Titles Shown at Otakon 2013

Here is a list of the titles shown at Daryl’s AWO panels held at Otakon 2013. If you liked the panels (likely, if you remembered to check this site!), consider listening to the podcast if you aren’t already. Take a look at the Review Index up at the top to see if we’ve covered anything that interests you. To receive new episodes automatically, you can subscribe via iTunes or any RSS feed-based readers using the links above.

Daryl also writes for Otaku USA Magazine. A free PDF sampler of articles from last year and this year is available if you sign up for the weekly E-Newsletter, which also features contributions from another Otakon featured presenter, Mike Toole. If you like what you read, consider subscribing to the magazine either physically or digitally. We’re offered on Kindle, Android, and iOS devices. There are also website-exclusive articles. Anyway, here’s a list of titles people are most likely to ask about. I can list the clips shown in the “100+ Years of Japanese Animation” panel if enough people want to know the listings, but again you can go onto Youtube and Crunchyroll and watch all sorts of “moving pictures” from that era.

Anime in < 15 Minutes:
(pre-panel) Macross Frontier: Wings of Goodbye
(pre-panel) Astro Boy 2003
(pre-panel) On Your Mark
Robot Carnival
The Animatrix – Program
Studio 4C’s Comedy (“Kigeki”)
Trava Fist Planet
Osamu Tezuka’s Broken Down Film
Detroit Metal City (Amazon link)
Inferno Cop
Azumanga Daioh
Cromartie High School
Gag Manga Biyori “Harris Impact”
gdgd Fairies
Ippatsu Kikimusume / “Miss Critical Moment”
Mercedes – NEXT A Class

Anime’s Craziest Deaths:
(pre-panel) Ninja III: The Domination
(pre-panel) Will You Be Here Tomorrow?
(pre-panel) Corn Pone Flicks: The Bicycle Thief
(pre-panel) Ball Buster
(pre-panel) Cock Puncher
(pre-panel) Extra by Ken Ishii
(pre-panel) Gag Manga Biyori “Sun God V”
(pre-panel) Fly Bike
(pre-panel) Dumb Ways to Die
Midori [If you REALLY want to know about this one, I’ll just say the creator’s name is Hiroshi Harada. You can look it up based on that! BTW: the music is by J.A. Seazer, whom you may recognize as doing the music for Revolutionary Girl Utena!]
Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye
Attack on Titan
Shigurui: Death Frenzy [Amazon link. I showed the dub for comic effect, but this show’s actually good. Hulu has both the sub and dub available, and given that it’s set in medieval Japan I recommend watching it in the Japanese.]
Hokuto no Ken (aka Fist of the North Star): Raoh Gaiden
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 1
Black Lagoon [I showed 60 seconds of the live-action film The Rock to contextualize this. I’m told people left because I did so. Complete series is now on Blu-Ray, as is the OAV sequel Roberta’s Blood Trail]
Demon City Shinjuku [Review. I showed 73 seconds of The Last Boy Scout to highlight the cinematic equivalent. Perhaps this Hollywood incursion was unacceptable for some?]
Crying Freeman [Review]
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression [This is just the first movie. Dub-only on Hulu. The Blu-Rays for what I showed and its sequel are dual audio]
Kurokami the Animation [the “child hit by bus” show]
Angel Cop
Asura [this was the theatrical hybrid 2D/3D CG film from Keiichi Sato, the director of Tiger and Bunny, that was released last year. It remains unlicensed, not streaming anywhere, and generally ignored. More people should watch it.]
Berserk: Golden Age Arc III [Viz released the first and second parts, so the third should be out soon]
Humanity Has Declined
Arcadia of My Youth aka My Youth in Arcadia [Followed by excerpt from the new Space Pirate Captain Harlock theatrical film set for release next month]
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Baccano! [Review. The DVD set is quite inexpensive. I can’t say the same for the Blu-Rays which were released by Aniplex.]
Another [Review.]
Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past
Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned
Frankenstein: Legend of Terror
Blood-C [FUNimation released the uncut Blu-Rays, and the follow-up movie featuring CG that will be remembered as the modern-day equivalent of that helicopter in Golgo 13: The Professional.]

3 Replies to “Titles Shown at Otakon 2013”

  1. Comedy is from Sweat Punch/Deep Imagination. Originally it was Sweat Punch with four shorts, but then later was re-released IIRC as Deep Imagination and included the new Junk Town short. Digital Juice is also worth watching.

    Interestingly enough, the four original Sweat Punch shorts (Higan, End of the World, Dan Petory, Comedy) were each released with one of the Trava Fist Planet episodes. Technically, it was all the Grasshoppa! anthology. So it was neat that you showed Trava right after Comedy. In a way, it was like playing two clips from the same anthology in succession.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I’ve edited the above post. Luckily, the labeling error was only in this post which I hastily wrote around midnight after arriving back home before crashing, and not in the panel itself. As nearly 100% of a room containing hundreds of people raised their hands to note they had never seen or heard of On Your Mark, I opted to keep things “basic.”

      In a past year, Otakon already had a fantastic panel dedicated entirely to 4C’s work. If you managed to attend that (sadly, I only caught a portion myself due to schedule overlaps), then there was probably nothing I really had to offer in my more entry-level presentation. Were I in your position, I’d have gone to the Shinichiro Watanabe Q&A scheduled opposite my panel! That reminds me: I’d better write up and submit my interview article with him…

      1. Haha, no, you introduced some really funny anime that I hadn’t heard of before. And even having seen a lot of what you talked about, I still appreciated the chance to drag my friends to the event so they could watch it.

        Honestly, I totally didn’t notice Watanabe’s first Q&A on the schedule, but I did catch his second one at which he played the trailer for Space Dandy (and had I been to the first q&a I probably would’ve skipped the second one. It worked out well I think).

        Really, I’m just glad there wasn’t any overlap between your panel and Mike Toole’s “Outsider Anime” (aside from you both mentioning Tezuka shorts).

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