Anime World Order Show # 69b – Setting a Record For Usage of the "R" Word

The hentai hoedown that is Show 69 continues, with our special guest Zero-chan from Japanator. Gerald reviews Cream Lemon and Daryl doesn’t review Wicked City so much as synopsize it scene by scene so you don’t have to see it. Psst: see it.

Watch this space for special pictures. Work-safe ones, even. Maybe.

Review: Cream Lemon (0:00 – 32:21)
Gerald takes it upon himself to review this decades-long, massive anthology of monster-creating insanity that gave rise to Project A-Ko. Since each part of Cream Lemon is its own separate story and fits into its own genre, the decision is made to only talk about some of the better entries in the series. Somehow while discussing the finer details of it all, we end up making allusions to Firefly as well as jars containing the tears of neglected children. Also, angel’s blood. And Transformers. Can’t forget those.

“Review”: Wicked City (32:21 – 1:23:12)
Look at the running time of that segment. You could just actually go and watch Wicked City in that amount of time, but then you run the risk of someone walking in and seeing you watching it. You can’t possibly pretend you’re not watching Wicked City, but with this audio review, you can act like you’re listening to something respectable! In keeping with the previous review of Demon City Shinjuku, a scene by scene breakdown ensues. Normally this sort of thing would be edited down. NOT THIS TIME. Total number of FALCON PUNCH-es thrown in this anime: three.

Our hero Taki Renzaburo is just too freaking cool to worry about the little things in life, like how he’s been FREAKING IMPALED THROUGH THE STOMACH
Makie would be totally radical if not for the fact that she’s a Kawajiri female and therefore gets brutally raped within 30 seconds of this image capture. This statement is true regardless of what image of her is used. Notable pornstars sporting Makie’s skin complexion: two.
Yoshiaki Kawajiri is a God when it comes to character designs. Why, there must be at least 30 points of douchebag articulation visible in just this frame alone.
In the name of Jesus, Fortenberry casts out the demon of elbow spikes! All that remains is for Clarissa to go to the purity ball! Because nothing is more effective for contraception than a ring and a card. Except for well, actual contraception. Also, molars in the pudendum.
As you can see, Wicked City is a sophisticated and classy adult erotica thriller that services a niche which mainstream porno does not. Therefore when you purchase this on DVD you should do so by clicking here. Talk about shameless advertising. Let us know when you’re ready to buy that HDTV or PS3!

Part 3 featuring Clarissa’s doujinshi primer is already edited and ready to go, but we’ll let you all contemplate the grim nature of this part for a few days first before springing that one on you.

Anime World Order Show # 69a – Another Hentai Episode (Only This Part Has No Hentai)

Behold the much-dreaded Show 69: another all-hentai episode! With special guest, Zero-chan from Japanator! Both Clarissa and she will be talking about doujinshi in general. Gerald’s reviewing Cream Lemon, and Daryl’s not-reviewing Wicked City!

…er, well, actually this is just the first part of the show where we don’t technically talk about hentai since the recording ran extremely long. This is just the emails and news…from weeks back. WHATEVER. Now that Otaku USA deadlines have passed, JACON’s behind us (here’s some jerk’s con report), final exams are done, we saw Iron Man, Speed Racer got watched in the theater about two or three times, and Bioshock has been beaten…I guess the subsequent parts of this podcast should come out fairly soon.

You want show notes? You want a reason why it’s been like a month between episodes? Well guess what: all you’re getting is this picture.
Note: filename of picture suggests what happened immediately after said picture was taken.

This part is short by AWO standards (under 60 minutes!), so if you’re hungry for more, you are strongly encouraged to listen to Gerald’s special guest appearance on GeekNights in which he is interviewed for about 80 minutes. Be sure to email them or post in their forum with your thoughts. Note: Daryl is pretty sure that Gerald was actually meaning to reference the cat hair puzzle from Gabriel Knight 3, but it’s GeekNights so no big deal.