Anime World Order Show # 71 – Depression, Suicide, and Vanilla Ice

The remainder of Show 71 is quite lengthy, but let it tide you over for a while since we’ve got conventions coming up. Gerald reviews Nobody’s Boy Remi, Clarissa reviews the anime version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Daryl finally covers Part 3 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Here’s the segment timecodes because this one runs pretty long.

Introduction (0:00 – 28:32)
In lieu of reading emails, Daryl gives his convention report on the 2008 Florida Supercon. Photos to possibly be added here soon, but in the meantime, here’s over a thousand for you to look at. Witness THE TRUTH of the convention that Daryl wasn’t mentally prepared to confront. One word: W-rock. [That’s short for “wizard rock.” You know, garage bands that sing songs about Harry Potter. There’s LOTS OF THEM NOW.]

Promo: R5 Central (28:32 – 29:15)
The Otakon-bound Mike Dent managed to post an interview with Mark Musashi, tokusatsu fan soon to be seen on Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. Mike fails to spend the entirety of this 2-part interview talking about the fact that Mark did motion capture for God Hand and Thunderbolt Volgin in Metal Gear Solid 3. He better watch out for errant bolts of lightning from God as punishment. Kuwabara, kuwabara…

Review: Nobody’s Boy Remi (29:15 – 56:50)
Gerald takes on this TMS’ 1977 attempt to recreate Nippon Animation’s success with the World Masterpiece Theater series brought to us by Osamu Dezaki and Akio Sugino. It’s an anime adaptation of Hector Malot’s novel Sans Famille, and it’s so depressing and features sufficient quantities of child suffering that it bears the Official Justin Sevakis Seal of Approval (Tm). Note that this series was remade in the 90s as Nobody’s Girl Remi, but we won’t talk about that because that one was terrible enough that it got canceled halfway through. In fact, while we’re at it let’s pretend that recent World Masterpiece Theater production Les Mis√©rables doesn’t exist either. Not like we watched that. But we saw a picture of the helpless little moe girl they decided to make it about instead, and figured that was enough.

Promo: Robotronic Dynamite (56:50 – 57:53)
We have yet to play Ninja Gaiden 2 beyond the demo, but word on the street is that we should wait for it to drop to about half price anyway. Anyway, this podcast features Otaku USA’s own Joseph Luster and his merry band of merry men as they talk about movies, videogames, and stuff. In the latest episode, they all seem to have gone to the San Diego Comic-Con, so if you can’t get enough of people talking about Watchmen this is the show for you. For the record, Watchmen is BO-RING no matter what the rest of the world claims, and don’t you fucking tell me I didn’t get it or link me to that goddamned annotations site. Nobody in Watchmen matters besides Rorschach anyway. Oh, you can try to claim otherwise, but you’ll have to deny the 90s happened on account that everyone wanted their heroes to be like Rorschach (and DKR Batman). Good luck with THAT.

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Superman Legend (57:53 – 1:33:00)
Clarissa proves once and for all that the Japanese can screw up American properties with equal if not greater efficiency than we can screw up theirs! Whether or not this iteration of the Ninja Turtles is superior to the version that EE “Doc” Finnegan is working on will be judged by history. OR HISTORIANS. Fair warning: Hironobu Kageyama probably will not be performing the theme song to this one as part of his Otakon set. Maybe “review” up there should go in quotation marks, because we really don’t want you to watch this. Under any circumstances. So don’t watch it.

Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 3 (1:33:00 – 2:17:48)
TJ calls in to let us know that he greatly enjoyed Kaiji upon hearing our review of it, and so can you! Daryl put this one off for a year, but he finally broke down and decided to reread through, rewatch, and replay Part 3 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, more commonly known as “the greatest part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.” This is the big one that all the swingin’ cats know about; a tale of Stands, really big belts, and members of the United States Senate being treated with the respect they deserve. The obscene running length would suggest this review should have just been released as its own podcast, but accessibility was never our trump card. Daryl stopped his own heart about 8 times during the editing of this, and his heart is still stopping every so often even though it’s done now. Maybe it’s just heartburn. He’s got a problem, but if you listen to this review in full, yo you’ll solve it.

Closing (2:17:48 – 2:23:18)
Show 72 may be a while, so consider yourselves FORTUNATE that Show 71 is as long as it is, because you’ll have plenty of time to listen to it all. Preferably not while you’re grinding levels in World of Warcraft! Next time, Daryl’s back in the Madhouse as he reviews Cyber City Oedo, Clarissa reviews the BL title Dog Style (shockingly, Yasuomi Umetsu is not involved), and Gerald’s administering the lead enemas with Burn Up! In the interim we might post a few bonuses since this week and next week we’re caught up in anime conventions and preparations for same. See you at Otakon!

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  1. More BL is always welcome. Even though I knew all the titles you rewieved so far, it’s fun to hear somebody else talk about them. Also, it’s sort of fun to hear Gerald and Daryl squirm quietly in the backround.

    Considering that whenever anyone on AWO is talking, everyone else’s microphones are either turned off or otherwise muted completely, I don’t think that quietness you’re hearing in the background has anything to do with myself or Gerald going “eeew, COCK SPURTING IN AN UNGIRL BUTT.” Generally speaking, I tend to not edit out the times where someone brings up a point I plan to discuss later and I reply “I’ll get to that in a minute.” What you’re noticing is probably the fact that Clarissa usually does edit those out to keep from getting derailed.

    Any hope of an AWO presence at New York Anime Fest?

    We’re not going to be there. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the “giant dealer’s room / exhibit hall” style conventions, which is what NYAF is. We’re going to Anime Weekend Atlanta instead. Oh crap, I have panels to do for that convention. I guess we should release a podcast between now and then since it’s been a while.

    Is that Clarissa in the thumbnail with the big cheesy smile ?

    It’s not Clarissa in the MP3 picture. That’s a friend of mine who wanted to have a watergun/balloon battle for her birthday. I cheated because my gun was filled with ice and Hawaiian Punch. What I learned from that experience is that apparently if you spray people in the eyes with pressurized ice-cold Hawaiian Punch, it BURNS.

    One of these days, maybe I should get a Flickr account. Except I can’t even edit podcasts on time, and now you want me to upload photos? I barely even TAKE photos.

  2. @Daryl
    I guess the joke has not been appreciated. It was not that funny anyway (pretty much just trying to get a raise out of people).

    What i wanted to say is, that I’m looking forward to more BL reviews, as they are an interesting counterbalance to giant robots and things generally GAR (like Fist of the North Star).

  3. Great show as usual, all! Love-love-loved the JoJo’s review, even if you barely mentioned my favorite character. WHERE IS THE KAKYOUIN LOVE, GUYS. Can’t wait for the next few parts – maybe a review of part four will inspire me to finally brave that amazingly godawful translation.

    Daryl – okay, yes, I am one of the fujoshi that make up most of the JoJo fan population, but I think Araki does a wonderful job of balancing fabulous gay and extreme violence. In part five alone, we’ve got:

    -Cauterizing your bleeding hands on a hot pipe
    -Cutting your daughter’s hand off for no goddamn reason
    -Stapling gunshot wounds together
    -Removing cubes of flesh from someone’s throat
    -Slicing someone into like, forty separate pieces, preserving them in glass frames, and sending each frame to the guy’s assassin unit
    -Stringing a guy’s head up by fishhooks in his eyelids and putting glasses on him so that the sun would refract and burn his eyeballs

    And that’s all I can remember off the top of my head. Don’t even get started on SBR. Three words: killer balloon animals.

  4. Gerald,

    Looking to get a copy of Nobodie’s Boy Remi. Anyway I could do a tape trade with you or “donate” for a copy. Have emailed a few times about it, but have not heard back. Totally understand as I know you get many emails. Thanks again.


  5. I started listening to AWO [at ep 01] after I caught up with the most recent ANN cast since when Daryl was a guest he was always kinda cool. Now knowing Gerald and Clarissa are interesting too, I continue my epic journey…

    [I tend to ramble… bear with me here…]
    Anyhow intro aside… After this episode, I’m finally considering downloading the JoJo manga. JoJo has sounded pretty cool from the start but I prefer to buy manga if I can to support the offical release. I have the new Kindle Fire 8.9. So I always read manga or comics digitally. Lately Viz has been releasing more and more manga digitally, which includes the un-edited Tenjho Tenge. Thus the conundrum, should I download JoJo’s or wait to see if Viz will re-release it unedited?

    On a side note, I use the alias Abe Geist because I don’t really like my name. It’s very bland and generic. For the sake of demgraphics, I’m 26 year old guy living in Pittsburgh, PA…

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