Anime World Order Show # 80b – Let’s News Lengthy!

The news segment for Show #80 ran long, so here it is in its own separate file. Numbered #80b because most of you guys said you didn’t mind it in our online poll. SORRY, BOSTONIANS!

In this incredibly long episode of the news, probably the longest we’ve done yet, we talk about many things, most importantly DARKSIDE BLUES has been re licensed. Also in the news, Christopher Handley is probably going to go to jail for owning a comic book, you can read some of the details here, but be warned that the article, while well written was written by guy that might have some conflicts of interest.

We also get largely pissed off at everyone over the recent leak of an episode of One Piece which seemed like a case of lax security on Funimation’s part and general internet douche-bagery on anime fans’ part, and as soon as we thought this was all over, it happened again!

In other bad news, Shojo Beat is no longer accepting subscriptions. A magazine we all thought was doing well, but was probably like Pulp, the mid-90’s manga anthology by Viz that everyone seemed to like and no one bought. Let’s hope Otaku USA can avoid such a fate. In some of our rare gaming news Tatsunoko vs. Capcom has been set for US release. This gives us a bit of hope that non-Original Generation Super Robot Wars may get a release here, which is still incredibly unlikely (PROVE ME WRONG), but we still hold out hope.

Finally, as a warning to Kenta Miura of Berserk fame, Kaoru Kurimoto has passed away, thankfully, we understand that she actually finished the core of the Guin Saga story before dying, so there will not be another Wheel of Time issue.

In some other, far less impressive news, there will be more Yamato, time will tell if it’s bad or not, there’s some BGC movie, maybe happening which I won’t even link because we don’t care about this until filming actually happens, Japan’s ban on rape games will have no effect on anything at all, and Casey Rankin, the completely fluent English language singer of the excellent Orguss Opening and Ending passed away.

Here’s the terrific opening and ending:

Next time we continue with your horribly failed experiment of choosing what other people will watch, with Gerald’s episode. Daryl will review Kekko Kamen of Go Nagai fame, Clarissa will review Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman (see a trend here?) and Gerald will arguably have the hardest thing to review with Fairy Squadron Yukikaze.

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  1. And now for something completely different… Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden: Ten no Haoh has been licensed!

    This is awesome for two reasons: 1.) it's HnK-related and 2.) something is being licensed that hasn't actually been fansubbed already.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have the OVA/film revival licensed, but this is awesome news all the same! Will be buying like fist of the fucking northstar.

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