Bonus – Interview with JAM Project

Here’s a recording of the press conference for anime song super-group JAM Project that was held at Otakon 2008. Thanks to Mike Dent from R5 Central for doing the backbreaking work of editing this, because now we don’t have to! In fact, this is actually just a link to the R5 Central podcast episode. Also special thanks to Tyler from Rangercast; between Mike, Tyler, and us that comprised nearly all of the questions asked during this interview. Warning: as we realized that the rest of the press in attendance was probably not going to ask anything, our questions become progressively more absurd until…well…

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We actually still haven’t recorded the next episode of AWO yet. And then Otaku USA deadlines are…next week. Oops!

8 Replies to “Bonus – Interview with JAM Project”

  1. What do you mean the editing isn’t done. Don’t you have editing faires to do that kind of stuff for you.
    Wait no i guess not. Oh well. Great not episode of AWO

  2. I’m going to listen to this on Thursday while I eat my frozen turkey TV dinner alone and pretend that I have friends…

  3. You got him to sing my favorite, “Violence of the Flame.” The other Hinorobu Kageyama song I love is the ED theme for Apocalypse Zero.

  4. It was really cool to hear 'Triton of the Sea' invoked by one of them. (Who was it?) If you ever need something to get people off their feet and marching into battle, that song never fails.

    Dig it here:

    If I were there, my question would have been which early anime song would they perform if they could go back in time. This gave me one answer…

  5. No wonder this sounds like an R5 episode, with the whoosh and all. And isn’t it funny I was thinking about the “that guy” accusations earlier today?

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