Anime World Order Show # 136 – The 2000s Are Back, In Discussion Form

Wait, did we turn the clocks back to the early 2000s for this episode? Only partially, for while it’s true that we’re reviewing The Anime Encyclopedia, it’s the newly revised 3rd Edition as opposed to the older editions…which we also have…

Introduction (0:00 – 23:30)
The emails have us realizing how long we’ve been at it, as we find ourselves having to explain what was the deal with Gonzo Animation’s TV show production methodology now that it’s a generation past. In so doing, we technically give our thoughts on Samurai 7. We also give our thoughts on early 2000s comedy series such as Sexy Commando Sugoiyo! Masaru-san and Excel Saga.

Promo: Anime of Yesteryear Podcast (23:30 – 24:15)
It’s only fitting that we held off on running this promo until this episode, as they’ve decided the best way to show they’re a podcast about “yesteryear’s” anime is to do a Gundam Wing promo. At first you think “but Gundam Wing isn’t exactly–” and then you realize that show was, in fact, from 20 years ago at this point.

Review: The Anime Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition (24:15 – 1:00:34)
The original Anime Encyclopedia by Helen McCarthy and Jonathan Clements was released in the infancy of Wikipedia, back when the Anime News Network Encyclopedia wasn’t a resource anybody got much use out of. That’s certainly not the case anymore. What, then, the utility in releasing a new “encyclopedia” in an era where nobody buys Britannica or Encarta? After all, isn’t everything you need to know just a Google search away? Ever wonder what happened to MAKE that stuff a Google search away? Listen as we compare Anime Encyclopedia entries to Wikipedia entries to ANN Encyclopedia entries, and learn why every member of the AWO has kept the various editions of this book on hand as a reference. Oh, and we touch upon what’s changed between editions as well. Disclaimer: we were each provided review copies of the 3rd Edition by the publisher, Stone Bridge Press. We don’t believe that introduces any bias towards our outlook on the book–we would’ve bought it ourselves as we had the previous two anyway–but we just want to note that for the record.

We mentioned a bunch of other resources in passing during this review. Here are links:

In other news: it’s been confirmed that we’ll be returning guests at the Florida Anime Experience April 24-26th, where we’ll be doing panels as well as a podcaster’s summit:


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6 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 136 – The 2000s Are Back, In Discussion Form”

  1. I appreciate the promo and podcast link for this episode to be posted up, which this is our second promo to air since that one episode back in Nov 2013 I believe.

    I only made the promo as a quick extra bit to put out there instead of our last one we made when we started 2 years ago. It’s showing my age that Gundam Wing was made 20 years ago, and it wasn’t until 5 years later that everyone else in the entire world made it into this “de-facto” Gundam show that anime fans still talk about to this day as the only Gundam show that matters. Thanks Toonami.

    Speaking of Toonami and Samurai 7, I caught only a couple of episodes of that when it was on Toonami a couple of years ago, and even then it didn’t interest me that much. We had one guy in our online chat group that made it out to be this dreadful, boring and dry show that I thought everyone in the anime world really liked. I think that just might be my brother who thought it was good, since I am now reminded that he has the whole thing on DVD that he got for super cheap at the time.

  2. I picked this up a while back and I must admit it’s really useful as a reference book. Plus it goes into a lot of anime that I haven’t heard about before which always interesting.

  3. As usual, nice seeing you guys still here churning out great content.


    I think you guys should do a Robotech podcast. It’s the 30th anniversary, so you should do a 3 hour podcast looking back at Robotech’s greatest hits, including the Movie, Sentinels, Shadow Chronicles, and ending it with Love Live Alive. How does that sound?

    1. I agree, but more as a post mortem since it’s pretty much a zombie series at this point & is one reason that prevents MACROSS proper from getting to the US. Fucking © Law, It’s way too long.

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