Anime World Order Show # 63b – Crystal Triangle and the INTERNET HATE MACHINE

Show 63 concludes with Clarissa’s review of the much-dreaded Crystal Triangle and our run-in with 4chan, the INTERNET HATE MACHINE, at AWA 2007. Two year anniversary? Probably.

You really want show notes for this? I got your show notes right here.

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  1. Congrats on your two year anniversary. I hope AWO remains the Intercontinental Champions! At least, until the next Summer Slam.

    Daryl, I hope you feel better.

    Clarissa, you had a great guest appearance on the recent Fast Karate for the Gentleman (ep. 171).

  2. Wow, that Crystal Triangle review made my brain explode. I definately need to check that out. Fortunately, it’s available on eBay for the low low price of $2.00!!

    Daryl, hope you feel better soon, and congrats on your 2 year anniversary!

  3. Crystal Triangle sounds like a bad version of Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code.

    Is there going to be a #63C or will the next ep be #64?

  4. That run-in with 4chan is the only part of all of AWO that I’ve skipped, the only real bad part. Those guys were really, really uninteresting.

  5. I’m still waiting to call Indy 4 a bad version of Indiana Jones, though, but I’ll bet it is; and considering it’s competing against Temple of Doom, that’ll be even more impressive.

  6. When you put up the linear notes, please post a cap of Space Grub God. I need to see this.

    So when’s the Roots Search review gonna come?

  7. Just to be completely anal and picky, I want to point out that “Dream Hunter” started out as Hentai porn (and in fact was the first one I and most of my anime pals ever saw) but was edited for later general release. I think it lost about 2 minutes total of porn scenes, but I’ve never actually timed it. Not that it was any better with or without them. Just kind’a insteresting that someone thought “hey…with just a little cutting, we could actually go legit with this.” Which was a good thing, since the girls in the thing looked to about, oh, 12 or so.

    I hate that I can dredge up useless junk like this without trying, and yet I can’t remember the exact day I met my wife…

  8. I like Crystal Triangle, in the way I like every anime that concludes with the hero drinking heavily, alone.

    (happy anniversary!)

  9. So the notion of what God is goes from a space grub to a bratty Japanese schoolgirl whose only interested in the paranormal in 20 years time. I love you Japan.

    Watched Venus Wars the other day. Actually I think it’s a good movie, if only the ending didn’t just teeter off like that. Beautiful artwork though.

    Also so Kite for the first time and I liked it. I have no idea how they’re going to turn it to a live action film though.

  10. Tim, don’t let her hear you say that. She looks like she could take you, man. πŸ™‚

    Listening to the show now. I knew there was a reason I used to avoid getting the Crystal Triangle tape at Blockbuster back in the day. Just looked cheesy and not worth my time. This title was one of a few I just couldn’t bring myself to rent along with Roots Search, The Humanoid, Lily C.A.T. and…. something else…. can’t remember what… ah well.

  11. There’s two other anime that used Indiana Jones as a bases for its plot. One is “Ledeus” and the other is “Acrobunch”.

    Crystal Triangle was like one step any from adding mecha to it. Right?

    Tim Eldred-I bought that comic version of M.D. Geist you drew at NYAF. Actually, I bought for the line art that was in the back of it.

  12. OMFG thanks to Clarissa’s spoiler review I now know where the movie National Treasure got its plot from. Great show as always guys.

  13. I’m currently getting through Crystal Triangle in segments. God I can’t stop laughing and crying at the same time!

    Odin, come back! ALL IS FORGIVEN!!!

  14. I think we can safely say that CPM’s “LET’S JUST THROW SHIT IN THE AIR AND SEE WHO GETS IT” funtime at the end of the con was the only time you will ever see a bunch of anime fans in a dealer’s room causing a near-riot situation over MD Geist. I didn’t get one of the books but I did get to elbow a Naruto cosplayer in the gut (HE KNOCKED MY SUNGLASSES OUT OF MY POCKET AND THEN ALMOST STEPPED ON THEM OK), and that felt good.

  15. I watched Angel Cop two days ago (except for ep.4 since there was no download for it). I was throughly entertained. It was something alright. The first episode was the best just for the crazy detail. I tried
    to find on Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary to see if “Colorado Style Shooting” is a real term.

    I need to see Genocyber next. Kids getting exploded, lovely stuff.

  16. I don’t even think they know what’s going to be happening for the next show because of the holidays and they are probably trying to finish up their articles and such for the next Otaku USA coming out in January. But that’s just a guess.

  17. Happy two year Aniversary

    Daryl with all your Giant Robo love, I’m surprises you didn’t make a Big Fire joke during the Crystal Triange review

    anyway feel better and have a Happy Holidays

  18. Eeeper said…
    I’m currently getting through Crystal Triangle in segments. God I can’t stop laughing and crying at the same time!

    Odin, come back! ALL IS FORGIVEN!!!

    I felt that way after having watched this goddamn production!

    Dan said…
    Apparently, there was *gasp* nudity on the Famicom version of G13.

    Anything on the Famicom tends to be better than the NES! I’m hoping to buy one someday for antiquity purposes!

    Here’s my thoughts over Crystal Triangle from the observations and your podcast! (cracking fingers and writsts)

    The whole “–XX” bit is so overrated in anime! In the case of this OAV, I kinda wish it just stated “Present Day” or “In the near future…” if only to not make it sound so dated by the time CPM licensed it (199X would’ve worked too).

    I wish I could live without the Engrlish/Lussian in this film, but I guess we can’t have it either way!

    Glad the AK-74 mess got straighten out in the end, or else we would’ve been stuck thinking they were AK-47’s instead here. It was worth the battle!

    Kamishiro’s assistants come off acting like they belong in a completely different show, perhaps some typical high school romance crap than to be assistants here. Perhaps Kamishiro’s standards is just low enough to allow for those with a passing interesting in archeology to work for him.

    Not having seen the OVA until after the podcast, I sorta wish the KGB agent (Rasputin’s decedent) would sport a beard, he just looks naked without one!

    The whole losing your shirt such as what happens to Kamishiro while at Kukai’s Temple is such a common bit I’ve seen way too many times such as with Incredible Hulk, they’re just so modest not to go after the pants next! Too bad Kamishiro doesn’t lose his shirt when he battles Kukai at the end of this.

    Given the way this film ends in such an interesting standpoint, there’s at least a few options open to emo Kamishiro if he bothers to lift a finger on it.

    1. Suicide
    2. Suicide
    3. Just ignore the world, get fat and turn incomprehensibly insane! (I like this option personally)

    Really, if there was a better ending to throw in there, I would’ve had him open up that coffee shop he bragged about back at the motel, perhaps call it “God’s Message” just to be cute about it! Perhaps the best excuse for him to release the message would be to do so right at 1999 just so that he’d have a decade of time to blow off beforehand!

    Aside from that disclaimer, there was also a copyright warning in English, and a bit that Movic and Sony Video Software International copyrighted this in ’87. I was also amused to see the entire end credits were also translated following this, I guess I should thank Neil for doing so if he did, or else I wouldn’t have known who the English/Russian Language Adviser was on this slop.

    Glad I never rented this back when tapes were still widespread or I would’ve destroyed it and say my VCR did it when I took it back! πŸ˜›

    Apart from Spriggan (which I’m glad for not having seen yet), I’m reminded of a crappy live-action somewhat sci-fi/musical romp from 1980, “The Apple”, god that film was silly and stupid (what else can you expect from Cannon Films)!

    Following the review, those guys were so annoying!

    However… (falls out of chair, goes splat on floor) πŸ™‚

  19. Oh yeah, I’ll also send my holiday wishes to you guys and hope for another 2 years of enjoyment for the future!

  20. Holy shit, we can listen to the latest show over our phones? aWo wins yet again!! (360) 526-6386 ftw!!

    Is there a way to listen to older eps in the phone, though? Or is it only the latest one?


  21. So it’s been nearly three weeks and there’s no new episode posted. This has not gone unnoticed by me, rest assured.

    We have not yet recorded Show 64, nor do we 100% know what we’re all talking about. The next thing we’re going to upload is probably going to be our conversation with Walter Amos and Rob Fenelon that was conducted at AWA back in September. Gerald is doing all of the editing for this.

    Gerald also just moved to a new house. karaokeninja states that this is no excuse, but he doesn’t have to edit ME talking. Out of the five or six segments each running about 20 minutes that this took up, I believe he’s got two done.

    So why haven’t I edited the show? Short answer: negligence.

    The much longer answer (feel free to skip this entire block of text): I built a new computer (with great difficulty; my Antec TPQ-850 power supply would not fit into my P182 case easily due to the large fan, which took several hours, scratches on the case, and cuts to my fingers), and like clockwork, one of my hard drives died. 250 GB gone; the drive would still be occasionally seen in the BIOS (after a VERY lengthy delay, and then it’s still not viewable in Windows Disk Management) and could partially be read if and only if I booted into Knoppix (which I’ve never heard of or used prior to this). In that, I could see that all my files were indeed still there. I just couldn’t physically copy them to anywhere else since it’d stall constantly and take 60 minutes to copy about 20 MB. So I tried to fix the MBR. This command was inadvertently applied to a second hard drive as well, thus bringing the body count to 550 GB. That is over half a terabyte of things, including my entire Anime Hell archive. I believe the second drive is actually perfectly fine though; I plugged it into the newer computer and it saw all the folders just fine. With any luck the files themselves are still readable too. After the attempt to fix the MBR (can’t do it with the Windows CD since the XP installer doesn’t see the drive), not even Knoppix can read or mount the partition. Manual command attempts make no difference. I’m trying to use testdisk or ddrescue, but nothing much is resulting from either. Best I’m able to manage is that the drive is RMA’d (with about 21 days before the warranty expired) and I got text files made of the contents of the drive so I know exactly what’s gone. I’m going to try getting a SATA drive enclosure to see if that’ll at least get Windows to detect the drive (at which point I could use some recovery tools), but with the world returning their gifts now, that’ll take forever. And tonight I’m supposed to watch stuff and then record podcasts.

    The gist of all that is that my time spent dealing with this is time not spent on editing, recording, or watching/reading things for the podcast. I haven’t lost any essential data–the drive that died was just for miscellaneous file storage–but I’d prefer to not lose it all in any case. You can’t easily burn 250 GB to DVD, and Gerald’s repeated and sustained bad luck with RAID arrays have convinced me to never, ever, ever use them. At least I’ve only lost ONE drive.

  22. That’s OK Daryl, take your time, it would be worth it to hear from Walter Amos and Rob Fenelon once it’s up!

    In the meantime, here’s something I stumbled upon on YouTube of itnerest here I got a kick out of!

  23. nightmare: If the Japanese companies were listening, TMS wouldn’t screw me out of a Dezaki commentary for the R1 Professional. ;-; Oh, well, at least I got the CG bullet-riddled skull in this version…

  24. Daryl, thanks a lot for the update. I’ve been looking forward to hearing the Walter Amos/Rob Fenelon interview since you first mentioned it on the show.

  25. Dan said…
    nightmare: If the Japanese companies were listening, TMS wouldn’t screw me out of a Dezaki commentary for the R1 Professional. ;-; Oh, well, at least I got the CG bullet-riddled skull in this version…

    And as usual, TMS gets to stick their English credits in just to peeve the fans a little!

  26. Anonymous said…

    A bunch of Rapidshare links I don’t feel like mentioning (since I already downloaded this off BitTorrent).

    Password (no quotes) is: “Himiko’s: The Archeophile Coffee Shop”

    What Kamishiro should invest his future in!

    Note all the capitalizations and stuff… You should probably copy and paste it!

    You think we didn’t know that? πŸ™‚

    Heh if you watch all the way through, you’ll see that some guy named Hideaki Anno did some key animation for the film! Now where did I hear that name before….

    It’s already been mentioned in the podcast otherwise.

    Having to think about it some more, “Attack of the Super Monsters”, when having to see it for the first time, gave me the impression I was watching Gary Anderson, Yoram Gross and Sid & Marty Krofft in a blender! You’d pretty much understand what I mean by watching just a few minutes of this (though I suspect most to know know of Yoram Gross at all, to those, watch “Dot & The Kangaroo” and you’ll know what I’m talking about)! The dubbing sounded like it was done by the Intersound crew as well though hardly any names were attached to this wreck.

    Noticed this link has a better explanation of the 84 minutes of mayhem that await those for find this tape!

  27. I think the knock on Nadesico is the prominence of the Ruri character, who garnered all sorts of unsightly attention.

    The strength and the flaw of Nadesico is that it tries to a lot. It has some interesting notions like a corporate battle ship, and it has some welcome homages to classic giant robot and sci-fi epic anime. Then it crams in relationship comedy, a huge cast and the like. It gets a bit messy, more so if you factor in the movie and its attempts to become a multi-media franchise.

    Enough of it is done well that I recommend seeing it, or purchasing it, especially given that’s now out in a complete set with a $50 SRP.

  28. scott: $35 on DVDEmpire. Anyway, it’d be nice if ADV re-released the movie. I wonder if they’ll put it in a cheap set like they did with Puni Puni Poemi.

  29. VZ said…
    I wonder if Crystal Triangle was based off a novel?

    You wish!

    Anyway, my present to AWO. Found from a Russian site.

    Thanks for ruining me!

    And because I wasn’t lying when I said I saw Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival and Twilight of the Cockroaches on CN, here’s proof!

    Told ya!

    (of course I don’t know why they grouped them under “Night of the Vampire Robots”, but that’s besides the point)

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