Anime World Order Show # 69a – Another Hentai Episode (Only This Part Has No Hentai)

Behold the much-dreaded Show 69: another all-hentai episode! With special guest, Zero-chan from Japanator! Both Clarissa and she will be talking about doujinshi in general. Gerald’s reviewing Cream Lemon, and Daryl’s not-reviewing Wicked City!

…er, well, actually this is just the first part of the show where we don’t technically talk about hentai since the recording ran extremely long. This is just the emails and news…from weeks back. WHATEVER. Now that Otaku USA deadlines have passed, JACON’s behind us (here’s some jerk’s con report), final exams are done, we saw Iron Man, Speed Racer got watched in the theater about two or three times, and Bioshock has been beaten…I guess the subsequent parts of this podcast should come out fairly soon.

You want show notes? You want a reason why it’s been like a month between episodes? Well guess what: all you’re getting is this picture.
Note: filename of picture suggests what happened immediately after said picture was taken.

This part is short by AWO standards (under 60 minutes!), so if you’re hungry for more, you are strongly encouraged to listen to Gerald’s special guest appearance on GeekNights in which he is interviewed for about 80 minutes. Be sure to email them or post in their forum with your thoughts. Note: Daryl is pretty sure that Gerald was actually meaning to reference the cat hair puzzle from Gabriel Knight 3, but it’s GeekNights so no big deal.

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  1. Jawesome. I’ll be listening to this on my 8 hour drive to A-kon in the morning. desudesudesu

  2. karaoke: “The Zentradi scout ship the Macross destroys in the first episode is recycled several times,”

    The Zentraedi have a huge army, so the story element of them having more than one scout ship is plausible.

    “The same brown VF-1A Valkyries die repeatedly.”

    But it doesn’t fight the same way.

    “The wedding episode has a ton of recycled footage.”

    I don’t consider flashbacks recycling, though you could technically make an argument for recap episodes. (But it depends on how much new vs old footage they use…) Even then, though, I consider it recycling when I can’t tell the difference between one episode and another, because they’re using the same footage to tell the same story in each episode. Macross doesn’t fall into that trap, though.

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