

    “Watching Goofy Clips” is the kind of thing I’ve noticed a recent Geico ad had to spoof upon.

    Being reminded Phil Lamarr did a bit for the “Clerks” cartoon series as well, and in one of the only two episodes that aired on ABC.

    Heh, I’m using Aegisub for my little fansub Lensman thingy, but still haven’t gotten through it yet.

    Would’ve figured “Sports Anime” would pump you guys up like that. At least someone bothered to put together that panel.

    Heh, just saw the Prince of Tennis/Dinosaurs clip on YouTube already, and yes, it was pretty silly and lame!

    The “OldSkool” segment in the Animusical sounds rather cool, and yes, I would expect those in the audience for not getting it.

    Shame to hear of the parential BS that led to the destruction of the yaoi PJ party. You only wish these kids would learn to shut up (makes me think of that one South Park episode constantly where the parents kept protesting to what their kids were doing after finding out). Already my mom asked me if I go on MySpace last night, which I said I don’t, as they are already cracking down on whatever goes on through that (glad I never started).

    Funny how much parental discretion is starting to ruin conventions these days. It’s like what they’re doing with Halloween these days and the kids go out terribly early nowadays (used to be I was out until 9 or 10PM 20 years ago). Now with Daylight Savings Time being extended, it’ll ruin Halloween even further.

    Probably best I never get into the whole convention spirit and have panels if this is the BS that goes on at the last minute. Thinking about that 10AM spot on Saturday morning, I wouldn’t mind reserving that hour for my own “Saturday Morning Hell” presentation (pretty much my slam on American 80’s cartoons and why you should loathe ’em)!

    The Kitsune panel is a tad lame (they probably could’ve done one in a furry convention too).

    The “Anime in Hollywood” panel you had Gerald sounds pretty interesting and something I would go to. Too bad the convention couldn’t give you a better room to use for it. Funny that there are those who haven’t seen Star Wars yet (losers). I saw SW in high school myself!

    Too bad Heino’s decided to get back into the game again from what I was informed.

    Thinking of the kind of problems JACON gave you guys, I had to think back to “This is Spinal Tap”, and yeah, you’d be as ticked as those guys who try to do those concerts with whatever problems they had along the way. Needless to say I can see myself often in these situations when something doesn’t go right, and it eventually ends up with me getting all bitchy and mad at the effort I made that no one appreciated, then I get hungry and have to stuff my face when I get home. Reason for my obesity being where it is.

    So now that you’ve done the Hentai panel, those people no know THE TRUTH!

    Heh, rather see HD and other silly cosplaying going on down at my iHop (or turn it into a maid cafe)!

    Heh, my town doesn’t even have an IMAX theater at all, so I won’t get to see Spider Man 3 or antyhing else in that format anytime soon.

    Brett really PWNED that guy! The monologue probably works for anyone wanting to be an ‘animator’ too!

    I still use VLC player as well. I still don’t get the whole “open-source” deal with it comes to encoding or decoding video files personally, but often it’s a preference to what one I might like to use for whatever occasion.

    May 5th is also “Free Comic Book Day”, which I was oblivious to having known of it happening until the very day showed up. And as usual, it didn’t get me motivated to go down to the shop to see what they had for 0 cents.

    Heh, funny Waldenbooks would be there too (this store was yanked out of a mall in my area when Borders took over so I miss the small bookstore tenant malls used to have.

    “In Color” Still effective!

    Too bad that was all we have for now, somehow I felt a little empty and yearning for something else to show up. Reason why I hardly go to movies much anymore as I often find myself in a bad critiquing mood afterwards and it last for weeks as I try to contemplate why was it I hated about said movie I thought I might enjoy, only to find one or two flaws in it. I can bitch about it for years on end as well, and often bother not to even pick up the DVD as it still embeds into my brain and often I would tune out if someone else mentions so. All I know is that I blew $6 and got nothing out of the 80-100 minutes of my life.

  14. Exedore said:

    You, sir, are a pussy.

    Why thank you for being a confrontational ass about this. There’s a huge difference between understanding the rationale behind why a con does the things they do and agreeing with it. Personally, I was pissed at Jacon for not comping myself and I was especially pissed on behalf of the person presenting with me because of that incentive.

    I think panelists should be comped because if they’re good, they do take time. I know that I spent the first day of the con running around trying to get my sports anime panel out of that fucking workshop room because I needed a projector. I know that I spent all of the day before the con cutting clips and putting together the powerpoint. I know that I got a netflix account to try and watch as much stuff as possible specifically for this panel and bought a shitload of DS titles I would have waited on to give a first hand account for my other panel. It sucks I wasn’t comped.

    I suppose that I should be more pissed, but here’s the thing. I had a great time at Jacon. I felt satisfied with my sports panel even if Daryl and Gerald were the only two people in the room (including the other person running my panel with me who showed up half an hour late). It was satisfying. The other panel I ran, a DS panel, wasn’t despite having about forty people in it.

    In the end, it would have been nice to get the extra thirty bucks to spend on gas, but honestly. I don’t give a shit. I had a great time at the con and put in for a panel because, hey, I like anime and I like sharing that with other people. I don’t need compensation to go to a con to try and pass on that love of a particular aspect of fandom to get some of Narutards to try and watch something different.

    Maybe it’s just something my father put into me as a kid, but I do things for others to do things for others not to get the praise or accomplishments that follow because of it. It was a good learning experience for me. I met some cool people. I’m revamping my sports panel for a con in Jacksonville in November. If I’m a pussy because I don’t give a shit about thirty bucks compared to the weekend I had then I’m alright letting the thirty bucks go. In the future though, I do plan on using press connections to get badges at cons I run panels for if they don’t offer that to.

  15. Having worked on the staff of various conventions, I personally believe it’s quite reasonable to give free admission to someone presenting a panel. This could be limited by such options as having it be free for the day of the panel only, as well as limiting the number of panel members eligible for the free admission. However, one aspect of a con choosing to feature panels is that they expect they will be a draw for the regular paying attendees. At least at anime and manga cons, it’s my observation that fans are very interested both in discussion and how-to style events. Anime Central had about 90 panels during its three days. Many were partially or entirely run by industry or guest figures–in other words, people who already had admission paid through other routes. But even if you were to give, say, one free admission for every panel, that would still be less than 1% of the paid attendees. Again, it seems like fair value in helping to create a convention. Although cons can’t exist at all without their staff, they only grow into their proper shape through the people who come to attend them, including panelists. Otherwise a con is just a bunch of guys in black t-shirts, gripping walkie-talkies with poor gain control. UHHHHHHSQWAWKCAN YOU GET SOMEONE OVER TO CON OPS WE’VE GOT A MISSING BADGESQUUUUAWWWWWK. Usually this happens in the middle of the Consul-General’s speech at opening ceremonies.

  16. Coolio… too bad there’s no flat space technology like Ultra Violet… you could load up with a ton of clown pistols…

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