Anime World Order Show # 76b – BAOH HAS A LASER CANNON!

OH NO, THE BANDANA’S COME OFF! Here now is the second half of Show 76 containing the reviews of Shootfighter Tekken, Baoh, and Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Warning: this might melt your brain.

Review: Shootfighter Tekken (0:00 – 33:39)
Gerald reviews a fine masterpiece by Tetsuya Saruwatari, esteemed student of the mighty Kazuo Koike and creator of the grand masterpiece known as Violence Hero: Riki-Oh. A relatively short 3 part-OAV anime adapted from the very long-running manga series Koukou Tekken-den Tough that was partially released by Viz under the name Tough, Shootfighter Tekken was one of the last, if not THE last, new releases from Central Park Media. Nobody really seemed to care when it came out. Were they mistaken? Listen on and find out!

Promo: Ani-Gamers (33:39 – 34:33)
Evan assures us that this promo doesn’t have people who ultimately didn’t end up being on the podcast at all in it, which while beneficial isn’t always necessary. Heck, the reason our latest promo is so good is precisely because it has nothing to do with much of anything we said at all! Anyway, Ani-Gamers just released the second half of episode 11, so check them out. Just remember: UNCLE YO SEES ALL, except for the hentai clips that Gerald shows at anime conventions. He did the right thing and bolted out of there when those came on.

Review: Baoh (34:33 – 1:11:05)
Daryl gave strong consideration to just ripping the dub audio from Baoh–PERHAPS THE GREATEST SINGLE-LENGTH OAV EVER MADE–in its entirety and posting that as the review. Perhaps a future bonus installment of AWO could simply be entitled “Baoh: The Audio Drama” because aside from a few scenes, you actually don’t need to see what’s going on at any point whatsoever due to all the narration. Daryl always dreamed of just getting cosplayers to read the lines from Baoh, but this dream never came to fruition because if you think it’s hard to get a cosplayer you personally know to speak into a microphone, try getting them to say “there is! Such a power is contained WITHIN BAOH!” It’s not happening, folks.

Promo: Anime82 (1:11:05 – 1:11:49)
We suspect that Regan might have been impersonating the Macross II dub when recording this promo, but no matter: after a few months of hiatus he’s back with a new episode! Thanks to Regan and the rest of the guys at Box Fansubs for their work on Locke the Superman and Queen Millennia, the latter of which you can definitely expect Daryl to review in a future episode! Though it begs the question whether or not Queen Millennia should get priority over Violence Jack…

Review (manga): Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 (1:11:49 – 1:49:34)
Daryl and Clarissa may never read them and Gerald may have given up reading them in disgust, but Bass_kat from the Fast Karate for the Gentleman forums calls in to relate to us all the tale of how she saw Wicked City back when she was 8 years old. A bizarre tale as that can only be placed prior to Clarissa’s review of a bizarre manga. This one is sort of the “Death Note + Hot Fuzz” portion of Jojo’s, and marks a definitive turning point as far as content and art style is concerned.

Meet the Jojo’s Part 4 gang! Clockwise from top left there’s Okuyasu, Josuke, Jotaro, Koichi (whose face is being eaten by Araki’s name) and Rohan. Josuke, of course, is easy to spot thanks to his kickin’ pompadour. Sadly, people tend to make fun of it because rather than being a real tough guy style, now it’s pretty much just worn by Yoyogi Park rockabilly dudes.
Of course, Josuke has his Stand Crazy Diamond, which valiantly continues the heart motif Araki loves so much.
And I couldn’t not devote time to that amazing Araki/Tezuka/Go Nagai hybrid Rohan. I mentioned he’s crazy IN THE NAME OF GREAT MANGA right?
If you were wondering, this is what Rohan’s Stand does to people. It’s much better in visuals than in the description.
True, there’s no Dio anymore. But just take a fucking look at Kira and Killer Queen. Top tier Stand design? I think so. (Hey Medicos, when you’re done with this year’s Stardust Crusaders blitz, could we maybe get a poseable Killer Queen and Kira? With bonus amputated hand girlfriend of course.)
But don’t get too down. Psychotic murderers and high body counts aside, remember: it’s Jojo’s so they’re all dorks. Inviiiiisible baaaaby.

Closing (1:49:34 – 1:53:58)
Next time on AWO, it’s SHOW TIME because our special guest once again is Mike Toole! Last heard from about two years ago, Mike’s since capitalized on his knowledge that audio is for suckers to become a sporadic streaming video sensation, but he’s still keeping it real! Daryl will be reviewing his favorite series of 2007, Baccano! (warning: don’t read the Wikipedia page or the ANN encyclopedia entry or especially the ANN review of volume 1), Gerald is reviewing the former crown jewel of the anime laserdisc empire known as Five Star Stories, and Clarissa does what we should have done the first time we had Mike on: review freakin’ Big O! This entire episode was recorded about a month ago, and we still haven’t started editing it because…well…sowwwhy! We had done tol’ Craig and ‘dem that we was gon’ kick it wit’ ‘dem. Gotta go; see you when we see you!

53 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 76b – BAOH HAS A LASER CANNON!”

  1. I think the Baoh review itself was far more entertaining than the show itself. That’s not to say that Baoh itself wasn’t entertaining, cause it’s not like I didn’t enjoy the 45 minutes that I used to watch the show. Sumiere’s voice was kind of on the “nails on the chalk board” side. I have yet to watch the original Japanese…. should be entertaining. And yes, never ride a goddamn helicopter, because, regardless of the actual cause, they will always EXPLODE!

  2. I’m pretty late for this part, but about those Tough volumes you saw: I bought the last one at Book-Off, thinking I would see the end. And while there’s kind of an ending, it turns out there’s ANOTHER, ongoing Tough manga that’s also at loads and loads of books. I can’t imagine how many there are in total.

  3. I don’t mean to spam you guys with a short comment, but Shootfighter Tekken is still avaible available on Rightstuf. That’s where I bought it years ago there, and it’s still there. I also agree that this could have been a HUGE title for CPM if the marketing was there. Sadly by the time they got around to putting it out, CPM probably had no real money left to mess around too much. They were kinda struggling by then. My friend and I also really enjoyed it. We thought it was a top notch fighting anime. I loved it. Never read the manga. And I thought the dub was great, it’s a high quality New York dub.

    CPM did release other stuff after this like Animation Runner Kuromi 2, along with a few re-releases like Grave of the Fireflies and some Anime 18 stuff. They also put out some live action stuff as recently as 2007 under their “Below the Radar” lable label (like A Perfect Fake which looks really really creepy) and “Asian Pop Cinema” lable label. Also in 2007, they put out that Korean animation “Hammerboy.”

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