Anime World Order Show # 79a – Kittens Without Perception Are Spiritually Useless

Here’s the first half of Show 79, where we read some emails, play a voicemail, talk the news, and Gerald reviews Chi’s Sweet Home.

Introduction (0:00 – 31:00)
In a future exciting installment of Otaku USA, Daryl will be talking about Fist of the North Star as a result of the impending release of the remastered edition in the US. In celebration of this, he has pasted in assorted excerpts from the infamously inaccurate Streamline dub that did so much irreparable damage to the series in the eyes of US anime fans. This is not entirely inappropriate, since over in the emails, we’re asked our thoughts on the whole sub/dub thing. Rather than answering that at length since we’ve done so too many times, we opt instead to talk about some of our favorite English dub actors…nearly all of whom are in that Streamline Fist of the North Star dub. Except Mike Reynolds. We used Lily C.A.T. for that one.

We also weigh in on Hellsing Ultimate as well as the Hellsing manga, then shortly after start talking about the various anime adaptations of Bible stories: Superbook, Flying House, and In the Beginning. God is clearly at work here, since Dave Merrill just posted about Superbook over at the exceptional Let’s Anime web log, and Dan Baker just informed the world that Jack Chick is coming to an Anime Hell near you to save you from HAW HAW HAW HAW Hell. Somebody loves us.

Daryl, having recently spent much time replaying Thief: Gold, tried to impersonate Stephen Russell when reading an email asking our thoughts on Brigadoon and where otaku can meet similarly-minded folk. Unfortunately, much like the voice of Jason Statham, Stephen Russell’s Garrett voice cannot easily be replicated. Perhaps more unfortunately is the fact that several of the DVDs we reviewed years ago are now out of print, and even when they’re not it can be hard to ship them to MMM-MEXICO-OOO. We end with the ultimate in accidental dub poetry, courtesy of Michael McConnohie:

Hello Ken.
How nice to see you again!
How have you been?

Let’s News! (31:00 – 1:02:36)
After an 8 year run, Anime Insider ceased publication and we’re pretty sure the lack of Mike Dent had nothing to do with it this time like what happened to Newtype USA. Media Blasters and Bandai Entertainment are delaying or canceling the releases of some of their box sets, which is presumably due to the fact that there’s no more brick and mortar shelf space for much anime anymore. Toei (not to be confused with To-Y) has struck a deal with FUNimation’s to stream some of their anime on the FUNimation website, and much of it is pretty darn good stuff such as Air Master, Galaxy Express 999 TV, and the original Space Pirate Captain Harlock TV series. One of these titles is Fist of the North Star TV, but unlike GE999 and Harlock it doesn’t look like they’re releasing subtitled episodes past what were released subtitled by Manga Video forever ago.

As a shock to nobody, our “favorite” anime studio Gonzo ended up being de-listed from the Japanese stock exchange after all, and as the current season of anime demonstrates, they’re as terrible as always. On the pornographic doujinshi front, Linda Project–notorious for being especially protective of “their work”–will be putting English translated, uncensored digital editions of their doujinshi up for sale on Peter Payne Presents Peter Payne’s J-List: A Peter Payne Production. It took SUBSTANTIAL willpower to not make the obvious joke when Gerald said “it’s going to be interesting to see if anything comes out of this.” Yoshihiro Tatsumi will be a guest at PEN Fest in New York City next week, so go and see him because we guarantee you that nobody else will. Also, Rumiko Takahashi’s new manga, which starts…TODAY…is being officially released on the Web in English, for free, as it comes out in Japan. She can afford to do this because of her MASSIVE BREASTS. Also, being rich.

Review: Chi’s Sweet Home (1:02:36 – 1:20:06)

Daryl will be a guest on the April 27th edition of the OSMCast, in which the subject is Fallout. It saddens him to know how much less intelligent and reasoned he sounds without editing and the ability to drop in additional things in post, but it’ll have to tide you over for now because it’s hard to do podcast stuff when you’re recovering from surgery. Hopefully it will go well enough that we can post HILARIOUS pictures of blood-soaked gauze and Daryl having a bandaged, Jagi-esque face.

Oh yeah. We’re still selling the AWO T-shirts ($10) and hoodies ($20). Email us if you want one!

59 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 79a – Kittens Without Perception Are Spiritually Useless”

  1. I’m pretty concerned about the fall of Anime Insider- I just subscribed in January, it was my birthday gift, and I only got 3 issues. I assume I’ll get one more, the last issue, unless it fell soon after the March issue arrived. Do you guys know if my subscription will be transferred to Otaku USA, or another anime/manga magazine? Thanks, and great job as always.

  2. There’s actually a book store here in Toronto that has Crusher Joe, should probably go back and snag that next time I’m there now.

  3. I’m pretty sure Animerica’s last issues was marked as THE FINAL ISSUE. It had Inu Yasha on the cover. I remember reading that shit in highschool.

    Zegapain isn’t super awesome, but considering how cliché it is, it’s not that bad. It kind of starts to feel pointless once THE BIG REVEAL happens five episodes before the end, but it was fun ride. Would probably not do business with again.

    I watched Chi’s sweet home even though I more or less hate real cats (well, mostly because they make me explode.) I liked it, but I never finished it.

  4. Jenny –

    Generally the only reason your subscription would be transferred is if a company is actually transitioning from one magazine to another. So when ADV dumped Newtype USA and changed over to PiQ, subscribers were transferred.

    So it’s doubtful that any kind of transfer would take place. They might refund some of your subscription fee to compensate for you not getting the full amount of issues, but I’m not sure if all companies do that or not.

  5. For Jenny and others looking for a more “casual” magazine, there’s still NEO, which is based out of the UK. Content can be hit or miss but there’s usually some decent stuff in there.

    The price kinda sucks for importers though, at £4.25 (around $6 these days.)

  6. I’m going to agree with wah on this one and say that the final issue of Animerica was made out to be the FINAL issue. I kept getting postcard mailings from them about how the magazine was ending and that I should switch over my payments to whatever replacement they had lined up.

  7. I thought the last issue of animerica had Narato on the cover?

    I have the last issure, but i don’t feel like getting it out.

  8. My favorite dub actor (actually, actress) is Melissa Fahn. The first I heard her was from the 1989 Guyver OVA which is one of the few anime where the English dub is much better acted than the original Japanese.

    I also tend to prefer the Manga Ent. dubs, usually if the content is appropriate (Angel Cop, Mad Bull 34).

    I’m surprised that you like Saki, Clarissa. I think it’s my second favorite show this season (guess the first).

  9. Thanks for the info Clarissa. I am a pretty serious Otaku, so I guess this is a good opportunity to switch to a more in depth magazine- although I did enjoy AI and the layout.

  10. Gotta correct you guys on the Fist of the North Star thing: they have all the way up to the end of HnK2 on Funi’s site.

  11. I’m really amazed that (un)holy Trinity of AWO has NO IDEA of Animesuki forums existence. Instead they talk about some places that nobody goes to, like ANN forums or some other nonsense like AnimeOnDVD…c’mon people, only extremely casual anime watchers gather in those pits of despair, and i do mean extremely casual.

  12. Typically, when a magazine is shut down completely, they offer a refund or an automatic transfer to another title from the publisher (probably Wizard or Toyfare, in this case).

    I think this is the first time I was able to watch all three titles you guys are reviewing, WOO!

  13. I see Protoculture Addicts at Barnes & Noble when I shop there periodically. Never picked up a copy since I get my anime print fix from OtakuUSA.

    I wouldn't consider AOD's forums full of casual anime fans. Some of the posters there are ridiculously hardcore fans. Owning thousands of discs, nitpicking relentlessly for the smallest of issues on discs, etc.

  14. Great episode, worth the wait. And it did sound good like always:) (Daryl, you said that this episode was less edited?)

    On another note, its sad to hear that publishers are canceling their box sets, I really like buying cheaper box sets of shows I have watched and liked and then watching them again with extras…

  15. As anonymous said, Animesuki forums comes to mind right away even though im not a forum person at all. (they do have nice animated GIF threads)

  16. Copies of Anime Insider (and many other things) were always too expensive around here (yay for taxes and arbitrary costs), so…I just browsed them once in a while but never actually noticed any major information not already available through the internet.

    As for forums, ANN, AOD and even Animesuki are good choices, but what about GameFAQs? Their main forums are gaming-based, obviously, but they’ve got a pretty active set of anime sub-forums too.

    The review was pretty fun, even though I know nothing about cats. On the other hand, Satomi Koorogi is one of my favorite under-appreciated voice actresses (say, she did one of the shadow girls in Utena, which is where I first noticed her), so that’s one more good reason to watch Chi’s Sweet Home. That should be interesting, though I do hope she gets more human roles as well.

    Not that the new season was really discussed, but there’s plenty of good stuff (Shin Mazinger, Cross Game, Guin Saga, FMA2 etc.).


  17. Forgot to mention in my prior post, the current NEO actually has a three or four page article by Jonathan Clements on one of the pet manga anthologies. That’s right, 200 pages of kitty cat manga. I forgot what last month’s anthology was – I want to say it was a fashion title.

  18. Now that you talked about the current season, I have to ask what AWO thinks about the most moeblobblery of them all, K-On?

    Best main character or best main character?

  19. One comment on the Japanese recession. At the worst, in the early 1990s, they hit 5% unemployment. If were were in that ‘bad’ a shape politicians would be bragging how good we have it.

    In California we hit over 11% recently and are looking at a possible 16% by the end of the year.

    Me I’m gonna watch more anime.

  20. In lieu of witty remarks or any commentary about anime in general, I’m just gonna say good luck to Daryl on his surgery. So, get well soon!

  21. LJ doesn’t really have any useful discussion I’ve ever seen. There’s a lot of fangirl activity on it, but they seem to spend all their time making each other icons and getting in cosplay fights. At least the technical side (which is pretty small) is on animesuki or IRC.

  22. Gilles: I just love that the Californians who voted Arnie as Governor don’t have the same remorse as the idiots who voted in Bush. But then the rest of the country can’t conveniently blame Mexicans for its mistake.

  23. Is Daryl’s surgery being done by a mysterious outlaw doctor with several mysterious scars and a ribbon bowtie?

    Anyway, good luck with the surgery, Daryl.

  24. I really enjoyed the captions in Anime Insider, which is pretty much all I read, actually, since I just flipped through copies a friend got. But still, it was a decent rag, so it makes me kind of sad. And yeah, the last issue was the one with Megaman on the cover, I think.

    And hearing that they’re starting to cancel box sets makes me sad because that’s my favorite kind of anime. I mean, I bought Glass Fleet, having no idea what it was other than space opera, just because I could get the whole thing for $40. BTW, Glass Fleet? Here is a series of words describing each of the memorable characters: ridiculous, transvestite, catamite, flamer, psychotic, pedobate, and moron. This series has also ruined any mention of wind in anime forever for me. But I guess I should have known: GONZO.

  25. “In celebration of this, he has pasted in assorted excerpts from the infamously inaccurate Streamline dub that did so much irreparable damage to the series in the eyes of US anime fans.”

    I’m guessing that’s sarcasm, since that’s one of Macek’s more entertaining dubs. Personally, I think that NES game did more damage to the series.

    “Also, Rumiko Takahashi’s new manga, which starts…TODAY…is being officially released on the Web in English, for free, as it comes out in Japan. She can afford to do this because of her MASSIVE BREASTS. Also, being rich.”

    I’m guessing it’s because Shogakukan has special currency with her face on it now; and that’s what they use to keep funding her manga long past its sell date.

    Anyway, get well soon, Daryl.

  26. Good luck, Daryl.

    Karaoke: I wouldn’t say no outright, for a number of reasons, but then what forums, in all honesty, would you consider to be blessed with an absence of “stupid people”?

    Not really ANN, AOD or Animesuki, of all places, if that’s what you care about.

    Yet I think it’s quite possible to have some intelligent or at least entertaining discussions there and elsewhere (even in freaking 4chan sometimes, depending on the board like Clarissa alluded to or, I’d say, pure luck), in spite of that.

    Rather infrequently, but when it does the results are pretty good.


  27. “Also, Rumiko Takahashi’s new manga, which starts…TODAY…is being officially released on the Web in English, for free”

    Like hell its free. Friggin “USian only”, so it can burn in hell for all i care.

  28. Daryl, can I give you my credit card information now, or should I wait until the Kitten-of-the-Month website is up and running?

    Also, thanks for dropping that bomb about Kobayashi’s friends right at the start of the Chi segment, so it could hover like a dark cloud overshadowing all joy. All great pet manga are born from tragedy.

    And good luck with the surgery.

  29. I think I know what the deal was with the death of Anime Insider, but this is just speculation.

    Wizard recently pulled the plug on two of their big ‘Wizard World’ comic cons, I think there was some other stuff, and then they killed Anime Insider.

    Then, about a week later announced buying the ‘other’ Comic Con in NYC, Big Apple I think it was. This, seemingly, was a BIG DEAL for the owner of Wizard. So the guy has visions of having a GIANT EVENT akin to SDCC on the east coast, with the media, the TV guys, the movie guys, all that non-comic stuff.

    I doubt it’s going to work the way he expects, given how insane expensive it is to do these things in NYC, and given what’s going on there tax-wise, it’s going to be even MORE expensive. Idiot.

    Get Well Soon, Daryl!

  30. Wizard also laid off almost their entire staff and are exclusively using freelancers at this point. The writing is on the wall for Wizard. It has less to do with anime and more to do with Wizard being in dire straits in general.

    As for forums that DON’T suck, we have a pretty good time on the Fast Karate forums and the idiot level is super super low.

  31. Gotta agree with Harts: I couldn’t notice any difference between this show, that Daryl said was hastily edited, and another regular show. Everything sounded normal, the 3 hosts’ voices came across as clearly as always, I didn’t notice any uh or uhms edited out, and the sound clips were well inserted. Daryl, if this is an experimental editing technique you’re trying out to save time, it’s sounds (pun intended) like it’s working well.

    On another note, Daryl mentioned 2 shows from Gonzo at polar extremes: Blue Sub No. 6 (which he said sucks) and Last Exile (which was good except for the last episode). That last episode really didn’t close out the series well, but I felt that the show was already going downhill since they had properly introduced the main series’ antagonist, Delphine. I felt that she was a weak villain who could only get her kicks out of showing how much of a rick/powerful snobbish b!itch she was. Clearly some back writing there.


  32. Hey guys! This is Nia, one of the people who is following this podcast closely. I’m on episode 71 now, and even though I know there is an insane ammount of filler (ahahah you guys are naruto!) really I just mean to say that you’ve made night recieving vastly more interesting, though there’s something rather wrong about organizing panties while you’re listening to a review of oh.. Wicked City (yes Daryl, I’m looking at YOU).

    I wanted to tell Clarissa that yes there is someone who does appreciate those yaoi reviews. I was sold on your opinion the moment you reviewed a manga by my favorite yaoi mangaka, Fumi Yoshinaga. Though it’s all because of you that I started reading.. :drumroll: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Thank you for making my life two-hundred percent more fabulous.

    I have more things to say but if I don’t sleep soon, I’ll implode.

    Just dropping you a note to tell you that the three of you are simply made of awesome and win. (Yes Gerald, even you)

  33. Great show, thanks lady and gentlemen. I checked out the Chi anime reluctantly, but I found myself watching the first 6 episodes with nary a break. It wasn’t too long ago that I was in middle school (I’m 22), getting high off of Pokemen like all the other kids my age, and the cuteness of Chi was likewise irresistible.

    I don’t lament the demise of Anime Insider, but it seems like anime fandom in general is getting more and more removed from general society. I mean, the vast majority of anime blogs and websites are built on top of 4chans memes and idealogies which would make getting into anime irritating and almost impossible for newcomers who want to enjoy the social aspect, but are turned off by rampant stupidity and illogic. I have to wonder, do anime fans speak and think like this in real life? I’ve never been to an anime convention, but the idea of being surrounded by people who sage comments spoken aloud and imitate the wrath of khan face frightens me a little bit.

    Just an aside, since I’m a huge Astro Boy fan. The entire 2003 series is now available on youtube legally thanks to a deal with Crackle. Who cares, we all have the super cheap boxed set, right? WRONG. The youtube channel is streaming the WIDESCREEN VERSION of the anime, none of the endlessly irritating pan and scan, which lessened the impact of this beautiful anime. I’m both super excited and disappointed, as I will probably begin rewatching episodes I have already seen so that I can marvel at the full animation, and I’m disappointed because this version of the cartoon will probably never be released on DVD in America, unless the CG Astro Boy movie really does gangbusters or something.

  34. As I said once before, I like Gonzo shows that know when they’re silly (Strike Witches, R+V, Saki). The shows that I think are terrible are the ones that take themselves too seriously (I hate Blue Sub no.6 and Speed Grapher made no sense and I refuse to watch Afro Samurai). Witch Blade was sort of in the middle there. Would have been better if they took the premise
    and made it more ridiculous than the serious aspect.

    Also, don’t forget to check out my blog where I put up the obscure OVA Relic Armor Legaciam.

    Hope for a speedy recovery too for Daryl as well.

  35. Like hell its free. Friggin “USian only”, so it can burn in hell for all i care.Don’t be bitter over the fact that Japan likes us better.

  36. I initially gave Chi a pass after a few episodes, but when I decided to take another look, I watched 100 episodes back to back. I hope they can successfully market this to a wider English speaking audience.

  37. Rumiko Takashi’s new manga is about tension between a guy and a girl. I was SO surprised to hear that!

  38. I’m surprised it took so long for CPM to file for bankruptcy. They were dumping (for free) pallet-loads of their books and DVDs at a con two years ago.

  39. And as Haim Saban gets his ass slammed by the Man, we herald yet another installment in the Anime World Order modus operandi.

    Hope the surgery goes well Daryl!

    Again, someone else who wants to hear your thoughts on Excel Saga as well. I'll wait!

    I remember the days when those dub tapes were cheaper. Used to be that way for years and what limited my picks of tapes to get as most stores often got dubs over subtitled copies.

    Should be of note, Corn Pone Flicks is celebrating 20 years of entertaining the world!

    I enjoy the fun early dubs too. Here's one Richard Epcar & Co. did that someone stuck up on eBay not long ago…

    Mike Reynolds always tend to play the very gruff, grizzled characters in anime, since I feel he's well suited to that role for decades!

    Oh SuperBook, I don't think I need no explanation of that CBN classic I had been exposed to over 25 years ago thanks to Pat Robertson and whatever involvement Tatsunoko had on it. "In The Beginning", the NTV/RAI co-pro was aired on channels like TBN and other Christian stations. It was completed by the mid 90's, but Tezuka had a hand in the first couple episodes of the series I've read. It's been said somewhere the show was made as a bet by the Vatican that a Japanese producer like Tezuka couldn't do a cartoon on the Old Testament, but I think it was just a rumor.

    Course when I think of the one cartoon from Christian TV I bothered noticing was on, it would be this…

    The internet has changed the way a newbie could find out about things in a way that replaces the print media as we speak (such as Anime Insider). For a casual fan, it is probaly the best tool they got at their fingertips (speaking like a plug I am).

    We can only hope those box sets do sell.

    Fist of the North Star, always in the news!

    Oh Gonzo, will you ever win? 🙂

    The logic behind doujinshi and all that bugs me when it come to those weird legalities with those who make it personally and all that. I'd rather just do it and let someone else deal with what they want with it, whether I take credit or not.

    One pet anime/manga I can think of for that category is Mikan Enikki, about a kid who gets a cat who turns out to be a smart, talky bastard!

    Given the shorter time span of those Chi's Sweet Home episodes, it's OK to check out, but I don't think I could marathon that the whole day (Unless someone doesn't try to combine those episodes together for a longer compilation of sorts)!

    My brother upstairs has two cats himself (and has so for nearly 12 years or such), he can never seem to get rid of 'em, despite one cat's unfortunate problem of being slightly retarded, and another who just meows when I even touch it, but apparently they don't mind me in their presence anyway.

    As the Swine Flu wanders it's way through the planet, General Motors saying "Bye-Bye" to the Pontaic, and Central Park Media closing it's doors, I bid adieu to yet another pack-filled first installment of AWO, but I'll probably go and make comments to some other comments in this post anyway to bide the time as usual!

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