Bonus – Otakon 2008 Con Report with Anime Podcast SUPASTAHS

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Alternate title: “Noah, When I Want Your Opinion I’ll Take My Clit Out of Your Mouth and Ask You For It.” [Asterisk added in the feed entry so iTunes won’t delete us.]

Rather than edit our own con report which was hastily recorded a few days ago, here’s the Ninja Consultant Otakon 2008 report recorded LIVE at the con! With special guests Daryl Surat and Gerald Rathkolb from AWO! Also, Mike Dent from R5 Central, Tyler Waldman from Rangercast, and James Veronico from! Featuring Dave Riley from Fast Karate for the Gentleman, and Mike Toole as the Voice of God. Recorded Saturday night from about 1 AM to 4 AM WHILE COMPLETELY SOBER. Except for those Irish anime podcasters. You can’t keep them away from the bottle.

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Show 72 hasn’t even been recorded yet. We’ll try and remedy that by the end of the week. Except Anime Weekend Atlanta is coming up soon, and a still unknown number of panels must be prepared for it.

18 Replies to “Bonus – Otakon 2008 Con Report with Anime Podcast SUPASTAHS”

  1. I was laughing my ass off through most of the Wesley Willis parts. I finally “get” the man, after he is gone.

    It made a couple dungeons in Sword of Vermilion fly by before bedtime.

    Oh yeah, keep up the good work. Even if AWO seems to update as much as Best Damned Podcast Ever does…

  2. All Mike Dent would need to complete the transformation is the huge bump in the middle of his forehead from head-butting drunken fans and selling cassettes out of a cooler on the soiled seats of the fine CTA.

  3. Very entertaining stuff. I will forevermore equate mike dent with Wesley Willis. Also was Gerald sober while this was going on?

  4. While I do agree that there’s TOO many shows being made, I like the fact that least there’s a lot of product to choose from and that there’s artists still getting work.

    Most of the series today are short deals and reminds me of how there were lots of short OVA’s in the 80’s-early 90’s. The problem is that if it’s not popular it gets lost and forgotten.

  5. Omg, Wesley Willis is worse than a rickrolling. I wanted to put pins in my ears.

    I sure hope there aren’t any Jokers at AWA this year. But if there are, who do I bribe to get the Jokers to fight the Jack Sparrows in a battle to the death?

    And maybe Dave can draw an “unflattering portrait” of the winner?

  6. You guys are really sober? Even the Ninja Consultants sounded either drunk or a lot more lively than normal. Laughing the whole way through!

  7. The only ones drinking were those drunken Irish DEEDLY DEE POTATOES types: Erin, Noah, Mike, James (probably), and Dave.

    None of us at AWO were drinking. Despite having two years remaining before my otaku expiration date, I never drink. As such, I am mad antisocial because I can never use “sorry, that’s the booze talking!” or “we were both drunk, so it wasn’t rape!” as excuses. Gerald is considering taking up drinking and has probably done so by now so that he can have these excuses in his arsenal, as those two are the WD-40 of the gears of the machine of human interaction.

    While I do agree that there’s TOO many shows being made, I like the fact that least there’s a lot of product to choose from and that there’s artists still getting work.

    All that product to choose from isn’t really worth a lick when nearly none of it is stuff I’m remotely interested in watching or reading. Every time I look at the hundreds and hundreds of DVDs or manga titles at the dealer’s room tables (or the list of upcoming releases that you can see online at various places), I get demoralized because there’s so little of interest to me there. It doesn’t mean there’s nothing new being made that I care about. It means that relatively little of what I care about is getting released here since it has no audience.

  8. That wasn’t drunk. You heard the podcast. When I’m drunk I BREAK THE FLOOR.

    That recording is just how I act all the time. 🙁

  9. Just incase you never knew AMV Hell o/o is going to premier at AWA. You must watch and then tell all your listeners how disgustingly wrong it is.

  10. It so happens that I never knew until you mentioned it, no. However, the AWO has sworn a blood allegiance to ANIME Hell. As the Jeff Tatarek video states, Anime Hell is not AMV Hell. If you are here for AMV Hell, GET THE FUCK OUT.

    Between Otaku Generation, Ninja Consultant, and Daizenshuu EX, there’s plenty of other anime podcasts out there which will be more than happy to devote extended periods of time to AMV Hell 0/0. This being our podcast, we’d much rather spend time hyping OUR panels. We’ll go over it next episode…once we record it. With any luck it’ll actually come out in time for people to hear it before AWA!

  11. I agree. There’s a lot of crap out there. Even though I peruse a lot of the aisles in Best Buy and Suncoast, it bothers me how much all of the newever shows seems to blend together. Everything is just sort of the same; just swap out the characters and you get a whole new anime. It’s all boring and a waste of money to find anything new.

  12. So Mr. Surat if I am to believe right you are going to pimp your own panels 2 months after they happen?

    Also ANIME Hell is not Amv Hell and it will never be but, I will never get to see ANIME Hell due to vast quantities of water between it an I. But if you aren’y going to see it then good luck to you enjoy panels I’m sure they will be good like you always say they are.

  13. “Rock n’ Roll McDonalds.” Hilarious. I can’t believe I listened to 90 minutes of punchdrunk chatter but it was worth it for that and the mention of that one movie with Bull from Night Court which I was almost certain only I knew existed. Hmmm if somebody in your extended network ends up reviewing that gem I’ll have to check that out for sure. Rock over London Rock on AWO!

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