Anime World Order Show # 115 – Let’s Ask the AnimeSols Guy About String Theory

We had this interview scheduled with Sam Pinansky of the just-launched website AnimeSols, but then he went on ANNCast right before this recording and they asked all the stuff we originally were planning to ask. We then had to improvise for questions. THIS INTERVIEW IS THE RESULT.

Daryl will be a guest at the Florida Anime Experience 2013, May 24-26th in Orlando. Then after that, we’ll all be at Hamacon out in Huntsville, Alabama. We should probably get those panels ready about now, huh…

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  1. Stop with the interviews guys, its not your strong-suit. [But your email address suggests that for the last 7 years you figured it was okay to keep being associated with a person primarily remembered for being a racist in public! I don’t know if I should trust this assessment. –Daryl]

  2. Thank you for the interview because I didn’t know that the website was up and running. I just pledged for three shows and I’m assuming that Clarissa will pledge with “The Producer” for Black Jack, right?

  3. As expected, this was pretty interesting. Yes, I have already listened to the other interview on ANN but you guys still managed to bring up a couple of both related and unrelated new topics. Honestly, anything that allows us to learn a little more about how the industry works behind the scenes is good, so even those anecdotes and off-topic tangents are usually worth checking out.

    While I suppose region restrictions will prevent me from taking full advantage of this brand new model, I do intend to find a way to acquire a few of the DVDs, sooner or later, particularly the Tezuka-related works and maybe even the original Tekkaman too.

    On a similar note…what little I’ve seen of Tobikage was alright, though I’ve also heard it really drops off towards the end. Not too sure about that so I guess I’ll wait for more opinions on the subject before taking further action.

  4. I also listened to the ANN interview before listening to this, and although there was a little bit of overlap, I still got a lot out of this. (For one, I learned that the guy has a doctorate in physics, which is pretty awesome.) I said this in your last episode, but I’ll say it again: I really enjoy the way you conduct the interviews, just right of a mix of fun and information.

    Being a European, there’s unfortunately little I can hope to gain from this project (in its current form, at least), but I do wish them all the best. It’s a great idea, and it sounds like a lot of hard work has gone into the preparation. Additionally, if this project is successful, that could hopefully lead to more Japanese companies projects trying their hands at similar, more far-reaching projects in the future.

  5. As I offered on the Tezuka in English forums, anyone outside North America looking for someone to pledge for them and ship them the set(s) can come to me. I’m already doing it for 2 people on all the Tezuka shows. I think it’s important that everyone should be willing to offer help like this, because some shows might only be able to make it with help from our friends across the sea. (also, Blue Blink is out of print in Japan now. We’ve GOT to make it reach its goal, even if I have to pay Japanese price)

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    Sorry to have to do it but I did. At least we should be thankful America was spared of it at all, though I see Wiki lies about it as well (and certainly Mike Reynolds wasn’t involved in this whatsoever though I wish he did).

  7. So wait…….Because I live in Europe, I can’t get anything these folks put out because it may have once aired in Italy or france?? That blows. I understand why, but it sucks that I could give them money and not be able to get the product when it comes out

  8. Thanks for a cool conversation with Sam Pinansky, who’s really doing (and has already done) some amazing work to help fill in the many blank spots that remain in the history of North American anime releases. As Gerald alluded to, many of these shows are things that Europe and South America got to see in the 70s and 80s, but that we here never did.

    In terms of translating science gibberish, Toshi once remarked that GUNBUSTER was a titanic effort, especially the physics paper written by Kazumi Amano.

    Oh, yeah–I knew someone who had a black 911 with the whale tail–license plate TOBKAGE, after the show. You could also find LUM and HARLOCK plates among fans in the Bay Area in the 1980s. I don’t doubt that NARUTO is taken in all 50 states.

  9. I pledged for Yatterman and Tobikage, but given the rate at which the pledges are coming in it doesn’t look like any of the series are going to make it.

    Seriously, did it ever occur to them that it takes time to publicize a site? It doesn’t make sense to put the same 2 month time limit on the first few series that they would later when everyone knows about the site.

    Assuming they die, I wonder if Discotek could pick up some of their series. (Although Discotek has been disappointing recently.)

    1. Way to remind us of the realities of the matter Ken. I should’ve figured it out long ago but wanted to stay out of it.

  10. I don’t believe I have ever seen Quarkboy’s real name before. Thanks for Futari Wa Precure/Max Heart. RIP 2008 Arienai

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