AWO on Anime Fans Give Back to Japan

We haven’t quite got a new episode recorded or posted, but if you want to hear a LIVE session of us recording, we will be part of the Anime Fans Give Back to Japan podcasting drive being set up to help raise money for earthquake/tsunami relief efforts. The website is here.

We will be on at 2:30 PM EDT talking about–what else!–overlooked anime. We know it says 30 minutes, but knowing us we’ll probably stick around. The podcasting drive runs 24 hours, from 6:00 PM 3/19/11 to 6:00 PM 3/20/11, with a variety of guest podcasters and voice actors filling in. Check the schedule for the full listings.

In the meantime, we’ve all made guest appearances on other podcasts recently. Gerald and Clarissa have been part of the latest theme session of the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast devoted to the film adaptations of HP Lovecraft works, and Daryl was on Atomic Trivia War 9000 (he didn’t know about any of that STUPID STUFF they were talking about, and if you don’t like him saying that, YOU CAN SUCK IT). He was also on the OSMCast! talking about what is almost certainly the greatest film of 2011, Drive Angry 3D. Shame on the world for not seeing it.

We could post links, but uh…check the Guest Spots page. They’re all over there.

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  1. [This message was automatically flagged as spam and you had to certify you were a human because of the really fake, spammer-looking email address you wrote. In any case, it is more than likely that yes, you will be able to listen to the audio later. It’s a “podcast,” after all. –Daryl]

    If I can’t make it at 2:30 PM EDT will I still be able to watch it?

  2. Good to hear you guys on there, really glad to hear Clarissa recommend Now and Then Here and There (and Daryl with Ippo). As dark and depressing as that show is its still one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen in my life. Hope to see a review of that on your show sometime as that show definitely needs more exposure. I still see those DVD’s floating around so you can still track it down too.

  3. haha podcasting for charity, great april fools! XD [Actually, that happened for real–over $30,000 were raised–and it happened well before April Fool’s Day, so this joke isn’t particularly good… –Daryl]

  4. Nice to see you guys do something for the greater good (I wish i caught it) now your right up there with lady Gaga but thats ok because she dresses like somebody out of fist of the north star lol P.s cant wait to see you guys at AB, will you be selling your shirts? [We actually don’t have any shirts to sell! The original vendor we ordered shirts from doesn’t seem to be around anymore, so we’d need to find someone else if there was enough demand to do a run. –Daryl]

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