Anime World Order Show # 146 – Live From Anime Fan Fest 2016

Daryl was a guest at Anime Fan Fest 2016, and used the opportunity to finally get some time with Charles Dunbar, Darius Washington, and Sean O’Mara. The topic was allegedly “How to Stay Excited Over Anime After Decades” but it was early in the morning and everyone just talked at one another about who knows what. Same as usual, minus the early in the morning part I suppose.

This episode is brought to you by Right Stuf Anime, who as of this posting is doing a sale on Media Blasters titles. And you know what THAT means: yep, bargain prices on the Apocalypse Zero manga!

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  1. I’ve found that a pretty good method of getting tipped about new AWO episodes is to leave a semi-witty comment on the blog, then check off the ‘Notify me of new posts via email’ box. Beats any RSS feed reader I’ve ever used.

    Also, just wanna say thank you to Joel via proxy of Daryl for posting a comment on social media about Blood-C. Probably not the intention he was aiming for but… my God, Clamp and gratuitous meat-splatter nonsensical gore-service… HELL YESS!! This is what X/1999 should’ve been. C’mon Clamp, it’s still not too late. Get crackin’ you rich old bitchaz, chop-chop!

    Great panel guys; still crossing my fingers for an interview with the elusive & legendary Carl G. Horn (Why is his surname in all caps on ANN’s encyclomapedia?). Nothing like a good old nostalgia trip to brush off the burn out. Macross Plus, Bebop, and Kawa-motherfscking-jiri usually do the trick for me.

  2. The guy who was like “the thing about ME is… I’m a consumer of media in general” came off really pretentious and annoying. And THEN he started talking about the anime criticism he heard “from the guys at my Buddhist temple”… [Charles Dunbar. –Daryl]

    Anyway… he complained that a 13-episode show not having a “conclusive resolution” is this big problem which causes him to stay away from anime; he used Watamote as an example, and he said that series “putzed out”.

    Watamote is one of my favorite semi-recent anime, and one of the things I liked MOST about it is that it’s just this perpetual ongoing world they created; I would’ve been *disappointed* if they gave the protagonist some kind of resolution where she moves beyond her social anxiety and becomes a normal, functioning member of society. Because that doesn’t necessarily happen in the world. It -does- tend to happen in, like, stories for children…

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