Bonus – Daryl on ANNCast

Typically we’d just add these to the Guest Spots page, but since it’s been a month since the last AWO and Clarissa still didn’t pick what she wants to review yet, we may as well note that the ANNCast just passed their 100 episode mark as well. If podcasts had colors, ours would be green and theirs would be red since they managed that feat three times faster than we! Daryl was on as a guest along with Mike Toole for two and a half hours of kibitzing about…anime stuff.

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  1. I just finished reading the article on ANN about Bandai Entertainment on how they are stopping to produce new physical media (the article said that they will continue to produce their back catalogue until the license expires). There will be a follow-up article tomorrow (1/3/12) on what the whole situation is but people may again start to lose faith in the American anime industry. I am looking forward to see what the AWO crew feels about this situation.

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