Anime World Order Show # 83 – The AWO Is Short of Money, Like the BBC

As a result of the hidden catches of web hosting, this podcast MAY VANISH FOREVER (or temporarily), but not before Gerald reviews Astro Fighter Sunred, Clarissa reviews Ristorante Paradiso, and Daryl reviews Sword of the Stranger!

Introduction (0:00 – 36:00)
For many, the last podcast returned Bandwidth Exceeded errors. That’s a misnomer, as what we’ve actually exceeded is our CPU/RAM usage on the server. As our existing AWO funds are insufficient, we’re gonna have to beg for money. But it’s just for a little bit, as we get back on the track we’re always at: belittling our very own listeners for watching terrible anime. In this case, Girls Bravo. Evan from Ani-Gamers asks about anime with notable mid-series staff changes. To which we say, Benjamin Ettinger: he’s Jerry Beck approved! We’re also asked questions regarding the almighty Patlabor 2 (which we reviewed a while back) and our thoughts on the X TV series.

Let’s News! (36:00 – 58:29)
Taro Aso steps down as Japan’s Prime Minister. As Daryl said on his Twitter way back in August, “you and your crew run a nation with an iron fist for 50 years. Then you say you like Rozen Maiden and it all falls apart. Instant justice.” ADV rose from the dead, the author of Crayon Shin-Chan fell to the dead, Kadokawa Pictures USA missed one life support call, and Astro Boy was DOA. Ouch. On the bright side, Prince Planet is now streaming on Hulu and Youtube, so go watch it because the current season of anime is almost entirely awful. And read Dave Merrill’s posts about it. And Clarissa’s favorite franchise, for which the latest installment is upon us all and for Internet cred purposes she pretends to hate, is having an art contest as judged by character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and videogame crazy man Hideo Kojima.

Review: Astro Fighter Sunred (58:29 – 1:18:23)
It is like an Adult Swim show, back when Adult Swim was good. It is also the biographical story of Brian Smith, last heard on the AWA 2009 con report we posted prior to this.

Review: Ristorante Paradiso (1:18:23 – 1:40:39)
As best as we can tell, this is a show about DILFs serving food that is classy, and therefore does not have anything such as this in it:

A visual aid will probably be helpful for those of you wondering about Ono Natsume’s style. It’s definitely very distinctive from what you would expect. Some of her works, like Coppers, have even more heavily stylized artwork.

Here’s an example of the original manga artwork compared with how it translated into anime. It doesn’t translate over super well, but enough of the proportions are retained that it “feels” similar.

Review: Sword of the Stranger (1:40:39 – 2:10:09)
Yes, this was a review copy. But it is still the Greatest Movie EVER! PS: Paul Chapman’s podcast is currently gone because he’s beset by the exact same problem as us.

Closing (2:10:09 – 2:15:14)
The next episode is already recorded! Probably months ago, by this point. We just don’t quite have a place to upload it to! But our guest is none other than Jason Thompson, author of Manga: The Complete Guide, and thus it is only fitting that we do an all-manga episode. Clarissa’s falling into the spiral of Uzumaki, Daryl’s going out with a bang courtesy of Violence Hero Riki-Oh, and Gerald’s venturing into the holy land of Kazuo Koike and Ryoichi Ikegami with Crying Freeman. YOU TOTALLY WANT TO LISTEN TO THAT.

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  1. You know what?I think it is Ramayana.The problem is,my version of Ramayana I saw involved the demon's head(or was it heads?)getting chopped off,instead of the demon's torso(or was I too young to remember?).

    Thanks for the reply,guys.

    P.S.:No way in hell did I remember looking at Clamp artwork AND hearing Hindi at the same time.

  2. Small errata: In Ristorante Paradiso "Casetta dell´Orso" means "Bear´s Little House" (not Cave, which would have been arguably better :))
    I guess it could be a ref. to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
    Keep up the great work guys!

  3. Finally dusted off the copy of “Stranger” that’s been sitting in my bluray pile. Daryl, you sir, are correct; this was definitely worth the purchase. My only regret is that after buying it I just tossed it in the pile of other unwatched stuff for so long. Hell, I watched “Road House” for what seems like the hundredth time while “Stranger” was sitting on the floor unwatched… ROAD HOUSE. Ugh, that’s the kind of rage that will make you dance fight and scream “WESLEY!” at the side of a riverbed. Is it just me or could you consider ‘Road House’ the American pg version of Violence Hero? There are some strikingly similar aspects on the surface. ( ;

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