Anime World Order Show # 128 – Our Otakon 2014 Report Took Too Long

Despite the fact that Clarissa is in the middle of moving and Gerald is in the middle of helping Clarissa move, it was decided that the computers and microphones shouldn’t be packed up just yet, since Gerald’s got an Otakon report due. For those who didn’t go to the convention, worry not for in the emails Gerald and Daryl are forced to confront a homunculus amalgamation of themselves who has posed an inquiry regarding…the creation of an anime homunculus amalgamation.

There was going to be a review after the convention report, but we ran over time. And by this we mean “it’ll get posted next week, since this report is time sensitive and already took too long to come out.”

5 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 128 – Our Otakon 2014 Report Took Too Long”

  1. My brother makes the same Supernatural jokes. “They’re just brothers”! And it’s an excellent show [FOR ME TO POOP ON –Daryl, confident that Clarissa won’t see this].

      1. Are you asking about Daryl’s technical capabilities or his moral choices? 😛 In either case the answer is yes, he can =)

  2. Hopefully Under the dog gets 300k in the remaining 9 days. I am glad they are going to have official German subs, nice friendly step towards international community, which is really that small. Not so nice that the anime is going to be about a teenage girl in decolletage body armor [plot details I tried to avoid knowing about in advance removed –Daryl]. I mean, that sounds like something I don’t necessarily want to see. Maybe because there are already a ton of mindless action series coming out every season, I don’t know.

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