Anime World Order Show # 81a – Rei Fukai, You Are Worse Than Michael Jordan

The deadly experiment continues! This time it’s Gerald’s turn to pick the titles for everyone to review. He’s chosen Kekko Kamen for Daryl and Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman for Clarissa. But he’s taken the heavy burden of Yukikaze upon himself.

Introduction (0:00 – 21:09)
Gerald was not met with much approval over his review of Kemonozume last episode. Daryl reiterates why we’ll never be popular on the Internet by pointing out our lack of a quantitative value system, and Clarissa confesses to not knowing much about Takarazuka revue on account that she doesn’t feel like spending $300 on one DVD. 3 emails down! That leaves 436 in the Inbox.

Let’s News! (21:09 – 43:01)
Notes forthcoming. But we were probably responding to what Egan Loo, One Man Pillar of Internet Anime Fandom, posted on Also, at some point we answer an email from a pedophile about the lack of availability of Giant Robo OST 5.

Review: Yukikaze (43:01 – 1:33:32)
Notes and perhaps screenshots forthcoming, but really. All you need to know about this is the following: Gonzo made it.

The remaining reviews are already recorded and edited. But hey, we’ll have to talk about whatever happens at Anime Expo anyway. We’ll include them with that.

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  1. I'm constantly trying out clever plans to ingratiate myself into an episode of Anime World Order. So far, all of these plans have met with catastrophic failure. I suspect Daryl, Clarissa, and Gerald all know that my truly allegiance rests with the Robo / Dino Empire…

    Which reminds me: Clarissa, Buckaroo Banzai. Gerald, Ishtar. I'm ready whenever you are. ;-p

  2. I'm constantly trying out clever plans to ingratiate myself into an episode of Anime World Order. So far, all of these plans have met with catastrophic failure.

    With all due respect…thatis BULLSHIT! Oh sure, there are no actual reviews taking place there. But that's only because the only anime we know you to have seen is Moon Phase, Samurai Deeper Kyo, and other such filth. Come up with three WORTHY anime series to review, sir, and you shall be permitted entrance to the kingdom! Much like how Ken Nabbe must be told "no, Transformers: The Movie doesn't count," we must tell you "no, The Last Unicorn doesn't count."

    As for the new Chick tract, that's nowhere near the most ridiculous. For one, not a single person gets cast into the lake of fire by angels, not even that GODLESS SURGEON who saved the dude's life.

    The lack of Lake of Fire chucking is the only thing that stops "Lisa" from being the ULLLLLLTIMATE Chick tract. That's the one where jobless Daddy watches porno and rapes his 5 year-old daughter Lisa. Then the neighbor shows up and starts watching porno with him. And joins in with raping Lisa. The wife, aware of this, opts to STAND BY HER MAN~! rather than break the family apart because her uncle rizzaped her too, which is why she actually beats the shit out of Lisa on a regular basis. It turns out that 5 year-old Lisa's got herpes and various other grievous injuries from being raped and beaten on a regular basis, but it's okay because the NOT GODLESS doctor informs the father that Jesus died for their sins. And therefore, everything's okay.

    For some reason, that one's not sold anymore or listed on the website! Oh well. At least "Somebody Goofed" remains.

  3. Speaking of Chick, back when Ecchi Attack had forums, they used to link some manga site catering to Christians. Anyone remember it?

  4. Throwing down the gauntlet, eh? I accept your challenge.

    Key the Metal Idol, Planetes, and Science Ninja Team: Gatchaman. Can you dig it?

  5. Paul, I think that "Moonlight Mile" would be more these guys' speed.

    You should guest with me on DAPDX. I'll do Planetes with you. Jeremy can, I dunno, fly his Takatoku VF around the room and make "pew pew" noises.

  6. goddammit, that was a great episode but being silent and not talking much does not = autism at all……just trying to be politically correct here.

  7. Hey, I'll argue that Yukikaze is good, within the bounds of what it's trying to do. And yeah, I'll sign my name. I have yet to listen to this podcast, so I'm not sure what the criticisms are (though I can imagine a few.) Downloading now!

  8. Yeah, good with a select glasses-pushing-up anal retentive nerd crowd.

    There's fans for everything, including scat.

  9. Neil Nadelman said…

    Doesn't surprise me.

    TJ said…
    What disturbs me the most about Studio Gonzo is that they seem to be getting most of their success, by and large, from American fans. Aside from Strike Witches, Gonzo's shows have all been unsuccessful in Japan, while in America, shows like Trinity Blood, Hellsing, and Afro Samurai have sold very well. Once again, American anime fandom disappoints me.

    Sad to think the fans around here would go for their work at all when they might not really know what quality is!

    Gilles Poitras said…
    I must state that several years ago I showed the first episode of Yukikaze to my anime class at Pixar.

    Surprised they had one there now!

    They did not find the CG animation all that good, until they saw the documentary footage that showed the equipment Gonzo used, they were impressed by that. Then that may account why it took so long to make.

    Either that, or during that five year period they already managed to get the first episode out halfway through and then got it all done before the final batch made it to print.

    Final comment, you can have the prettiest, flashiest visuals and if your story sucks the whole show sucks.

    Heh, hasn't Pixar said that already? 🙂

    halojones-fan said…
    Gosh, it would have been nice if the series had DONE ANYTHING WITH THAT AT ALL. Instead, it was just "guy with no personality occasionally flies a plane." If you get anything else than that, then it's something you made up. Sure, the anime hints at more going on behind the scenes, but it does fuck-all to actually convey any of that to the viewer.

    Judging by some of the comments already here, it seems like a waste for someone coming in expecting something good out of this just to see an autistic-like guy battling aliens in planes that are rendered realistically but not having a clue as to the point of the matter unless you bother to read the book/s these were from just to feel better about it.

    Basil said…
    Every time I see the word Gonzo in an anime, I keep hoping it turns out to be the Muppet. I am always so, so disappointed.

    By this point, anything 'gonzo' would be an improvement if it meant they went gung ho in the production end of things, but I guess they still rather do things by-the-book (oh wait, they didn't, silly me)!

    Steve Harrison said…
    Recall that Bandai Visual/Emotion in Japan had just rolled up the failed concept and was sending product to stores still under the Animevillage label, still somewhat pretending that they weren't REALLY Bandai, just these guys, you know? This was just before Gundam Wing hit Cartoon Network and Bandai Entertainment Inc superseded the Animevillage brand.

    How could we forget!

    So, it's nothing new, it's just Bandai doing what they always do, over and over and over.

    Ho-hum, business as usual they say!

    TJ said…
    13 experimental films directed by Osamu Tezuka are going to be released on Region 1 DVD at the end of the month. Here's the obligatory ANN article, for those who care to read on.

    Finally someone has a head for once, and obvious from a company well-suited to this material! From the looks of it, this is pretty much the same comp. of material that was previously released in Japan and in Australian (sans the audio commentaries on selected films Madman provided their release with). The 18 minute interview might also include the pencil-test version of "Jumping" as well, having seen that back when I had to get a nith-gen copy of the LD that was released of some of Tezuka's shorts a decade back.

    One of these days if I ever see a 16mm copy of Jumping get put on eBay, I'll be on it in a heartbeat!

  10. Actually, one final note – one of your comments I missed and feel it is worth replying a little to. You (Daryl) said this :-

    "Considering that your reviews describe the show as not having overly angsty main characters…"

    Which is interesting in that it isn't what I said at all. I said it lacked the usual low grade romantic triangle drama. Which is not at all saying the serious lacks angst. It merely lacks the usual romantic triangle angst.

    Combine that with the whole charge that I describe Rei as a "hard boiled hero" when I said no such thing tells me that you are reacting more to a counter argument that you have constructed than what was said.

    Which is ironic really.

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