Anime World Order Show # 64b – Walter and Rob II: Now With Wacky Sound Effects

This is Part 2 of our interview with Walter Amos and Rob Fenelon. You probably want to listen to Part 1 first.

With special appearances by Paul Chapman as well as EE “Doc” Finnegan and “Thundersub Blue” Noah! And callouts to a dangerous man, another man without an RSS feed just yet, and the Most Dangerous.

UPDATE: the first episode of Mike Toole’s video podcast, The Anime Jump Show, is now live! But be on alert, fellow Adeptus Gekigartes! The immortal enemy has shown itself in the comments section! RALLY, my brothers, and BANISH the dread spectre back to the shadows whence it came!

There’s six and a half minutes of just Daryl talking at the beginning. Or skip to around that point for when the interview starts. Gerald deleted his quote from Walter Amos’ lady friend about how she described Lohengramm as “eminently fuckable.” Half of this recording is still about LoGH, and he was courteous enough to delete the various blasphemous comments by Clarissa (and Walter…and Rob…) levied towards J.C. PAUL VON OBERSTEIN~! and JOB TRUNIHT~!, but still. Damn him. Damn him to Hell!




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  1. Cool, a new episode.

    Gerald, get your head away from those Pokemon before osmosis kicks in and you start cosplaying as Ash!

  2. There’s been a real influx of cohost photos lately, and Gerald’s rapeface seems to be popping up in many of them.

  3. Also: I’ve had growing interest in Astro Boy, and I remember Daryl mentioning a Japanese boxset of the uncut 2003 series with English subtitles. Where can that be found?

  4. Definitely a great show. And I’m glad that they talked about LoGH (which I’m still enjoying). Although I actually like the Alliance side better. I know I’m a horrible person. Although I do really like Oberstein.

    The whole thing about hard sci-fi is really interesting too. Although I wonder if it’s as much of the literary trap that “hard” science fiction has dug itself into. I’ve found that there’s this desire in that particular genre to keep trying to emulate Asimov rather than try to find a new, clearer and more accessible voice for the sub-genre. And also I wonder whether Heinlien, Dick and Gibson fall into there, or if they fall into a more fast and loose type of sci-fi. I’ve always kind of had a problem trying to discern what the sub-genres of sci-fi are. (Well beyond space opera, that one’s pretty easy.)

  5. I’m ashamed to say I’m jealous of the AWO crew for getting to interview old school anime fans and listening to them talk about the “good ol’ days”, before the interwebs and digisubs. Great episode as always, worth the wait as always.

    I know you’re probably going to cover this in the next episode of AWO, but what are your thoughts on the cancellation of Newtype and the introduction of PiQ?

    Also I just finished reading MW and for some reason can’t seem to wrap my head around the outright violence that Tezuka displays in there. It’s definitely darker than Apollo’s Song and more put together but god the bleakness in the main protagonist is almost to much to bear. What are your thoughts on it or am I going to have to wait for a review to hear them?

    On a final note I would most assuradly be happy to purchase a AWO t-shirt. I wear either a large or x-large. As for price, Threadless has some of the best prices on cool tees out there so anywhere within that price range would be a definite buy for me.

    Got to get going that porn doesn’t download itself.

    P.S. I have seen Guy and actually own the second ova to that series. Its more softcore than hardcore but still pretty funny. Any anime where your hero has to horny to kick ass can’t be all that bad.

  6. Please to be geting on with it.

    And next time, don’t promice hotblooded anime reviews in part A of a C part episode.

  7. oh shit… Snack Pants started one! AAH!!! …

    Eminently fuckable ?!! Logh>?! descriptions?!! NO!!!! WARAAH!

    … I have to listen to this.

  8. The Alliance side characters are cool too, it’s just they don’t carry as much drama as the Reinhart’s generals. I found myself relating to them a little bit better than the Imperials.

  9. Ah, to meet Kenichi Sonoda.

    Has Toshihiro Hirano ever been in to a U.S. con?

    You mentioned Guy: Double Target. I always wanted to see that, even if I hear it’s awful. I have an odd fondness nostalgia for that era of anime that was the perceived notion of sex & violence and little plot of the mid-late 80’s to early 90’s. It’d have to be the uncut version though (gun rape scene was taken out as two versions were released on VHS back then).

    I don’t think I could ever get into LoGH. Seems too much of a sausage fest. Yeah, I’m not a very deep person when it comes to entertainment which is why Lucky Star is my favorite anime of 07.

  10. Good to see that the ever present rape face is still at FULL FORCE. I’m going to need an explanation of why there is a 50 cent bulletproof poster in the background.

  11. So, to get this straight, the Absolute Destiny Apocalypse of the Anime World Order is to create an anime fandom divorced from cosplay skits, fanfiction, anime music videos and Gakt, and focused solely on the hire pursuits of literary analysis on such textual artifacts as “Robots Suplex Eachother”?

    Sign me up – Allegiance or Death, AWO.

  12. Behonkiss said…

    Also: I’ve had growing interest in Astro Boy, and I remember Daryl mentioning a Japanese boxset of the uncut 2003 series with English subtitles. Where can that be found?

    Sorry Behon but according to my efforts this is what Daryl was talking about.

    Unfortunately it appears to be out of print but you could stil pick up maybe on and Yahoo Auctions Japan.

    Hope this helped.

  13. Long after the universe has looped over itself and started again, the only thing that will remain from the last incarnation will be lint, assorted Kazuo Koike manga, an entire collection of John Denver CDs and digitized images of Gerald’s rape face.

  14. I wanted to say that the show with Walter and Rob has been fantastic, as I am from the WEST SIIIIIIIIIDE and am now at last hearing the details behind what were only names of renown to me, discovering anime in the early-’80s Bay Area. It was a time well documented in Will Smith’s “The Pursuit of Happyness”, and anyone who’s ever tried to get a quiet minute alone in a BART bathroom with the film comic of POP CHASER would be moved by the scene where Will and his son are forced to sleep in one.

    There have been U.S. industry efforts here and there to promote the link between Japanese prose SF and anime. Just a few years ago, there was an English version of “Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence—After the Long Goodbye,” a novel written to lead into the film. The author, Masaki Yamada, has won the Seiun and Nihon Taisho SF awards–he was exactly the sort of person you might expect at a “literary” SF convention.

    I would take issue, however, with the idea that the 1930s prose SF scene didn’t face competition from a mass media culture. The 30s were the golden age both for Hollywood (even during the Depression, people went to movies more often than today) and radio drama. Don’t forget that it was SF, specifically Orson Welles’ adaptation of “The War of the Worlds,” that created a seizure of the public imagination in 1938, with hundreds of thousands of listeners in panic, believing a Martian invasion was actually happening. Now *that’s* viral marketing.

    I guess I’m more of a Yang Wen-Li supporter, because, as a peasant Slavic subman, I admit I couldn’t make the grade among those becaped, braided Reichsdeutscher-im-Kosmos-types Japan tends to throw up as its SF heroes. I’d be lucky if I could get a temp job sweeping out the gas ovens.

  15. Did anyone see that special on Stars about how Hollywood is influenced by anime? Was OK but missed the mark by lightyears on alot of stuff. Plus, there’s no mention of how anime was influence by Hollywood, with mixed results.

    Speaking of which, Fast Karate did a review for Crystal Triangle. I’m convinced I have to see this. Any download links? Please, no torrents, I’m on an iMac and I have no idea how to use them.

    Remember when I said that AWO should review Guyver? I think the best approach would be the same way that you did Astroboy and talk about the original story for each version that has ever been produced. Or at least talk about the 1989 OVA version.

  16. Wow, I didn’t think anything could beat Part 1 of the interview, but Part 2 did it!

    All the crazy AnimeCon ’91 masquerade stories were awesome. Walter, if you wouldn’t mind taking a request from a fellow obsessed fan, I would LOVE for you to put that group skit where you kidnapped Kenichi Sonoda onto YouTube. That just sounds amazing.

    I’m glad that half the interview was LOGH talk! Honestly, that’s a show that deserves to be talked about.

    Oh yeah, it’s definitely cool that Walter and Rob are fans of Ouran. That show really does seem to have a very broad appeal; I’ve gotten several of my mecha loving, Fist Of The North Star watching, manly friends into it. It’s just a genuinely good show.

    Well, that’s about enough of my schizophrenic comments for one night.

    PS: Playing the Price is Right loser music when Walter mentioned Newtype was a nice touch.

  17. Mike Toole’s video podcast is now LIVE:

    But be warned. The vile devotees of the most unclean blight that has swept upon Japan have risen up from their defiled tombs to chastise Mr. Toole for his hard-hitting truths. So if you like what you see, be sure to leave a comment praising Mike for taking a stand against the dread spectre’s avatar, Kanon.

  18. Hey, next time you guys do a bad anime segment, consider one called “Darkside Blues”.

    There really isn’t many anime I consider so awful, manly just boring even if it has great art of character designs.

    Unfortunately DSB has one of the most cliched plots IMO (what I call generic anime #2).

    I haven’t seen it in years so I’m not so sure if my opinion would change.

  19. tj – I could but after looking at the tape again when I transcoded Rob’s Desslok skit, the thing in its entirety isn’t much to look at (the part in the middle with all the good guy characters running around is confusing and drags on too long). Plus it’s probably too long for the 10 minute YouTube limit. Maybe I could just put the beginning and the end segments… Plus I also want to get that Jim Kaposztas skit from AX92 where Rob shot him…

    Plus I am working on a special surprise: Dessler, Satan of the Universe! ^____^

    I will admit to some genuine shock as to the reception to this. I figured, sure, it would be of interest to old-timey anime fandom obscurantists, but in googling around I have come across some podcast aggregators that recommend our ramblings ahead of other regular anime podcasts for the week. On another mailing list I am involved in, one member suggested Rob and I should do a podcast. This thought had occurred to me, but considering that Rob is completely technically inept, it would be up to me to do all the hard work (editing, posting, updating the RSS feed or whatever), so my innate laziness would be a barrier. If it were to be carried off at all I am sure it would be on the same schedule as AWO, i.e., coming out approximately whenever the hell we feel like it.

  20. I’m SLOWLY getting the download for Crystal Triangle.

    Yesterday I watched the porn but not quite, just softcore OVA Call Me Tonight.

  21. AWO: So, I finally saw Kamui again[I hadn’t seen it since the VHS days. ;-;], and it’s amazing how much material was pilfered for the Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden games. And while I love Ninja Scroll, I think Kamui has the more compelling story. I also hate to say it, but I prefer Rin Taro’s X over Kawajiri’s version. Rin Taro didn’t take forever to get to an actual plot development in his adaptation, but then the manga isn’t going anywhere, either, so…

  22. Any chance you guys get to run down Odin, huh? Any chance you get! When the future comes, you will be sorry, because you will be left behind while the rest of us rush forward TO THE FUTURE! GO!!!!

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