Anime World Order Show # 64c – The Mostly Bad News (Before the "Worse" News…?)

The much-belated, and hopefully final, segment of Show # 64. We discuss the news, which is rather hilariously out of date as there have been several further developments since the time this was recorded. With the current craziness going on, expect more on these topics in the future.

Daryl was also a special guest host on Destroy All Podcasts DX episode 40, which was all about Fist of the North Star. Contains spoilers for the entire series that Andrew probably should have edited out, but whatever! It’s not OUR show to edit!

Anime World Order Show # 64b – Walter and Rob II: Now With Wacky Sound Effects

This is Part 2 of our interview with Walter Amos and Rob Fenelon. You probably want to listen to Part 1 first.

With special appearances by Paul Chapman as well as EE “Doc” Finnegan and “Thundersub Blue” Noah! And callouts to a dangerous man, another man without an RSS feed just yet, and the Most Dangerous.

UPDATE: the first episode of Mike Toole’s video podcast, The Anime Jump Show, is now live! But be on alert, fellow Adeptus Gekigartes! The immortal enemy has shown itself in the comments section! RALLY, my brothers, and BANISH the dread spectre back to the shadows whence it came!

There’s six and a half minutes of just Daryl talking at the beginning. Or skip to around that point for when the interview starts. Gerald deleted his quote from Walter Amos’ lady friend about how she described Lohengramm as “eminently fuckable.” Half of this recording is still about LoGH, and he was courteous enough to delete the various blasphemous comments by Clarissa (and Walter…and Rob…) levied towards J.C. PAUL VON OBERSTEIN~! and JOB TRUNIHT~!, but still. Damn him. Damn him to Hell!